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Full text of "St Andrew's College Review, 2012-13"

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01  Table  of  Contents 

02  The  Headmaster 

03  The  Review  Staff 

04  The  Prefects 

05  The  Parents  Guild 

06  Faculty  and  Staff 

18  Fall  Term  Events 

20  Beyond  the  Gates 
22  Spirit  Week 
24  Homecoming 

26  Prayer  Circle 

27  Remembrance  Day 

28  Cross  Country  Run 
30  Halloween 

32  Holiday  Hero 
34  Crazy  For  You 

36  Fall  Term  Sports 

38  Varsity  Football 
40  U1 6  Football 
42  Varsity  Soccer 

44  JV  Soccer 

45  U16A  Soccer 

46  U16B  Soccer 

47  U14A  Soccer 

48  U14B  Soccer 
49U13A  Soccer 

50  U13B  Soccer 

51  U12  Soccer 

52  Varsity  Volleyball 

54  U1 6  Volleyball 

55  U1 4  Volleyball 

56  U1 2  Volleyball 

57  Sr/Jr.  Cross  Country 

58  U14  Cross  Country 

59  U1 2  Cross  Country 

60  Winter  Term  Events 

62  St.  Andrew's  Day 
64  The  Carol  Service 
66  MacPherson  Tournament 
68  Ms  Arts  Day 

70  MS  Events 
72  US  Events 

ubiished  in  Canada  Printed  in  USA 

74  Winter  Term  Sports 

76  Varsity  Hockey  ^ 

78  JV  Hockey  ^ 

79  U16  Hockey 

80  U1 4  Hockey 

81  U12  Hockey 

82  Varsity  Basketball 
84  JV  Basketball 
85U16A  Basketball 
86U16B  Basketball 

87  U14  Basketball 

88  U1 3  Basketball 

89  U1 2  Basketball 

90  Ist/Jv  Swimming 

91  U16/U14  Swimming 

92  1st  Squash 

93  U16  Squash 

94  U14  Squash 

95  Fencing 

96  Varsity  Alpiine  Ski 

97  Jv/UI 4  Alpine  Ski 

98  Nordic  SKi 

99  Curling  y  ^ 

100  Spring  Term  Events 

102  The  Church  Parade 

104  The  Headmaster's  Parade 

106  The  Cadet  Inspection 

108  MS  Spring  Events 

110  Spring  Smash 

112  Battlefields  Tour 


114  Spring  Term  Sports 

116  Varsity  Rugby 

118  U16  Rugby 

119  U14  Rugby 

120  U1 3  Rugby 

121  VarsityBadminton 

122  U1 6  Badminton 

123  U1 4  Badminton 

124  Varsity  Baseball 

126  U14/U1 2  Softball 

127  Sr.  Track  &  Field 

128  Jr.  Tracks  Field 

129  Varsity  Tennis 

130  U1 6  Tennis 

131  U14  Tennis 

1 32  Varsity  Lacrosse 

1 33  JV  Lacrosse 

134  U1 4  Lacrosse 

135  Varsity  Golf 

136  Jr.  Golf 

1 37  Triathlon     mst^-  ^, 

138  Varsity  Crickef  '^  ^ 

140  Grades 

164  The  Grads 

186  The  House 

188  Flavelle  House 
190  Memorial  House 
192  Sifton  House 
194  Laidlaw  House 
196  Ramsay  House 
198  Smith  House 
200  Perrier  House 
202  MacDonald  House 
204  Clubs 

206  The  Arts 

208  MS  Art 
210  US  Art 
214  US  Music 
216  MS  Music 
218  FOCUS 
220  Valetes 

222  Prize  Day 

he  Review  Staff 

Matthew  Gaiaj 
Adrian  Goyo 
Emil  Hiiri 
Darren  Iw 

Faculty  &  Staff 


Facilities  Co-ordinator 









Health  Centre 

Director  of  Healtli  &  Wellness 

Athletic  Therapy 


University  Counselling 




Choir  Master 



ling  Room 

:murray,  nancy 
intone,  davide 



Drama  Technician 

Campus  Shop 





Rememberance  Day 

great  Andrean  tradition  the  students  of  St.  Andrew's  gathered  to  remember 
3  Old  Boys  who  made  the  supreme  sacrifice  in  World  Wars  I  and  II.  Grades 
to  12  experienced  a  slide  and  music  presentation  prepared  by  Arthur 
irakovits,  followed  by  the  names  of  some  of  the  fallen  of  World  War  I  read 
c/Maj  Aaron  Leung  and  CWO  Roland  Hynscht.  The  Middle  School  and 
ade  9s  circulated  around  a  series  of  white  crosses  on  the  quad  listening  to 
)ries  of  Old  Boys  who  had  been  killed  researched  by  Middle  School  students 
d  told  by  Upper  School  students.  Poppies  were  then  placed  on  the  crosses 
a  sign  of  honour  and  respect.  For  both  services  there  was  special  music 
well  as  readings,  and  a  time  of  silence  bracketed  by  the  Last  Post,  a  lament 
the  pipes  and  Reveille. 


Ders  Drake  Porter  and  P/Maj  Alex  Seto 

jmpeter:  c/WO  Marc  Romanin 

jaders:  c/Maj  John  Sandham  and  c/LGol  Scott  Wood 

her  participants: 

ddle  School  Band 

ring  Ensemble 

hn  Richardson,  Sandi  Chasson,  David  Stewart,  Melissa  Ramon, 
hn  Glements,  Rev.  Bruce  Roffey 

Jim  --^.s- 


Front  Row  -  Cole  Sopik,  Curtis  Harvey,  Erik  Kimmerer,  Brandon  Benoit,  Jake  Stirling,  Mario  Chiodo,  Peter  Godber,  Ty  Topolinski,  Chris  Merchant,  Burke  Whi 
Darien  Arscott,  Malcolm  Carter,  Connor  Ritchie. 

Middle  Row  -  Andrew  Jun,  Hunter  Robertson,  Adam  Ashby,  Cody  McMillan,  Adrian  Austin,  Bryce  Johnson,  Callum  Green,  Andrew  Begg,  Connor  Cowl, 
Jordan  Carter,  Michael  Mardini,  Bo  Zhang,  Fraser  Sopik,  Zach  Marcus,  Andy  Tong,  Walid  Siyam. 

Back  Row  -  Joe  Foote  Esq.,  Jeff  Laforge  Esq.,  Sejin  Park,  Alex  Auger,  Brett  Tomlinson,  Duncan  Robertson,  Lucas  Hussey,  Edward  Essue,  Alec  Mulder, 
Jonathan  Femi-Cole,  Daniel  Cummings,  Ty  Plummer,  Luke  Simpson,  West  Ochocinski,  Ross  Tripp  Esq.,  Michael  Carroll  Esq.,  Len  Gurr  Esq. 

Addison  Winners,  MIP,  MVP.  Erik  Kimmerer(MIP),  Cole  Sopik,  Darien  Arscott,  Mario  Chiodo, 
Jake  Stirling,  Brandon  Benoit,  Malcom  Carter,  Peter  Godber(MVP),  Ty  Topolinski. 

Varsity  Football 

ore  I  begin  my  remarks,  there  are  many  people  I'd 
to  extend  my  sincerest  thanks  to.  To  our  coaching 
f,  Coaches  Shrimpton,  Carroll,  Foote,  LaForge, 
^ne  and  Tripp.  I'm  blessed  to  work  alongside  such 
nted  and  passionate  coaches.  Their  vast  knowledge 
he  game  and  love  of  our  players  makes  them  ideal 
I  models  and  mentors.  Our  players  are  truly  blessed 
le  in  such  caring  and  qualified  hands.  Mr.  Bedard  for 
constant  support  and  leadership.  As  was  the  case 
1  Mr.  Reid,  it  s  great  knowing  that  the  AD  always  has 
back.  Thanks  fo  Mrs.  Bedard  for  her  help  with  details 
I  planning.  Heather,  Mamie  and  their  support  staff  for 
r  incredible  daily  work  in  the  clinic  with  our  players, 
suffered  more  significant  injuries  this  year  than  1  can 
r  recall,  and  it's  a  testament  to  their  tremendous 
irts  that  we  had  our  entire  roster  on  the  field  when  it 
:tered  most.  Mr.  Shields  for  his  thankless  vet 
iluable  contributions  as  our  equipment  manager.  Our 
leraman  Fritz,  who  provided  us  with  outstanding 
ie  film  each  week.  Mr.  McHenry  and  former  Director 
advancement  Jim  Herder  for  their  weekly  support  and 
ouragement.  To  the  entire  Andrean  community  for 
i/iding  us  with  remarkable  crowd  support,  including 
overflowing  stadium  at  Homecoming  and  at  the 
AA  championship  game.  And  last  but  certainly  not 
5t,  our  team  manager  West,  aka-  "Ocho."  I  can't 
gine  a  more  dedicated  and  committed  manager, 
st's  name  will  be  called  later  when  we  distribute  the 
AA  championship  plaques.  Without  question,  he  is 
ll-fledged  and  invaluable  member  of  our  team. 

I  will  never  hear  me  use  the  word  "team"  to  describe 
Varsity  Football  Saints.  "Team"  implies  a  collection 
idividuals  coming  together  at  any  given  time  in  the 
suit  of  a  common  goal.  The  Saints  are  a  football 
)qram."  Rather  than  merely  depend  upon  one  group 
thietes,  our  program  carries  expectations  and  goals 
ch  carry  over  year-to-year.  My  message  to  our 
^ers  at  the  start  of  training  camp  was  simple.  I  had  it 
on  the  back  of  our  workout  t-shirts.  "The  Standard  is 
Standard."  Simply  put,  the  bar  has  been  set  for  our 
:ball  program  in  terms  of  deportment  around  campus, 
:tice  habits,  weekly  performance  and  championship 
irations.  That  bar  is  not  going  to  be  lowered,  so  the 
iS  is  on  everybody  in  our  tootball  program  to  reach  it. 

!  2012  Varsity  Football  Saints  met  the  standard,  and 
ig  the  way  wrote  a  remarkable  story.  A  perfect  CISAA 
Lilar  season  and  playoff  record.  The  first  time  this  feat 
been  accomplished  since  2003.  A  2nd  straight 
iAA  championship.  The  first  time  this  feat  has  been 
omplished  since  1986  -  1987.  An  offence  which 
raged  42  points  per  game.  A  defence  which 
'endered  an  average  of  only  12  points  per  game. 

Thus  our  weekly  average  margin  of  victory  was  30 
points.  Highlights  include  a  44-7  Homecoming  victory 
over  Ashbury  College,  defeating  UCC  at  their 
Homecoming  by  1 4  points,  dominating  St.  Mike's  36-0, 
and  ultimately  capturing  the  CISAA  championship 
against  UCC  with  a  character-driven  21-14  victory. 

What  made  this  season  so  special  was  our  unique  and 
special  combination  of  talent  and  personalities.  If  you 
want  star  power,  we  certainly  have  it.  Yet  in  addition  to 
our  immense  talent,  I  can't  imagine  a  group  of  athletes 
more  dedicated  to  a  collective  goal,  more  proud  to  wear 
the  Andrean  colours,  and  more  fun  to  spend  countless 
hours  with.  Our  offence  is  led  by  a  quarterback  who  can 
make  every  play  on  a  football  field.  His  talent,  focus, 
character,  and  drive  to  be  great  are  second-to-none. 
I've  nicknamed  him  the  "Golden  Boy"  for  a  reason.  Our 
passing  game  is  built  around  two  remarkable  receivers 
with  dramatically  different  personalities.  One  is 
extremely  laid  back  and  rarely  talks,  the  other  places 
his  personal  Twitter  name  in  his  visor  just  in  case 
opposing  players  want  to  follow  him  after  he's  made 
several  big  plays  against  them.  Opposing  defences 
were  well  aware  of  the  fact  that  the  ball  was  coming  to 
them  every  single  week,  yet  nobody  could  stop  eitner 
one  of  them.  We  possess  two  dynamic  and  talented 
running  backs.  One  is  a  210  lbs  grade  10  phenom  who 
runs  like  a  thoroughbred  horse  being  let  out  of  the 
stable.  The  other  is  a  quietly  intense  and  unassuming 
grade  12  who  resembles  Clark  Kent  far  more  than 
Superman.  Lastly,  the  heart  and  soul  of  our  offence  is 
our  massive  offensive  line.  Anchored  by  4  future  impact 
university  players,  this  group  is  as  talented  as  you'll  find 
anywhere  in  Canada. 

Defensively,  we're  led  by  instinctive  and  intensi 
linebacker  Mario  Chiodo,  tough-as-nails  safety  J?"" 
Stirling,  explosive  defensive  end  Ty  Topolinski,  gam. 
breaking  cornerback  Jordan  Carter,  and  ferocious 
halfback  Fraser  Sopik.  This  group  may  not  have 
received  the  hype  that  our  offence  did,  but  they  emerged 
as  the  most  dominant  unit  in  the  league.  They  frequently 
forced  turnovers  and  came  up  with  big  plays  in  crucial 
situations.  Ultimately  they  proved  the  oldest  adage  in 
football  true,  it  was  our  defence  which  won  us  a 

In  addition  to  our  so-called  "star"  players,  the  entire 
roster  contributed  throughout  the  year.  All  hands  were 
on-deck  each  and  every  week.  Without  question,  our 
roster  is  full  of  champions.  -  Len  Gurr 

First  Row:  Angelis  Prattas,  Will  Merkel,  Dave  Stewart  Esq,  Jamie  MacPherson  Esq,  Jeff  LaForge  Esq,  Cameron  Vatardo,  Austin  Hussani,  Liam  Joiner, 
Ben  Thompson,  Riley  Fisher,  Ben  Kitagawa  Esq,  Geoff  Brennagh  Esq,  Terry  Prezens  Esq,  Austin  Valjas,  Krisztian  Fockter 

Second  Row:  Jacob  LaBrier,  Ben  Harrison,  Matt  Yustin,  Donald  Kwok,  Tyler  Sifton,  John  Polemidiotis,  Albert  Yoo,  John  Buchan,  Joshua  Carter,  Harry  Yan^ 
Aaron  Sum,  Jurgen  Jentsch,  Jarry  Tuzzi 

Third  Row:  Nathan  Lee,  Andrew  Clark,  Braden  Kerr,  Aydden  Almadi,  Joshua  Ri,  Jack  Bahen,  Tristan  Tsvetanov,  Sulaiman  Mahmood,  Owen  Luo,  Alec  Kyle, 
Sachit  Dhiman,  Gavin  Fox 

Fourth!  Row:  Evan  Forth,  Arthur  Chui,  Elliott  Almuida  Pica,  Raymond  Liu,  Cameron  Lawrence,  Owen  Gabriel,  Jonathan  Filipopoulos,  Jerod  Forte, 
Cayne  Lander,  Brandon  Haryott 

Absent:  Drake  Porter,  Jack  Turner,  Victor  Reshetnikov,  Kevin  Truong,  Conrad  Scullion-Smeenk 

It  was  the  best  of  times;  it  was  tine  worst  of  times.  It  was  a  time  of  jubilation  and  a  time  of 
disenchantment.  So  went  the  U16  football  season  of  2012.  New  quarterback,  new  receivers,  new 
linebackers,  2  quality  tailbacks;  this  was  the  making  of  a  very  good  season.  And  it  started  off  that  way. 
A  decisive  win  against  cross-town  rivals  GW  Williams  gave  us  confidence.  And  while  Ashbury  beat  us  at 
our  Homecoming,  an  ineligible  Ashbury  player  gave  us  a  default  win.  2  -  0. 

Then,  we  played  a  game  which  will  be  difficult  to  forget.  Playing  UCC  at  their  homecoming,  we  found 
ourselves  down  by  3  touchdowns  going  into  the  fourth  quarter.  Then  something  miraculous  happened. 
The  clouds  parted  on  an  over  cast  day  and  the  hand  of  St.  Andrew  himself  reached  down,  tapped  me 
on  the  shoulder  and  said,  "You  will  win  this  football  game."  At  that  point,  your  U16  Saints  stopped  the 
UCC  offence  4  times  and  our  offence  proceeded  to  drive  the  ball  into  their  end  zone  on  the  next  four 
consecutive  possessions;  the  last  touchdown  coming  on  a  40  yard  pass  from  Cam  Valardo  to  Josh 
Carter  with  only  19  seconds  left  in  the  game.  3  -  0 

Though  we  lost  to  St.  Mike's  in  our  next  game,  we  were  playing  possum  in  hopes  of  surprising  them  in 
our  second  meeting  of  the  season.  We  then  beat  Villanova  in  a  friendly,  which  at  that  point  gave  us  a 
record  of  4  -  1 .  We  followed  that  up  with  a  loss  to  TCS  by  a  single  point.  We  then  played  Ashbury,  St. 
Mike's  and  UCC  again  and  in  each  of  those  rematches  we  lost  by,  let's  say,  more  than  1  point,  which 
took  us  out  of  the  Championship  hunt. 

It  was  an  enjoyable  season  and  I  need  to  thank  several  people  for  their  support;  assistant  coaches  Mr. 
LaForge,  Stewart,  Prezens,  MacPherson,  Brennagh  and  Butcher  who  have  been  hard  working  all 
season;  to  Mr.  Shrimpton  for  his  advice  on  football  and  coaching;  and  most  of  all  to  Mr.  Shields  for 
doing  all  the  behind  the  scenes  work  to  make  our  football  program  as  good  as  it  is. 
I  also  need  to  thank  all  of  the  players.  When  you  have  a  team  of  50  players,  it  is  difficult  to  provide 
playing  time  for  everyone.  Having  said  that,  I  am  pleased  to  say  that  all  our  players,  whether  they  were 
starters  or  not,  played  significant  minutes.  And  I  do  thank  them  for  continuing  to  work  hard  to  get  better 
regardless  of  their  playing  time.  BK 

First  Row:  Adam  Moodie,  Khiari  Lespere,  Matthew  Graham,  Mac  Baker,  Sajjad  Akbar,  William  White, 
Adam  Henriques 

Second  Row:  Chris  Clarke  (Mgr.),  Michael  Marcantognini,  Zain  Hemani,  Adam  Darvay-Canavor, 
Estanislao  de  la  Torre,  Jay  Mackie,  Josh  Mahfood,  David  Manning  Esq. 

Third  Row:  Robert  Bertani,  Mikel  Lanzagorta,  Matthew  Kennedy,  Jason  Graham,  Felix  Hadasik, 
Emi!  Hiiri,  Dan  Chalifour 
Missing:  Mr.  Nicholas  Day  Esq. 

)t  how  you  start  that  matters 
how  you  finish.  This 
ement  can  sum  up  our  1st 
cer  season  in  a  number  of 
's.  Returning  a  number  of 
ters  and  seniors  for  their 
I  seasons,  there  was  much 
mism  after  4  trophies  from 
season  and  a  silver  medal 

ok  us  however,  a  little  while 
ind  out  who  we  were  and 
r  a  disappoint  league  cup  to 
t  the  season  we  settled  into 
CISAA  season.  We  rode  a 
j  record  in  CISAA  play  into 
CAIS  National  Tournament 
dismantled  our  opponents 
Dur  first  4  matches.  We 
:hed  the  semi-finals  to  face 
lam  in  Hillfield  Strathallen 
im  we  had  beaten  7-1  just 
lere  two  days  before  the 

tournament.  Our  boys, 
however,  learned  a  valuable 
lesson  about  sport  and  life, 
never  underestimate  your 
challenge,  and  probably  most 
importantly  as  quoted  from 
future  coach  philosopher, 
Daniel  Chalifour,  "never  over 
estimate  yourself".  It  wasn't 
meant  to  be  that  day  and  we 
didn't  deserve  to  win,  and 
didn't.  After  failing  to  claim  our 
second  straight  CAIS  crown  we 
went  back  to  work  in  CISAA 
play  finishing  the  season  with  a 
10-1-1  record  and  thoroughly 
outscoring  our  opponents.  We 
claimed  the  Peter  Stuart 
trophy,  named  after  former  St. 
Andrew's  Master,  and  soccer 
coach  as  league  winners  for 
the  second  consecutive  year 
and  home  field  for  the  playoffs. 
In  the  semi-finals  we  faced  St. 

Mike's  who  although  ranked 
4th  were  the  toughest 
challenge  to  our  bid  to  repeat, 
and  we  were  correct.  Down  1  -0 
early  and  then  2-1  at  the  half,  it 
took  two  magnificent  goals  by 
senior  William  White,  the 
second  in  the  89th  minute  to 
push  us  through  to  the  final. 

In  the  final,  we  faced  Ridley 
College  whom  we  had  handled 
twice  during  the  regular  season 
by  lopsided  scores.  This 
however,  wasn't  a  normal  day 
and  Ridley  fancied  something 
differentthistime around.  Inthe 
craziest  10  minutes  of  soccer  I 
have  ever  been  involved  with, 
the  opening  of  the  final 
produced  4  goals,  two  apiece, 
and  it  was  apparent  we  were  in 
for  an  exciting  and  nail-biting 
ride.  The  game  settled  with 

Ridley  taking  the  lead  near 
half  time  3-2. 

The  second  half  we  broke  the 
game  apart  with  two  thunder 
strikes  60  seconds  apart  after 
about  15  minutes.  The  first, 
was  by  right  back  Matthew 
Kennedy  who  possess  one  of 
the  best  shots  on  the  team, 
funny  enough  he  waited  until 
the  last  game  of  the  season  to 
let  the  other  teams  in  the 
league  in  on  the  secret.  His 
laser  beam  was  followed  up 
by  Mikel  Lazagorta  hitting  a 
perfect  ball  inside  the  post  to 
put  us  up  4-3  and  in  control. 
We  added  two  more  for  a 
finish  that  pretty  much 
encapsulated  our  season, 
slow  start  outstanding  finish. 

First  Row:  Joel  Lat,  Ibrahim  Moustafa,  Liam  Neuman,  Joseph  Bruccoleri,  Christian  Settino,  John  Joseph  Mitchell, 
Jono  McConnell,  Jack  O'Neil,  Justin  Ford,  Ryan  Shotbolt. 

Second  Row:  Mr.  Michael  Chadsey  Esq.,  Alex  Sgro,  Samuel  Salomon,  Jackson  Redmond,  Scott  Elliott, 
JP  McCluskey,  Ricky  Lozada,  David  Anderson,  Mr.  Stephen  Kimmerer  Esq. 

Third  Row:  Aiden  Carnegie,  Aiden  Calverley,  Marco  Magnante,  Vicente  Tricio-Sesma,  Isaack  Justine 

Some  groups  of  students  are  a  ctiallenge  to 
work  with  on  a  daily  basis:  and  some  groups 
mal<e  coaching  truly  enjoyable.  This  year's 
edition  of  JV  Soccer  was  the  most 
entertaining  group  that  Coach  Kimmerer  and 
have  worked  with  in  memory!  Liam  Neuman's 
phlegm  issues,  John  Joseph's  concussion 
issues,  Joey  Bruccoleri  making  saves  with  his 
face!  You  name  it,  we  laughed  at  it.  Ryan 
Shotbolt  brought  a  unique,  physical  approach 
to  defending,  only  occasionally  crossing  the 
line  with  full  out  hip-checks.  Once  in  a  vjhile 
Isaack  was  able  to  produce  absolute  magic 
on  the  pitch,  of  course  that  was  dependent  or 
him  finding  the  field  or  knowing  when  the  bus 
was  leaving.  Jack  O'Neill  informed  me  during 
tryouts  that  he  had  been  a  standout  keeper 
the  last  time  he  played  for  a  team;  they  were 
the  league  champs  in  their  U  SEVEN  league! 
But  through  dedication  and  hard  work,  Jack 
earned  the  starting  position  and  turned  into  a 
reliable  keeper  who  kept  us  in  some  tight 
games  and  motivated  his  teammates  with 
good  communication.  Jackson  Redmond 
learned  to  never  stand  immediately  in  front  of 
the  bench  with  his  hands  in  his  pockets 
during  a  game;  you  never  know  when  you 
might  be  knocked  over  by  a  stray  ball.  On  the 
side  of  skill,  Vicente  frustrated  opposing 
players  with  his  outrageous  dangles;  Marco 
consistently  created  scoring  opportunities 
with  pin-point  passing  and  well-placed 
crosses  from  the  wing;  David  Anderson  found 
his  finishing  touch;  and  Christian  Settino 
found  ways  to  break  free  and  score  some 
huge  goals  from  his  striking  position. 
And  somewhere  in  there,  the  boys  became 
an  excellent  soccer  team. 
The  season  began  looking  like  it  was  going  to 
be  a  long  one.  The  level  of  skill  that  we  have 
been  spoiled  with  in  recent  years  was  not 
quite  there.  Several  of  our  players  hadn't 
played  organized  soccer  in  many  years,  like 
Jack;  however,  the  team  quickly  began  to 
work  together  and  became  a  force  in  our 
division.  After  losing  our  first  league  game 
against  St.  John's  Kilmarnock,  the  boys  didn't 
lose  again  in  the  regular  season.  They 
worked  hard  in  practice  and  developed  into  a 
cohesive  group  that  raised  its  level  of  play  to 
the  point  where  they  won  three  of  their  final 
four  league  games,  the  only  blemish  on  their 
record  during  that  stretch  was  a  tie  in  their 
final  league  game  against  the  othenA/ise 
unbeaten  team  from  Villanova.  Our  overall 
league  record  of  3  -  1  -  2  was  good  enough 
to  make  the  playoffs.  In  our  first  playoff  game, 
we  beat  de  la  Salle  by  a  score  of  2  -  0.  In  the 
semi-finals,  we  again  faced  Villanova  in  a 
back  and  forth  affair.  Breaking  a  2  -2  tie  with 
only  minutes  to  play,  we  earned  a  spot  in  the 
league  finals.  This  win  was  a  result  of 
excellent  teamwork  and  a  hat-trick  scored  by 
Christian  Settino.  An  hour  after  winning  the 
semi-final,  we  were  back  on  the  pitch  facing 
Trinity  College  School  for  the  league 

Although  we  were  unable  to  win  the  final 
game,  coach  Kimmerer  and  I  are  extremely 
proud  of  what  these  boys  accomplished  this 
season.  Making  it  to  the  league  finals  two 
years  in  a  row  is  pretty  solid.  We  would  liketi 
acknowledge  our  graduating  players: 
Christian  Settino,  John  Joseph  Mitchell, 
Aiden  Carnegie,  Joel  Lat,  Jono  McConnell, 
Jackson  Redmond,  Justin  Ford/Chevy,  Liam 
Neuman,  Ryan  Shotbolt,  David  Anderson, 
Ibrahim  Moustafa,  Jack  O'Neill,  and  Joseph 
Bruccoleri.  SK,  MC 

First  Row:  Adamo  D'Angelo,  Eraad  Rahman,  Kunal  Khemani,  Nicholas  Chow, 
Marcello  Perez,  Danil  Ojha, 

Second  Row:  Mr.  Brian  McCue  Esq.,  Andy  Park,  William  Zou,  Bill  Luan,  JiSang  Jeon, 
Justin  Lee,  Gary  Zhou,  Mr.  Paul  Totera  Esq. 

Third  Row:  Liam  Smith,  Michael  Huang,  Nikhil  Nath,  Dhruv  Krishnan,  Aadam  AN, 
Jimmy  Yuan,  Sigeng  Liu 

First  Row:  Mr.  David  Kyle  Esq.,  Nik  Seidel,  Jolin  IVlusgrave,  Cooper  Scullion-Smeenk,  Patrick  Turner, 
Callum  Murphy,  Andrew  Currie 

Second  Row:  Emilio  Riestra,  Brandon  St.Pierre,  Inigo  Elizundia,  Pedro  Ozores,  Conor  Woodroffe 
|Third  Row:  Michael  VonSchalburg,  Victor  Said,  Arnoldo  Lanzarin,  Genaro  Borrego 

Well  over  30  boys  tried  out,  eventually  settling  into  two  very  strong  teams.  Great  teamwork  and  positive 
spirits  infused  every  practice  and  game.  Mill<slnal<e  prizes  were  appreciated  and  thirstily  consumed.  The  only 
complaints  heard  were  about  the  torrentially  cold  weather  suffered  during  the  semi  and  final  one  day  ending. 
All  17  players  on  our  roster  were  able  to  play  in  every  game.  Coach  Kyle  wishes  to  thank  the  boys  and  their 
parents  for  all  their  support  and  effort  during  this  short  but  wonderful  season.  DK. 


First  Row:  Dylan  Cowell,  Nolan  Roy,  Joseph  Yazdani,  Victor  Lopez,  Matthew  Medhurst, 
Andrew  Jeffrey,  Matthew  Brenzel,  Daniel  Cheung,  Macleod  Houghton 

Second  Row:  Jorge  Chedraui,  Juan  Carrancedo  ,  Tony  Sul , Kevin  Kim,  Robert  Wang,  Stathi  Douramakos, 
Antonio  Dodero,  Karim  Libien,  Mr.  David  Josselyn  Esq. 

UMB  Soccer  had  another  very  exciting 
season.  Despite  the  fact  that  every 
game  we  played  was  against  other 
schools'  Tier  1  teams,  we  managed  to 
be  competitive  in  many  games.  Game 
in  and  game  out  the  boys  showed 
tenacity  and  courage.  They  could  never 
be  faulted  for  their  effort. 
The  highlight  of  the  season  was  our 
game,  played  during  hurricane  like 
conditions,  against  local  foe  Country 
day  school.  We  moved  two  of  our 
attacking  players,  Daniel  Cheung  and 
Karim  Libien  ,  back  to  defence  which 
allowed  Will  Sirman  and  Jero 
Pesqueira  the  freedom  to  move  fonward 
into  attacking  positions.  Jero  scored  3 
and  Will  1 ,  while  Matthew  Medhurst 
made  several  key  saves,  in  a  thrilling 

St  Row:  Branson  Johnson,  Chris  Poropat,  Ruben  Lopez,  Will  McHenry,  Wells  Karabin, 
rk  Polemidiotis,  Eric  Situ,  Lucas  La  Brier 

cond  Row:  Warren  Zhang,  Austin  Brett,  Hashim  Baloch,  Josh  Dunn,  Dara  Goharchi, 
iliano  Ventosa,  Todd  Tian,  Ms.  Michele  Derwin  Esq. 

A  trip  to    /bf//. .  .■/  iV^j  h 

/acation  hovvever,  the  ooys  v/ill  be 
quick  to  describe  a  grueling  experience 
/yhich  included  playing  7  games  in  2.5 
days,  playing  through  ram  and  snov/ 
and  worst  of  all  trying  your  very  best  to 
smile  and  pretend  that  a  ball  that  stnkes 
your  exposed  frozen  skin  doesn't  hurt 

After  watching  a  teammate  leave  the 
field  in  an  ambulance  and  later  finding 
out  he  had  broken  his  leg  the  boys 
decided  it  was  their  goal  to  do  their  very 
best  to  stay  focused  and  earn  a  spot 
in  the  championship  division. 

This  tournament  reflects  a  survival  of 
the  fittest  scenario  and  now  with  a  13 
man  roster  each  player  was  forced  to 
push  themselves  beyond  their  physical 
imits.  Unfortunately,  a  loss  to  Crescent 
n  the  first  game  on  the  second  day  we 
were  going  to  have  to  play  the  game  of 
our  lives  against  Hilfiela  in  hopes  to 
secure  a  spot  in  the  semi-finals. 

A  beautiful  goal  by  Dara  Goharchi  m 
the  dying  minutes  against  Hilfield 
meant  we  needed  Crescent  to  win  and 
put  us  through  to  the  semi's  the 
following  day.  Unfortunately. 
Crescent's  loss  knocked  us  out  of 
contention  but  our  win  put  them 

Although,  the  boys  were  disappointed 
they  did  feel  as  they  held  up  their  end 
of  the  bargain  and  did  everything 
possible  to  finish  in  the  top  6  to  ensure 
next  year's  team  would  have  a  fighting 
chance  to  make  it  to  the  finals. 

In  our  local  league  four  of  the  five  teams 
finished  in  the  top  8  at  the  nationals. 
Unfortunately,  due  to  injuries  we  only 
had  12  players  for  the  CISAA  semi- 
finals. Another  tough  loss  to  Crescent 
was  not  the  result  we  were  hoping  for; 
however,  the  boys  did  play  well  and 
worked  hard  until  the  final  whistle  blew. 


The  U13B  soccer 
team  was  made  up( 
only  14  boys.  But 
what  was  lost  in 
terms  of  fresh  legs 
during  the  games,  w 
made  up  for  with 
cohesiveness  and 
camaraderie.  The 
small  roster  helped 
the  boys  to  stand  tal 
and  stand  by  each 
other  regardless  of 
the  situation;  they 
were  all  determined 
to  work  hard  to 
improve  and  to  enjo] 
their  season.  SL 

Front  Row:  Brady  Reid,  Nathan  Chadsey,  Dalton  Lehman,  Brandon  Want,  Peter  Wu,  Rickie  Tang, 
Nicholas  Badali 

Back  Row:  Christopher  Leung,  Ryan  Collis,  Saajan  Sethi,  Leo  Li,  James  Muzenzenberger,  Greg  Vovtchenko, 
Jullian  Settino,  Brayden  Byers,  Mr.  Scott  Lewis  Esq. 

U12  Soi 

Front  Row:  Jack  Kensit,  Bryce  Neil,  Ryan  Sutherland,  Brendan  Dilworth,  Dillon  Appelbe,  Spence  Berman, 
Andrew  Boland 

Middle  Row:  Mr.  John  Clements  Esq.,  Mr.  Michael  Hanson  Esq. 

Back  Row:  Justin  Aquin,  Alex  Krylov,  Arya  Mizrahi,  Wan  Foy,  Sam  Ashton,  Connor  Broekaert.  Andy  Han 



Ryan  Lindsay 

This  season  was  the  first  ever  SAC  Under  1 2  soccer  team  to  compete  ^ 
in  Division  1 .  Overall  the  season  was  an  encouraging  one,  marked  by 
real  gains  in  self-confidence  and  success.  The  final  tournament  saw  us 
matched  first  against  UCC  who  beat  us  5-0,  but  we  were  confident  we 
could  beat  RSGC  again  to  reach  the  semi-final.  The  game  went  to 
overtime  and  we  eventually  lost  on  penalty  kicks.  We  would  like  to 
thank  all  the  boys  for  their  love  of  the  game  and  for  their  eagerness  to 
become  the  best  that  they  could  be.  MH 



FIRST  ROW:  Alex  Seto,  Scott  Wood,  Rahim  Ladak,  Braden  Noxon 

SECOND  ROW:  Mr.Fraser  Cowell,  Esq.,  Peter  Grantcharov,  Mitch  Carter,  Justin  Smith-Voudouris, 
Jacob  King,  Mr.  Claudio  Numa,  Esq. 

THIRD  ROW:  Jeremy  Chow,  Jeff  Banwell,  Chris  Egi,  Nicl<  Fornier,  Jin  Yu 

.,^'»''Kt^^B^^^^^^^mmmm^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mmmm^^^^  ■  

What  a  great  season  it  was!  What  an  amazing  group  of  athletes,  Andreans,  young  men!  This  year's 
Volleyball  team  was  a  dream  team  for  any  coach.  Under  the  leadership  of  the  best  captain  the  team  has 
had  in  recent  years,  we  showed  the  world  of  High  School  volleyball  that  SAC  Volleyball  is  a  reality.  Led 
by  captain  Ladak,  we  beat  powerhouse  UCC  on  two  occasions  and  reached  the  CISAA  championship 
final  losing  to  St.  Mikes  in  five  sets.  What  an  exciting  match  it  was!  The  spectators  were  treated  with  an 
amazing  display  of  volleyball  by  both  teams.  It  was  a  match  for  the  ages.  CN  &  FC 

■Irst  Row:  Eric  Lowry,  Jack  Little,  David  Hastings-Grgas,  Will  Thompson,  Alex  Carter. 
iSecond  Row:  Mr.  Mark  Service  Esq.,  Julian  Smith-Voudouris,  David  O'Connor, 
Quinton  Gray,  Justin  McNamara,  Mr.  Cam  Eby  Esq.. 
(Third  Row:  Jason  Zhang,  Dylan  Van  Eeden,  Aidan  Bertolas,  Sam  Hardinj 

After  almost  25  years  without  a  single 
CISAA  championship,  the  U1 6  volleyball 
team  won  its  second  straight  title  this 
year.  St.  iVIike's  was  the  powerhouse  in 
CISAA  volleyball  for  over  10  years,  and 
UCC  was  typically  right  up  there  with 
them.  We  were  always  in  the  Final  Four, 
but  we  never  quite  managed  to  win  in  the 
semis  to  earn  a  spot  in  the  championship 
game.  Unseating  St.  Mike's  at  the  top 
spot  was  not  even  a  goal  for  us  because 
it  was  difficult  to  see  beyond  the  semi- 
final match.  Two  years  ago  was  the  first 
time  in  decades  that  we  finally  broke  the 
streak  of  semi-final  losses,  and  we  even 
managed  to  take  a  set  from  St.  Mike's  in 
the  finals.  We  considered  that  to  be  quite 
an  accomplishment,  and  being  that  close 
for  the  first  time  in  years  gave  us  a  taste 
for  what  it  would  feel  like  to  win.  Last  year 
we  made  it  the  finals  again,  but  this  time 
after  losing  in  the  first  set  against  St, 
Mike's,  we  won  the  next  three  straight 
sets  to  take  our  first  CISAA  title  since 
1988.  It  was  an  incredible  feeling,  and  a 
great  learning  experience  for  the  grade 
9's  on  the  team. 

Those  same  grade  9's  from  last  year 
were  our  starters,  leaders,  and  best 
players  on  this  year's  squad.  They  came 
into  this  season  knowing  what  it  feels  like 
to  win,  and  understanding  what  it  takes 
to  make  it  happen.  From  Day  One,  they 
had  their  sights  set  on  a  second  title.  Our 
only  loss  in  CISAA  league  play  was  to  St. 
Mike's  at  home  by  a  score  of  3  sets  to  2, 
but  we  redeemed  that  loss  at  their  gym 
later  in  the  season  with  a  3-2  victory.  Both 
teams  finished  league  play  with  9  and  1 
records,  but  we  secured  first  place  and 
home  court  advantage  for  the  Final  Four 
based  on  points  for  and  against.  We  went 
into  the  finals  expecting  some  very  tough 
competition,  but  feeling  confident 
nonetheless.  We  had  little  trouble  with 
UCC  in  our  semi-final  match,  but 
Crescent  surprised  everyone  by 
upsetting  St.  Mike's  in  five  sets  in  the 
other  semi-final  match-up.  We  went  int(| 
the  championship  game  pumped  to  | 
on  a  good  show  for  the  home  crowd,  an 
we  did  just  that.  We  played  some  of  ( 
best  volleyball  and  completelj 
dominated  Crescent  School  by  scores c 
25-8,  25-22,  and  25-9  to  take  the  title 
With  some  huge  smashes,  massiv 
blocks,  and  exciting  defensive  plays,  i 
definitely  gave  the  fans  a  show. 

Beyond  the  CISSA,  we've  also  put  Stj 
Andrew's  on  the  map  when  it  comes  toi 
Ontario  volleyball  at  the  U16  level.  We 
went  from  never  having  made  the 
playoffs  at  a  public  school  tournament 
three  years  ago,  to  being  contenders  for 
virtually  every  tournament  we've  entered 
over  the  last  two  seasons.  We've  won 
two  tournaments  and  been  finalists 
three  others  in  that  time.  Our  goal  now  is 
to  continue  the  tradition  of  volleyball 
success.  MS 

MIP  Justin  McNamara  ® 

MVP  David  O'Connor 

1^  / 

U14  volleyball  team  was  a  young 
id  of  athletes  with  limited 
irience.  However,  they  worked 
imely  hard  at  all  practices,  and 
oved  all  fundamental  aspects  of 
;port.  They  quickly  developed  into 
xciting  team  to  watch,  with  many 
commenting  on  how  drastically 
improved  over  the  course  of  the 
t  season.  Although  their  season 
rd  was  a  direct  flip  from  the  last 
/ears,  they  kept  their  spirits  high 
:ontinued  to  work  hard  and  play 
,  always  believing  in  themselves. 
■•  losses  were  often  by  only  a 
le  of  points,  including  a 
5pointing  15-12  loss  to  St.  Mike's, 
iventual  CISAA  champions. 

luse  of  such  an  improvement  from 
embers  of  the  team,  it  was  a  very 
ult  decision  to  choose  just  one 
This  individual  was  chosen 
use  had  never  once  touched  a 
yball,  and  eventually  earned  his 
into  a  starting  position.  When  his 
g  was  right,  he  could  not  only 
)  the  ball  over  the  block,  but  he 
i  spike  it  to  the  attack  line.  He 
me  an  intimidating  wall  at  the  net 
was  determined  to  keep  the  ball 
s  side  of  the  court.  The  future  of 
volleyball  will  continue  to  be 
ig  with  this  young  athlete  coming 
igh.  WE 

First  Row:  Ewan  Fox,  Connor  LeClaire,  William  Wang,  JP  Schnabel,  Connor  Sleeth, 
Kyle  Chen,  Barron  Liu 

Second  Row:  Luca  Zadra,  John  Hopkinson,  Chad  Li,  Byron  Mawaya,  Filip 
iGrantcharov,  Daniel  Kim,  Oli  Harris,  Coach  Whitney  Elliott 


First  Row:  Osher  Lee,  Jacob  Crocker,  Mark  Zhou,  Samir  Khaki,  Sterling  Cochran,  M 
Matthew  Sun,  Patrick  Leclaire 

Second  Row:  Mikey  Bahen,  Joshua  Osborne,  Thomas  Childerhose,  Marshall  Moore 
Benjamin  VanEeden,  Joseph  Walker,  Aidan  Bradley,  Ms.  Natalie  McNair  Esq. 

chael  Sun 

Right  out  the  gate 
this  very  energeti 
group  of  young  meiljl 
^  was  ready  to  play  an 
for  most,  ready  ti 
learn  how  to  play  foP 
the  very  first  time. 
our  first  try  out  whef 
1  asked  how  many  c 
them   had  actually 
played  volleybai 
other  than  in  P.ef 
class,  three  of  then'* 
raised  their  hands'' 
They  made  it  all  thf  I 
way  to  the  CISA/!* 
where  they  lost  o 
the  final  serve  of  th 
final      match  i 
BayviewGlenSchO' , 
in  a  thrilling  garrii 
Theywereapleasur ' 
to  coach  and  made' 
me  realize  how  much 
fun  volleyball  can  be 
I  am  very  pleaseci, 
with  allot  their  efforts 
and     I  commen(;| 
them,  for  as  first  timeL 
Andreans,  they  dic^ 
,  an  incredible  job  o!' 
i  representing  th 
'  School.  NM 

imore  challenging  than  the 
lious.  This  year  we  had  a  very 
lusiasticteam.  Most  of  the  team 
iired  rigorous  Saturday 
ling  practices  and  the  rewards 
iheir  efforts  were  paid  at  the 
\A  Championships. 

le  CISAA  Finals  in  Port  Hope 
)ctober  26,  your  Saints  were 
rmined  to  tackle  the  dreaded 
Trinity"  -  a  steep  100m  climb 
le  end  of  the  course  -  with 
jr.  The  weather  cooperated 
a  perfect  day  for  running,  and 
yed  many  team  members  to 
ove  on  their  results  from  earlier 
le  season.  The  midget  boys' 
1  finished  7rd ,  the  Juniors  were 
and  the  senior  team  was  5th. 

team's  one  qualifier  for 
AA,  in  Brampton,  was  Avery 
enzie.  NT 

First  Row:  Andre  Chan,  Jack  McDonald,  Keaton  Ward  (Captain),  Elliott  Powers,  Curtis  Lai 
Second  Row:  Mr.  Nick  Tsioros  Esq.,  Juan  Carlos  Artigas,  Cleander  Yu,  Hollis  McKenzie,  Danila  Galaninski, 
Jonah  Pawluk,  Will  Piddick,  Eddie  He,  Ms.  Samantha  Scheepers  Esq. 
.  y  Third  Row:  Oscar  Qi,  Chris  Lakkotripis,  Young  Wu  Jin,  Jordan  Brown,  Andrew  Ladoucer,  Avery  McKenzie, 
Danial  Pafpolofski. 

Third  Row:  Luis  Ramon,  Tarun  Sethi,  Regan  Kimmens,  Eric  Asgari,  Gregory  Hoogers,  Melvin  Maroon,  Meron  Rumbaut, 
Connor  Harris,  Quinton  Cochran,  J. P.  Marline 

Second  Row:  Mr.  Keith  Ramon  Esq.,  Mihai  Ciuciureanu,  Andrew  Hoogers,  Beto  Simon,Tyler  Thomas,  Jack  Kempezinsl<i, 
Owen  Laffy,  Mike!  Devlin,  Kevin  Kaun,  Hunter  Applebe,  Riley  Jackson,  Matteo  Fina,  Mrs.  Sabrina  D'Angelo  Esq., 
First  Row:  Callum  Macpherson,  Chris  Liu,  Billy  Starke,  Sean  Denton,  Cole  Nip,  Justin  Cheung,  Jake  Iwai, 
Nolan  Michelberger,  Jacky  Quo,  Billy  Sun,  Aiden  Walters,  Nicholas  Bowline 

A  few  years  before  you  boys  were  born,  a  world-class  Tanzanian  marathoner  said  something  that  notj 
only  applies  to  running,  but  pertains  to  ail  sports:  "The  will  to  win  means  nothing  without  the  will  to 
prepare".  No  matter  how  lofty  your  goals  and  aspirations  are,  without  hard  work  and  determination,  y^ 
won't  achieve  what  you  have  set  out  to  accomplish. 

It's  for  this  reason  that  I  am  incredibly  proud  of  our  Middle  School  runners  this  year  -  they  demonstra| 
the  will  to  prepare.  While  it's  true  that  we  use  a  lot  of  games  to  develop  running-specific  skills  and  to 
foster  a  true  love  of  running,  the  boys  on  the  team  also  completed  many  tough  practices  that  would  hfve 
challenged  even  the  most-seasoned  runners  in  the  Upper  School.  | 

This  fall,  we  put  our  beautiful  new  track  to  the  test.  It  was  excellent  for  gauging  our  speed  and  trackin| 
our  progress  throughout  the  course  of  the  year.  It  helped  the  boys  learn  a  lot  about  pacing  and  maxin|irTii 
effort.  To  be  honest,  I'm  not  really  sure  what  we  did  before  we  had  this  fantastic  facility.  i 

%  Mrs.  D'Angelo  and  I  were  very  impressed  by  our  boys  this  year  and  enjoyed  watching  their  perspectives 
slowly  change.  What  the  boys  thought  to  be  challenging  in  the  first  few  weeks  of  the  year,  quickly 
became  manageable,  and  ultimately  became  mastered  by  the  end  of  the  season.  We  had  a  number  of 
significant  accomplishments  that  can  be  seen  on  the  slideshow,  but  the  most  important  thing  to 
remember  is  that  success  was  earned  through  hard  work.  KR  &  SD 

-J  2JUUi  Cross  Countbry 

\ward  Winners: 

Dur  MIP  demonstrated  an  eagerness  to  improve  his  endurance  this  season  and  a  keen  interest  in 
unning  that  went  beyond  his  time  with  the  team.  He  made  an  effort  to  run  with  his  family  and 
jntered  a  couple  of  races  on  his  own  accord  to  improve  himself  his  ability  as  a  runner.  This  year's 
J12MIPis  Aiden  Walters. 

Dur  MVP  for  the  U12  boys  had  a  great  attitude  and  was  willing  to  push  himself  to  his  limits.  He  was 
ilways  up  for  challenges  in  practices  and  races.  By  the  end  of  the  year,  he  was  our  fastest  U12 
unner  and  earned  the  most  votes  from  his  teammates:  This  year's  U12  MVP  is  Owen  Laffey. 


3ur  MIP  for  the  U14  runners  goes  to  an  individual  that  has  made  significant  long-term  gains  as  a 
unner.  He  used  to  be  a  tiny  grade  6  boy  who  struggled  to  keep  up  with  the  pack;  however,  through 
hree  years  of  hard  work  and  continued  determination,  he  has  grown  to  become  a  confident  and 
lapable  runner.  This  year's  U1 4  MIP  is  Eric  Asgari. 

'Vithout  question,  our  U14  MVP  was  our  fastest  runner  at  every  single  race  throughout  the  year.  His 
ibility  to  push  himself  when  everything  was  on  the  line  was  genuinely  impressive.  He  reached  the 
)odium  in  each  and  every  race  this  season  and  never  came  less  than  2nd  place.  He  was  incredibly 
ocused  on  his  goals  this  year  and  narrowly  missed  winning  this  year's  CISAA  championship.  Our 
J14  MVP  is  Regan  Kimens. 


Eric  Asgari 




Owen  Laffey 


Aiden  Walters 

Back  Row:Liam  Neuman,  Emil  Hiiri,  Zach  Marcus,  Zac  Masson,  Matthew  Graham,  Matthew  Kennedy,  Christian  Settino. 
Middle  Row:  Mr.Joel  Morrissey  Esq.,  Brandon  Cercone,  Warren  Foegele,  Jacob  Kearley,  Burke  White,  Brett  Stirling, 
Jake  Stirling,  C.J.  Sifton,  William  White  (Manager). 

Front  Row:  Jack  McDonald,  Mr.Geoff  Brennagh  Esq.,  Curtis  Harvey,  Rory  McGuire,  Adam  Moodie,  Jay  Mackie, 
Mr.  David  Manning  Esq.,  Brett  Nichol. 

3  201 2-1 3  Version  of  the  1  st 
ckey  Saints  enjoyed  an 
standing  season.  Posting  a 
ord  of  47-9-2  the  team 
imed  the  CISAA  and  MPHL 
ular  season  championships, 
ng  the  way,  1st  Hockey  were  L.^ 
Sebastian's  School  f 
jedham,  MA)  Tournament 
ampions,  and  St.  Francis 
looi  Tournament  Champions, 
jarly  February,  the  Saints 
shed  5-0  and  claimed  the 
lool's  8th  MacPherson 
jrnament  Championship  with 
win  over  arch  rival  UCC  in 
final.  In  the  playoffs,  the 
m  had  a  disappointing  finish 
he  MPHL  season  falling  2-1 
Edge  School  in  the  final  and 
he  CISAA  Championship,  the 
nts  topped  Nichols  School  in 
third  and  deciding  game  in 
jrtime  on  a  Warren  Foegele 
rker.  It  certainly  was  an 
standing  year  for  1st  Hockey 
i  one  that  will  go  down  in 
!  114  history  of  the  school 
one  of  the  best  ever.  DM 

Front  Row:  Nick  Whitelaw,  Jonathan  McConnell,  Kyle  Zacharuk,  Linden  Sturrock,  Reese  Foegele,  Ruslan  Sennovskiy, 
Connor  Rowntree. 

Second  Row:  Mr.  Joe  Foote,  Esq.,  Taylor  Pilmer,  Robert  Bertani,  Jack  O'Neill,  Liam  Killops,  Braeden  Glendinning, 
Bryce  Johnson,  Conner  Cowl,  Corey  Bristol,  Mr.Trevor  Biasi,  Esq. 

Missing:  :  Devon  DeLangley,  Branden  Fennell,  Ryan  Shotbolt,  Cody  McMillan,  Dylan  Sikura  -  Manager. 

After  three  championships  in  the  last  4  years,  the  JV  Hockey  team  fell  on  tough  times  this  season.  With  a  change  in  philosophy,  the  team  had  to  rely  on  grizzled  veterans  such  as 
Jono  McConnell,  Devon  DeLangley,  Liam  Killops,  Reese  Foegele,  Cody  McMillan  and  the  Russian  sensation  Rusty  Sennovskiy.  While  we  were  in  every  game  we  played,  the  pucks 
didn't  bounce  our  way  and  we  ended  up  on  the  wrong  end  of  a  5-15-1  record.  And  while  most  of  our  games  were  decided  by  two  goals  or  less,  we  unfortunately  lost  a  great  many  of 
them.  Must  have  been  the  coaching.  Our  finest  moment  this  year  came  when  our  one  goalie  with  experience,  Connor  Rowntree,  was  ill,  and  we  turned  the  net  over  to  our  other 
"goalie"  Nick  Whitelaw  who  began  the  season  as  the  manager!  In  fact,  Nick  Whitelaw  hadn't  played  in  years  since  manning  the  cage  for  Pizza  Nova  in  the  Aurora  House  League  7 
years  earlier.  Our  pregame  speech  to  our  team  was  very  simple  that  day  -  I  turned  it  over  to  Mr.  Foote  for  the  pregame  speech  looking  for  words  of  wisdom.  He  did  not  disappoint 
when  looked  at  the  boys  and  said,  "block  everything."  To  their  credit,  it  was  like  a  switch  had  been  flipped.  All  of  the  sudden  the  JV  boys  were  blocking  shots,  taking  hits  to  make 
plays,  and  playing  a  determined  brand  of  hockey.  It  didn't  look  like  us  at  all!  We  took  a  2-1  lead  into  the  dying  seconds,  and  with  the  game  on  the  line,  Hillfield  slipped  a  player  into 
the  slot,  the  puck  came  to  him,  he  shot  it,  Mr.  Foote  and  I  prepared  ourselves  for  disappointment,  and  Whitey  made  the  save  of  his  life  to  preserve  the  victory.  Sweet  victory.  TB  JF 

it  Row:  Adain  Link,  Matthew  Leroy,  Jacob  La  Brier,  Graydon  Gardner,  Darren  Iwai,  Ben  Thomson,  Matthew  Galajda. 

)nd  Row:  Mr.  Dave  Stewart,  Esq.  Paul  Bedard,  Esq.  Avery  MacKenzie,  Will  Ashton,  Jerod  Forte,  Eric  Lowry,  Liam  Joiner, 

el  Paspalofski,  Holls  MacKenzie,  Mr.James  MacPherson,  Esq. 

ling:  Kyle  Hunter,  Adam  Sinclair,  Griffin  James,  Parker  Harris,  Gian  Paulo  laboni.  .  ^ 

We  ended  the  year  with  a  7  and  5  record  and  lost  to 
St.  Mike's  in  the  semi-final,  in  what  turned  out  to  be  a 
tremendous  game  considering  the  fact  that  we  had 
only  1 1  skaters  and  a  goaltender!  At  times  this 
season,  however,  the  highlights  were  off  ice,  rather 
than  on  it.  Before  a  game,  our  bus  driver  asked  if  you 
knew  the  short  fellow  who  worked  at  SAC.  Who.  Chris 
Papalia?  "Yes,  that's  him",  she  said.  "Does  he  have  a 
girlfriend?"  None  of  us  really  knew.  She  continued, 
"well,  is  he  Jehovah's  witness,  because  my  daughter 
is  a  devout  Jehovah's  Witness."  We  told  her  that  we 
didn't  think  so.  'Too  bad",  she  said.  "He's  a  nice  boy". 
On  another  bus  ride.  Coach  MacPherson  had  to  call 
the  bus  drivers  wife  to  explain  to  her  why  he  was  going 
to  be  late  for  dinner.  "She  won't  believe  me.  but  she 
might  believe  you!"  On  the  ice  was  an  adventure,  too. 
Liam  Joiner  scored  his  first  SAC  goal  this  year  and 
asked  to  keep  the  puck.  I  said  no  problem,  but  know 
that  your  account  will  be  charged  S2.50.  Finally,  at 
random  times  during  the  season.  Leroy  would  just  yell. 
"Scrimbo",  even  while  on  the  ice  during  the  game.  In 
the  end,  we  had  a  team  of  characters  and  it  was  an 
enjoyable  season.  Our  goal  was  to  make  the  playoffs 
and  be  competitive  in  every  game,  and  we 
accomplished  both. 


First  Row:Mikel  Devlin,  Will  McHenry,  Daniel  Cheung,  Lucas  La  Brier,  Connor  Sleeth,  Sebastian  Giorgio,  Steven  Daher,  Connor  Iwai,  Macleod  Houghton, 
John  Jr.  Hopkinson 

Second  Row:  Mr.  Greg  Reid  Esq.,  Matthew  Medhurst,  Austin  Brett,  Will  Sirman,  Regan  Kimens,  Greg  Hoogers,  Jon  Malowney,  Wells  Karabin,  Luca  Zadrs 
Parker  Boland,  Mr.  David  Galaida  Esq. 

Season  Record  - 
7  W  11  L 

Top  Three  Season  Highlights: 

3.  The  improvement  this  team  made  f  i 
November  to  March  -  staggering.  Tef ! 
that  destroyed  us  early  in  the  season  \f 
struggling  when  they  played  us  in  late 
February  and  March.  That  was  evider 
when  we  beat  Nichols  school  in  Buffal  ( 
February  in  a  key  game  -  as  their  coa 
said  to  me  that  we  were,  "a  very 
disciplined  group  of  players." 

2.  Defeating  Crescent  in  front  of  200  c 
their  fans  at  their  'hockey  day'  in  a  do-  - 
die  game  for  the  final  CISAA  play-off 
spot... we  won,  6-3. 

1 .  Narrowly  losing  to  eventual  the 
eventual  CISAA  champions  in  the  qua3' 
finals  -  we  really  were  the  most  improN 
team  in  the  league!  DG  i 

U12  hluak-jy 

:  Row  :  Aiden  Bradley,  Jack  Kensit,  Owen  Laffey,  Ryan  Lindsay,  Andrew  Boland,  Christian  D'Alessandro, 

)nd  Row:  Adam  Darvay-Cannavor,  Mr.  Chris  Papalia  Esq.,  Nolan  Michelberger,  Andy  Han,  Justin  Aquin,  Thomas  Childerhose,  Arya  Mizrahi, 
;hall  Moore,  Coulson  Link,  Sam  Ashton,  Bill  Starke,  Spence  Berman,  Mr.  Ben  Kitagawa  Esq.,  Justin  Cheung,  Cam  McArthur 

e  inaugural  year  of  St.  Andrew's 
3ge  U12  hockey,  Mr.  Papalia  and  I 
J  put  in  charge  of  the  youngest 
cey  players  at  the  school.  Since  Mr. 
alia  and  I  are  the  shortest  teachers 
e  school,  this  seemed  like  a  natural 
,fter  try  outs,  and  seeing  the  quality 
jr  players,  we  knew  we  had  a  team 
could  compete  in  this  league, 
e  the  year  started  off  with  a  loss  to 
JOG  grade  5's,  we  then  went  on  a  7 
le  undefeated  streak  which  included 
1  win  in  a  rematch  with  the  UCC  5's. 
le  end  of  the  regular  season,  we 
5  ranked  2nd  in  the  league  with  a  7  - 
1  record.  In  the  playoffs,  we  beat 
5  in  the  quarter  final  and  met  the 
)  Grade  5  Team  in  the  semifinal.  We 
leeded  to  beat  them  again  and  gain 
e  swagger  going  into  the 
npionship  game,  were  we  lost  7-0. 
ke  to  thank  our  student  coaches, 
m  DC  and  Cam  McArthur  for  their 
rt  throughout  the  year,  and  our 
9tics  department,  Mr.  Bedard,  Mr. 
ining  and  Mrs.  Bedard  for  their 
ind  the 

scenes  work  to 

Front  Row:  Mr.  Lawrence  DeMello  Esq.,  Jordan  Carter,  Angelis  Prattas,  Jonathan  Femi-Cole, 
Cole  Sopik,  Michael  Marcantognini,  Alex  Bowlin 
iMiddle  Row:  Coach  Gad  Perlmutter,  Mr.  Sean  Ludwig  Esq. 

Back  Row:  Rahim  Ladak,  Quinton  Gray,  Daniel  Cummings,  Chris  Egi,  Malcolm  Carter,  Tyler  Plummer, 
Jackson  Redmond,  Michael  Mardini 
Absent:  Mr.  Claude  Nembhard 

This  year  was  another  very  exciting  year  for  the  1st  Basketball  program  at  St.  Andrew's.  It  has  been  incredible  to  see  the 
evolution  of  the  program,  and  this  year  was  the  most  talented  team  to  take  to  the  court  for  St.  Andrew's  in  a  long  time.  As  a 
^^result,  there  were  many  highlights  to  the  team's  season. 
,-  Tournament  Finalists  at  the  CAIS  National  Tournament,  SAC  Invitational,  and  Guy  Vetrie  Invitational 

-  Honourable  mention  in  the  GTA  'Super  Sixteen'  for  the  first  time  in  school  history 
Recognition  provincially  and  nationally,  including  visits  from  several  NCAA  Division  1  schools 

-  Bedard  Gym  was  packed  on  a  regular  basis  to  watch  the  team  play  thank  you  to  all  of  the  fans  for  supporting  us  at  all  of  the 
home  games,  especially  at  the  annual  'Spirit  Night'  game 

-  The  team  is  inching  closer  than  ever  to  the  goal  of  being  the  first  team  to  represent  SAC  at  OFSAA,  and  the  returning  playe 
our  program  should  use  this  as  motivation  to  continue  improving,  and  something  to  strive  to  achieve  next  season. 

I  want  to  thank  our  two  managers,  Michael  Mardini  and  Alex  Bowlin,  for  their  great  work  this  year  with  the  team.  They  both  d 
fantastic  job  this  year  tracking  statistics,  capturing  game  footage,  and  even  updating  the  fans  on  Twitter. 

Thank  you  to  all  of  the  Seniors  for  their  contributions  to  our  program.  -  SL 



Front  Row:  Ryan  Neiman,  Aman  Nasser,  Evan  Sheridan,  Arya  Ashoori 
Middle  Row:  Mr.Michael  Carroll  Esq.  Sean  Huang,  Brett  Tomlinson,  Ja 
William  White, 

Back  Row:  Chris  Merchant,  Darien  Arscott,  Peter  Godber 
Missing:  Tom  Wu 

Season  Highlights 
Season  record:  7-6 

Gold  medalists  at  the  St  Mary's  Invitational  tournament 
Bronze  medalists  at  the  Rockway  Invitational  tournament 
First  CISAA  Division  2  playoff  appearance 

Your  201 3  JV  Saints  will  be  remembered  for  their  physical jjawtnafi'ce  on  the  court  and 
their  flair  for  dramatic  fourth  quarter  comebacks, -Afterstarting  the  season  with  a  0-3 
record,  your  JV  Saints  proceeded  to  win  eleven  of  the  next  thirteen  games  including  a 
bronze  medal  at  the  Rockway  Invitational  tournament  and  a  gold  medal  at  the  St.  Mary's 
Invitational  tournament.  The  determination,  character,  and  heart  displayed  by  these 
young  men  throughout  this  season  was  clearly  evident  in  our  first  Tier  2  playoff  game 
at  Bayview  Glen.  With  a  "bend  but  don't  break"  mentality,  we  battled  defensively  while 
Ryan  Neiman  sparked  a  struggling  offence  by  draining  12  of  his  29  points  in  the  fourth 
quarter.  Trailing  by  1 1  points  with  1 :03  remaining  in  regulation,  Evan  Sheridan  nailed 
three  three-pointers  to  close  the  gap  to  two  points  before  the  incredible  comeback  ran 
out  of  time. 

I  would  like  to  thank  the  following  seniors  for  their  hard  work  and  dedication  this  season: 
Brett  Tomlinson,  Peter  Qodber,  Arya  Ashoori,  Evan  Sheridan,  Aman  Nasser,  Ryan 
Neima'fr;  Sean  Huang,-W4lJiam  White,  and  Darien  Arscott.  MC 

Front  Row:  Charles  Coppa,  Harry  Yang,  Aaron  Sum,  Brandon  Hayott,  Au 
Jimmy  Huang 

Back  Row:  Mr.Cameron  Eby  Esq.  Burak  Yalcin,  Byron  Mawaya,  Dylan  V 
Blair  Xu 

Jack  Turner,  Joshua  Carter. 

en,  Evan  Forth,  James  Michaelis, 

ina  thi  coa 

This  season  I  had  the  privilege  of  being  tha  coach  Jf  the  U-1 6A  basketball  team.  Our  league  was  clearty 
divided  into  the  Haves  and  the  Have  Not'l;  with  no  surprise  St.  Andrew's  was  firmly  part  of  the  Have's. 
Throughout  the  season,  we  experienced  bur  share  of  success,  most  namely  winning  the  St.  Andrew's 
Invitational  Tournament  at  the  junior  divisibn.  The  steady  leadership  and  versatility  of  our  Captain  Aaron 
Sum  was  crucial  to  our  free  flowing  offense.  He  emerged  as  someone  who  could  identify  what  the  team 
needed  during  the  game  and  go  out  and  get  the  job  done,  often  helping  to  provide  the  lesilience  a  good 
team  desperately  needs.  Then  there  was  our  deadly  duo,  and  the  best  backcourt  in  our  league.  Josh 
Carter  and  Brandon  Haryott.  It's  hard  to  identify  the  success  of  one  without  highlighting  the  other.  Josh 
is  a  steady  defensive  stalwart  and  an  unselfish  pass  first  point  guard.  Josh  ran  our  offense  masterfully, 
got  others  involved,  and  wanted  to  guard  the  other  team's  best  player.  Brandon  was  less  disciplined  on 
defense,  but  to  his  credit  his  gambles  and  reaches  often  forced  turnovers  or  a  seat  on  the  bench.  But  it 
is  Brandon's  offensive  game  that  sets  him  apart,  he  can  flat  out  score.  He's  in  range  anywhere  over  half 
court  and  he  carried  our  team  offensively  during  many  garties.  Then  there  was  Austin  Hassani,  our  team 
MVP,  our  heart,  our  leader.  He  provided  us  with  big  playis  when  we  needed  them,  he  left  everything  and 
more  on  the  court  every  game.  He  improved  his''3  point  shooting,  his  dribble  attack  and  his  post-game. ' 
There  were  few  players  in  the  league  that  corftbined  his  strength  and  believe  it  or  not,  his  speed.  "Vou 
can  tell  Austin  is  a  well-trained  multisport  ath)^  as  he  doesn't  fit  the  mold  of  a  traditional  basketball 
player.  He  doesn't  shy  away  from  contact^ Jiitkt^pite  my  pleas  from  the  sideline  he  whips  passes  the 
length  of  the  court  with  ease.  When  buF-team  was  down  he  helped  lift  us  back  up.  his  energy  and  emotion 
was  what  set  him  apart  as  the  key  to  our  success.  "Big  Body"  Burak  Yalcin  was  our  team  MIP.  He 
learned  quickly,  used  all  of  his  fouls  and  brought  with  him  a  lot  of  Turkish  flair.  Our  team  was  a  young 
team,  and  I  look  fbnward  to  bringing  back  a  number  of  key  players  to  make  another  run  at  it  after  a  summer 
full  of  hard  work!  Thank  you  to  all  member  of  the  team  for  a  great  year.  CE 

By  most  accounts,  the  U 
Basketball  season  was  succes: 
The  goal  of  our  program  is  to  pron 
individual  and  team  development, 
dictum,  'work  hard,  play  hard'  was' 
appropriate  to  this  group  of  yo 
athletes.  There  wasn't  a  practice  wt 
we  didn't  have  a  laugh  or  two! 

Our  season  record  was  6-6.  After  e 
start,  the  team  worked  hard  and 
our  last  5  games.  We  had  a  great 
against  VilTanova  at  the  quarter  f 
and  ended  with  an  unfortunate  los 
the  eventual  champions  De  La  S 
Without  doubt  our  main  goal  was  i 
and  for  that  we  owe  additional  thf 
to  Mr.  Sean  Ludwig  who  he 
educated  us  on  team  defense 

Although  we  were  not  champions, 
Jakubovic  and  I  thank  all  playerj 
their  contributions  to  this  year  s 
A  special  shout-out  to  assistant  caf 
John  Polemediotis,  and  to  Caf 
Kunal  Khemani  for  their  valu 
contributions  this  season.  JL 

measures  your  success  by 
id  losses,  then  it  is  clear  that 
jer  14  basketball  team  is  one 
least  successful  teams  this 
was  obvious  early  on  that  the 
;rs  of  this  team  were  not  as 
not  as  experienced  and  not 
IS  their  opponents.  At  this  time 
/s  had  a  choice  to  make.  To 
edit  they  chose  to  give  their 
ist  in  every  game.  It  was  quite 
in  for  the  opposing  coaches  to 
!nt  on  the  team's  tenacity  and 
ination  regardless  of  the  result 
scoreboard.  So  the  players 
)  define  success  as  the 
:ment  to  hard  work  and 
3  to  teammates  when  game 
ns  became  difficult.  Using  this 
)n,  this  year's  Under  14 
Dal!  team  had  much  success. 
i\  highlight  of  the  season  was 
ation  to  participate  in  a  Can- 
irnament  in  Houston,  Texas. 
•am  travelled  south  in  late 
/  and  was  excited  to  arrive  in 
/vith  the  temperature  at  a  lofty 
ees  Celsius.  During  their  visit, 
ad  a  chance  to  visit  the 
n  Space  Center  and  travel  to 
ton  on  the  shores  of  the  Gulf 
CO.  The  boys  were  billeted  by 
5  from  our  host  school  and 
meed  some  wonderful  Texan 
lity.  I  would  like  to  thank  Mr. 
or  his  assistance  and  all  the 
for  being  such  great 
sadors  for  SAC. 

U14  Basketball 


Front  Row:  Mr.  David  Josselyn  Esq.,  Branson  Johnson,  Warren  Zhang,  Galium  Macpherson,  Nicholas  Badali, 
Mr.  Justin  Chow  Esq. 

Back  Row:  Mark  Polemidiotis,  Ewan  Fox,  Rickie  Tang,  Hashim  Baloch,  William  Wang,  Joshua  Dunn,  Leo  Li 

The  Under  13  Basketball  season 
started  on  a  very  bad  note.  We  lost 
our  starting  centre,  for  the  entire 
season,  after  one  game  to  a  broker 
leg.  Our  league  had  many  very  goo 
teams  in  it  and  winning  games  was 
very  challenging.  Despite  losing  all 
games  for  the  first  half  of  the  seaso 
the  boys  showed  true  grit  and 
determination  and  we  finally  won  oi 
first  game  late  in  January.  We  then 
entered  the  CMS  national  tournamf 
where  we  won  the  consolation 
championship  with  5  wins  in  3  days 
competition.  Our  championship 
banner  hangs  proudly  on  the  wall 
behind  you. 

Mr.  Chau  and  I  would  like  to 
congratulate  every  player  on  the  te^ 
as  they  each  improved  remarkably 
from  the  beginning  of  the  year. 
Congratulations  gentleman.  DJ 

irt  o(  a  very  exciting  meeting  a  couple 
en  we  were  officially  told  about  tfie  introduction 
ade  5  program  at  St.  Andrew's.  The  plan 
J  particularly  sweet  to  me  as  the  U12 
all  coach.  I  had  visions  of  tryouts  with  25-30 
m  both  grades  fighting  for  positions  on  the 
his  vision  was  short-lived,  however,  as  the 
n  that  caught  my  attention  at  that  meeting  was 
duction  of  the  U12  Hockey  team  .  . .  Now  U12 
is  a  fantastic  program  as  you'll  hear  later  this 
,  and  I  am  more  than  happy  to  share  our 
young  athletes,  but  it  did  create  a  slightly 
reality  for  U12  Basketball;  As  it  turned  out  I 
/  lucky  to  have  15  enthusiastic  young  men  try 
ie  team.  I  kept  them  all  and  we  entered  the 
in  with  a  roster  made  up  of  6  players  from 
and  9  players  from  grade  5.  Despite  the  youth 
:perience  on  the  team,  speed,  strength,  and 
e  never  really  an  issue  as  our  boys  always  did 
i  by  playing  their  hearts  out  with  a  style  that 
1  ferocious  defence  and  exciting  scoring  plays; 
nd  of  the  season,  we  were  seeing  points  put 
most  all  of  our  players  from  outside  shots,  hard 
1  the  hoop,  and  accurate  free  throws.  The  one 
'  challenge  that  we  couldn't  overcome  was 
Ing.  Our  big  men  under  the  basket  always 
to  be  fighting  for  rebounds  against  players 
e  6  or  8  inches  taller,  and  this  would  prove  to 
ndoing  on  many  occasions.  Regardless,  we 
aged  to  keep  most  of  our  games  close  thanks 
forts  of  all  of  our  players;  our  point  guards, 
latthew,  and  Michael;  our  shooting  guards 
i,  Chris  Yi,  and  Billy;  our  small  forwards 
Bryce,  and  Dillon;  our  power  fonwards  Jacky, 
and  Alex;  and  our  centres,  Alexei,  Brendan, 
3.  Well  done  boys!  SL 

U  J2  EimlVdi'i^ 

Front  Row:  Billy  Sun,  Alexei  Lisin,  Ryan  Sutherland-Pace,  Cole  Nip,  Dorian  Jones,  Bryce  Neil,  Dillon  Appelbe, 
I  Jacky  Guo 

Back  Row:  Connor  Broekaert,  Brendan  Dilworth,  Chris  Yi,  Alex  Krylov,  Chris  Liu,  Matthew  Sun,  Michael  Sun, 
I  Mr.  Scott  Lewis  Esq. 

1  St  Swimming 

Lead  by  our  strong  Captain,  Keaton  Ward  and  Assistant  captains,  IVIatthew  Clian  and 
Aaron  Leung,  and  team  manager,  Alex  Auger,  our  U16,  JV  and  1st  teams  were 
confident,  strong  and  very  successful  tfiis  year. 

The  season  started  strong  with  Justin  McNamara  breaking  our  school  record  in  the  200 
freestyle.  Along  came  the  CISAA  Championship  in  Mid-  February  at  the  University  of 
Toronto,  when  Keaton  Ward  brol<e  the  school  record  in  the  100  breaststroke  for  the  first 
time.  Swimmers  had  very  strong  performances  with  our  senior  boys  team  placing  2nd 
and  our  Junior  (U16)  boys  winning  the  championship.  Our  young  team  had  results  that 
surprised  the  swimmers  themselves:  New  swimmers  to  the  team,  David  Hastings-Grgas, 
JongHoon  Kim  and  Rambod  Rezaie  had  outstanding  races  that  were  not  only  personal 
bests  but  were  also  point  scorers,  contributing  greatly  to  the  Championship  win! 
From  this  meet,  we  had  1 1  OFSAA  QUALIFIERS.  Our  Junior  and  Senior  boys  were 
small  teams  of  5  and  6,  which  were  fierce  and  feared  by  the  other  teams.  Both  teams 
again,  had  outstanding  swims  and  placed  3rd  and  4th  respectively. 
From  this  meet,  we  had  1 1  OFSAA  QUALIFIERS.  Our  Junior  and  Senior  boys  were 
small  teams  of  5  and  6,  which  were  fierce  and  feared  by  the  other  teams.  Keaton  Ward 
won  triple  gold  in  the  100  breaststroke,  4x50  Freestyle  relay  and  Medley  relay,  which 
was  a  thrilling  race  from  start  to  finish.  Justin  McNamara  also  won  triple  gold  in  the 
100backstroke,4x50  Freestyle  relay  and  Medley  relay,  Mark  Chan  won  silver  in  the  100 
IM,  along  with  Gerardo  Gadsden  and  alternate  Matthew  Chan,  all  were  part  of  the  2 
senior  relay  teams  who  took  home  gold.  Our  junior  boy's  200  Medley  team  (Jason  Li, 
Justin  Lee,  Cedric  Lau,  and  Elliott  Powers,  Alternate  Russell  Cheng)  and  4x50  free  relay 
team  (  Elliott  Powers,  Juan  Carlos  Artigas,  Jason  Li,  Cedric  Lau  and  Alternate-Russell 
Cheng)  took  home  silver  and  bronze  medals.  Cedric  Lau  .also  won  the  bronze  medal  for 
the  Jr.  Boys  50  breaststroke.  Overall,  the  boys  placed  3rd  and  4th  respectively. 
Honorable  mention  goes  to  Jason  Li  who  won  his  race  at  CISAA  and  then  placed  7th  in 
the  Jr.  50bk. 

Thank  you  to  our  new  assistant  coach:  Mr.  Trevisan,  we  could  not  have  accomplished  all 
that  we  did  without  your  support,  knowledge  and  brilliant  coaching.  Hosting  meets  is  a 
very  daunting  task.  Thank  you  as  well  to  all  of  the  lifeguards,  volunteers,  staff,  faculty 
and  I.T.  who  assisted  with  hosting  our  meets.  Thank  you  and  congratulations. 

First  Row:  Christine  McCue  Esq.,  Young  Woo  Jin,  Brian  Wang,  Estanislao  de  la  Torre  Garcia, 
Gerardo  Gadsden  Gonzalez,  Willian  Liang,  Matthew  Chan,  Matt  Trevisan  Esq. 

Second  Row:  Aaron  Leung,  Tim  Chuk,  Aidan  Bertolas,  Luke  Simpson,  Keaton  Ward,  David  Zu,  Mark  Chan 
Absent:  Justin  McNamara 

Our  MS  swimmers  this  year  were  full  of  energy  and  tfie  desire  to  improve  ttieir 
swimming  tectiniques.  They  worked  hard  at  each  practice,  were  determined  to 
improve  their  strokes  and  times  throughout  the  season,  and  finished  with  more 
than  twenty  top-ten  finishes  at  the  CISAA  championships.  This  is  quite 
impressive  given  that  our  students  compete  against  schools  where  the  majority  of 
their  team  is  made  up  of  club  swimmers. 

We  are  very  excited  to  see  what  our  younger  swimmers  can  accomplish  as  they 
get  bigger,  faster,  and  stronger  in  the  next  few  years.  We  also  hope  that  all  of  our 
grade  eights  continue  swimming  with  Ms.  McCue  and  Mr.  Trevisan  next  year. 

Some  of  our  season  highlights  Included: 

Personal  best  times  by  every  swimmer  at  every  meet  that  they  competed  in  all 

All  of  our  athletes  learning  to  streamline,  dive,  flip  turn,  and  breath  successfully 
which  was  a  huge  accomplishment  for  our  boys  given  that  many  of  them  were 
new  to  the  sport. 

Some  of  our  swimmers  interesting  use  for  items  acquired  from  the  pool's  lost  & 

And  the  ever-popular  granola  bars  thoughtfully  provided  by  the  Dining  Hall  for  all 
of  our  bus  rides  home  from  the  various  competitions. 


tmm  Squash 



The  1  St  Squash  Team  has  h, 
a  great  run  with 
championship  seasons  in 
row.  We  knew  the  chances 
extending  the  streak  one  mc 
year  would  be  very  tougli,  V 
graduated  4  players  and  th 
had  to  face  the  devastating  lo 
of  Josh  Mahfood,  our  c 
captain,  at  Christmas  due  to 
injury.  So,  effectively  we  had 
rebuild  with  only  4  of  9  returni 
players.  But  this  is  what  hi 
school  squash  is  all  abo 
giving  the  opportunity  to  you 
players  to  step  up  and  compf 
at  the  1st  team  level.  So,  w 
this  being  a  rebuilding  year,  > 
did  very  well  finishing  in  seco 
place  to  Nichols  School  bv 
score  of  92-87. 

So,  the  winning  streak  |- 
come  to  an  end  after 
seasons,  but  that  just  moc 
we  have  a  chance  to  set  a  n 
record  and  that  starts  n 
year.  Looking  ahead  to  n 
season  we  are  graduating  o 
2  of  our  top  9.  This  is  a  gr 
sign.  As  a  squash  progr 
from  U1 4  to  1  St  we  are  alw; 
rebuilding  from  within 
school.  We  have  some  gc 
players  coming  up,  but  we 
always    looking    for  m 

:  players.  So,  if  you  are  a  te 
sports  guy  looking  to  try 
individual  sport,  or  you  an 

I  vnunn  .student  who  ha.<?  not 

Back  Row:  Mr.  Steve  Rush  Esq.  Aidan  Calverley,  Andy  lee,  Matthew  Guizzetti,  Karim  Po| 
William  Allen,  Jackie  Wong,  Henry  Hsieh,  Jaewoo  Kang, 

Front  Row:  Kevin  Chong,  Francois  Yoshida-Are,  Joshua  Mahfood,  Alex  Seto,  Adrian  Go) 
Graeme  Allison,  Scott  Elliott 
Missing:  Edric  Wong,  Hans  Weng  MinHyuk  Ji 

found  his  sport,  or  you 
looking  for  a  great  crc 
training  sport  to  keep  fit  c 
the  winter,  we  are  alw 
looking  for  new  guys  at  thai 
and  U16  levels.  Try  out  r 
year.  SR 

U16  squash  team  tried 
hing  different  this  year.  With  . 
yers  on  the  squad  and  only' 
3  to  play  in  any  of  our  league  ' 
5ts,  we  decided  to  go  with  ] 
en  teams.  Each  team  played  j 
f  of  our  six  fixtures.  This' 
id  in  pretty  intense  ^ 
itition  for  those  in  the  bottom  I 
our  rankings,  but  it  ensured  ! 
Diaying  time  arid  fairly  equal ! 
ipment  for  everyone  on  the  ! 

Despite  the  obvious ' 
antage,  we  still  finished ! 
1  play  with  a  winning  record  , 
natch  wins  and  36  losses.  ] 
3w  we  would  be  in  for  a  close  ; 
ithUCC  in  the  CISAA  finals,  i 
I,  because  both  of  our  match  j 
ainstthem  were  6-4  losses. . 
final  tournament  each  team  \ 
only  their  top  7  athletes, 
for  St.  Andrew's  were:  { 

Krishnan  at  #1 
96  at  #2 
/lackey  at  #3 
5hin  at  #4 
Math  at  #5 
fj  Crawford  at  #6 
iuchan  at  #7 

)minated  at  the  top  three 
going  undefeated 
hout  the  entire  CiSAA 
ment.  However,  we  lacked 
depth  to  match  this 
nance  at  the  lower  ranks, 
a  full  day  of  some  great 
T  played  by  all  teams,  the 
5sult  came  down  to  a  one 
lifferential  between  us  and 
UCC  took  their  first  U16 
1  CISSA  title  in  over  a 
3  by  a  score  of  58  to  57. 
gh  a  heartbreaking  loss,  all 
athletes  can  be  proud  of  their 
work  and  dedication 
hout  the  season.  MS 


Back  Row:  Jose  Pablo  Anaya  Villar,  Nickolas  Bell,  Justin  Laird,  Drake  Porter,  John  Little, 
Mohamed  Alghamdi,  Adamo  D'Angelo 
I  Middle  Row:  Mr.  Mark  Service  Esq.  Ryan  Gold,  Mikel  Lanzagorta  Murlllo,  Dhruv  Krishnan, 
Andrew  Crawford,  Eugenic  Olhovich  Simon,  John  Buchan,  Nikhil  Nath 
Front  Row:  Ji  Sang  Jeon,  Mark  Mackey,  Tiger  Xu,  Alex  Solorzano,  Alex  Lee,  Ryan  Shin, 
Cole  Macgregor 

U 1 4  Squash 


r\  o  \j  •  ■  n  r> 

ROW:William  Shields,  Cleander  Yu,  Jonah  Pawluk,  Donald  Kwok,  Oscar  Qi, 
an  Tse,  Jean-Phillippe  McCluskey 

ND  ROW:  Mr.  Stanley  Lee,  Darrian  Spampinato,  Ben  Paul  Jiang,  Victor  Li,  Michael 
gs-Grgas,  Donald  Carswell,  Joshawa  Ri,  Mr.  Nick  Priore 

The  2012-13  season  had  thirteen  boys 
on  the  fencing  team.  We  had  eight  new 
members  joining  this  year  including 
experienced  fencers  Jean-Philippe 
McClusl<ey,  Victor  Li,  and  Cleander  Yu. 
Michael  Hastings-Grgas  captained  the 
team  for  a  second  year.  Team  members 
competed  at  several  individual  and  team 
foil  tournaments.  At  our  annual  St 
Andrew's  Fencing  Challenge  the  A-team 
(Michael  HG,  JP  McCluskey,  Ken 
Zheng)  won  Gold  in  Division  A.  The  B- 
team  (Joshua  Ri,  Victor  Li.  Jonathan 
Tse)  won  a  Silver  medal  in  Division  B.  At 
the  Arc  Angels  OFFSA  invitational  the  A- 
team  (Michael  HG,  JP  Mcluskey,  Donald 
Carswell,  Joshua  Ri)  won  Gold,  and  the 
B-team  (Victor  Li,  Jonathan  Tse. 
Cleander  Yu,  Ken  Zheng)  won  the 
Bronze  medal.  The  MVP  is  Michael 
Hastings-Grgas  and  MIP  is  Oscar  Qi. 
The  team  had  great  results  and  we  look 
forward  to  many  more  duels 

tsf  Alpine  Skiing 

prospects  for  this  2012-13  season.  The  leai 
certainly  the  deepest  that  we  have  had  in 
years  and  we  seemed  poised  to  have  all 
pieces  in  place  to  mal<e  a  really  strong  run  a, 
CISAA  championship  which  has  eluded  us  lo 
last  few  years. 

There  was  only  one  thing  missing.  Snow,  Di 
poor  conditions  we  were  forced  to  cancel  almo; 
of  our  on  hill  practices  which  really  put  our 
experienced  skiers  at  a  disadvantage.  Despili 
setback,  however,  our  racers  worked  extremel 
in  all  of  our  dry-land  training  sessions  which  fo( 
on  core  strength,  agility,  and  balance.  This  cer 
gave  them  an  edge  when  it  came  to  race 
Immediately  our  JV  teams  demonstrated  thai 
were  the  team  to  beat.  Fueled  by  outsia 

First  Row:  Ian  Chappel  (Manager),  Joseph  Manchia,  Kevin  Leslie,  Geoffrey  Wei,  John  Sandham, 
Marc  Romanin,  Roland  Hyncht,  Will  Pidduck,  David  Zulian 

Second  Row:  Mr.  Day  Esq.,  Will  Thompson,  Andrew  Clark,  Ben  Elliot,  Victor  Reshetnikov,  Alec  Mulder, 
Cameron  Lawrence,  Zipeng  Wang,  David  Pierson,  Mr.  Inglis  Esq. 

U14  Alpine  Skiing 

ly  4  returning  racers 
;t  season,  it  seemed  as 
this  would  be  a 
ng  year  for  the  U14 
Ski  Team!  However,  with 
ition  of  5  new  boys  that 
competitively  for  various 
the  Collingwood  area 
n  had  the  potential  to 
^e  for  top  spot  at  each  of 
yidual  races. 

nately,  this  season  our 
f  night  training  sessions 
It  short  due  to  poor 
'  conditions!  However, 
he  fact  that  over  half  the 
ced  with  their  outside 
the  weekends,  the  boys 
epared  and  ready  to 
e  every  Wednesday.  The 
I  the  team  should  be  very 
f  their  third  place  finish 
Z\SAA  championships. 


f  4 

First  Row:  Marcelo  Perez  Tobias,  Tristan  Tsvetanov,  Vicente  Tricio-Sesma 
Second  Row:  Logan  Ward,  Beto  Simon  Baz,  Jolin  Joseph  Mitchell, 
Ben  Kastelyanets,  Liam  Smith 

Third  Row:  Curtis  Lai,  Louis  Tsoi  (Kwol<),  llya  Zaretskly,  Genaro  Borrego  Simon, 
Eli  Elizundia  Domit,  Jack  Irwin 

Forth  Row:  Mr.  Adam  Kowaltschuk  Esq.,  Tobias  DIeckmann,  Jacob  King, 
Andrew  Ladouceur,  Kenny  Wu,  Mr.  Brian  McCue  Esq. 

Fifth  Row:  Ben  Harrison,  Scott  Wood,  Jin  Hyunk  Yu,  Jack  Bahen,  Austin  Valjas 

Despite  a  late  snow  and  a  lack  of  public  scnool 
participation  this  year,  the  CIS  Nordic  Sl<i  program  continue( 
push  on  with  determination  and  ambition.  Twenty-three  yoi 
men  from  Grade  8  to  Grade  1 2  took  part  in  what  was  one  of 
most  demanding,  and  most  successful  Nordic  seasons  in 
Andrew's  history.  The  late  snowfall  allowed  us  to  focus  thef 
SIX  weeks  on  our  fitness  training.  We  became  very  good  frier 
with  the  Insanity  workout  programs  as  well  as  running  throi 
the  local  trails  and  working  on  our  hill  training  at  the  Aurora  v 
tower.  The  lack  of  public  school  teams  racing  worked  in 
favour,  as  it  allowed  us  to  gain  a  higher  profile  with  the  local 
clubs  and  University  teams  around  Ontario.  Our 
participated  in  a  number  of  high  school  races,  as  well  as 
Ontario  Provincial  championship  race  held  at  Duntrt 
Highlands  Nordic  centre.  For  the  first  time  in  over  a  dozen  ye; 
St.  Andrew's  hosted  the  CIS  Championship  race  at  our  i 
training  club  at  Hardwood  Hills,  and  we  were  proud  to  b 
home  both  the  Junior  and  Senior  Boys  Team  Trophies  for  20 
Our  team  members  gave  a  solid  effort  throughout  the  train 
season,  whether  working  out  in  the  Cadet  range  afterschool 
training  on  snow  at  Hardwood  Hills.  As  usual,  our  first  yearski 
equaled  the  number  of  veteran  skiers  on  the 
Nevertheless,  our  team  raised  the  bar  to  the  highest  level  e\ 
with  members  competing  at  local  club  races,  Ontario  Cup  rac 
and  Provincial  biathlon  races.  Andrew  Ladouceur  led  Biath 
Team  Ontano  at  the  national  championships  at  Val  Cart 
Quebec  and  just  last  week,  Austin  Valjas  raced  at  the  Canad 
Nordic  Championship  races  in  Whistler  SC.  This  season 
saw  many  exemplary  young  men  pursue  excellence  throi 
the  Nordic  ski  program.  Our  Junior  Team  Champions  consis 
of  first  year  skiers  Liam  Smith,  and  Inigo  Elizundia  alongs 
veteran  skiers  Ben  Kastelyanets,  Logan  Ward  and  Au 
Valjas.  Our  Senior  team  consisted  of  first  year  skiers  Jacob  ¥ 
and  Tobias  DIeckmann,  alongside  veteran  skiers  Ben  Harris 
John  Joseph  Mitchell  and  Scott  Wood.  Veterans  and  newsk 
alike  gave  their  full  effort  to  achieve  championship  r 
season.  We  would  like  to  recognize  our  graduating  stud 
Scott  Wood  and  Team  Captain  John  Joseph  Mitchell, 
lads  were  the  heart  of  the  team  and  provided  unbeliev^ 
leadership.  We  will  certainly  miss  you  both..  AK  &  BM 


it  Row:  Dr.  David  Joiner  Esq.,  Felix  Wong,  Thomas  Sinclair,  Aaron  DeGagne,  Michael  Chiang  (Boys 
)),  Mrs.  Melissa  Ramon  Esq. 

ond  Row  :  Brandon  Coverdale  (Open  Skip),  Dong-Geun  Cho,  Joel  Lat,  Jordan  Brown,  Angus  Lee 
sing:  Zakir  Virani,  Nicholas  Chow 

r's  curling  Saints  began  tine  year  with  great  promise.  Botti  line  Boys  and  Open  division  teams  saw  t 
players  come  bacl<  to  fill  their  ranks.  In  fact,  we  only  welcomed  two  new  curlers  to  the  sport  this 
lile  both  those  new  curlers  became  contributors  to  the  team  in  their  turn,  it  was  the  hard  work  and 
in  of  the  veterans  and  their  willingness  to  embrace  some  new  and  sometimes  unorthodox  coaching 
that  made  the  season  such  an  ovenwhelming  success. 

AA  pre-season  bonspiel  gave  us  a  good  look  at  the  competition,  and  an  opportunity  to  give  the 
jps  a  try  before  beginning  regular  season  play.  Your  Saints  played  well,  and  brought  home  every 
hardware  available  to  them,  including  the  top  two  skills  competition  teams,  and  1st  and  second 
'erall.  It's  the  fourth  consecutive  win  for  St.  Andrew's  at  the  opening  bonspiel. 
CISAA  league  play,  we  were  the  dominant  force  in  both  divisions,  with  both  teams  going  undefeated 
sason  (rink  Chiang  had  a  perfect  record).  Although  it  seemed  like  completing  a  perfect  season  by 
the  final  CISAA  bonspiel  should  be  easy,  I  had  been  overconfident  before  in  this  situation,  and 
at  it  can  all  fall  apart  in  the  CISAA  finals.  Despite  a  set  of  final  games  that  kept  both  coaches 
,  and  pacing  the  floor,  your  curling  Saints  captured  CISAA  gold  in  both  divisions,  a  feat  that  has 
accomplished  by  any  other  school  to-date! 

CISAA  gold  medals  confidently  around  their  necks,  our  Boys  division  team  of  Michael  Chiang, 
eGagne,  Felix  Wong,  Jordan  Brown  and  Brandon  Coverdale  as  alternate  looked  ahead  to  the 
championship  in  Ottawa.  Once  again,  based  on  our  league  record,  we  were  placed  in  a  very 
ive  pool,  with  the  eventual  second  and  third  place  teams  in  the  province.  It  was  another  lesson  in 

but  an  excellent  chance  to  get  out  on  the  ice  with  the  best  in  Ontario.  Our  curlers  will  most  likely 
0  watch  the  Briar  some  day  and  say  that  they  hung  in  tough  with  the  best  in  Canada.  As  in  previous 
:ompetitions,  our  goal  was  to  win  more  ends  than  ever  before,  a  goal  that  we  were  able  to  surpass, 
nts  displayed  great  sportsmanship,  played  with  conviction  and  lost  with  grace,  winning  the  respect 
es,  officials  and  players  from  other  schools  and  we  are  incredibly  proud  of  their  accomplishment! 


's  Tour 

The  trip  was  once  again  a  huge  success.  We  began  in 
Normandy,  combing  through  countryside  where  the  l<ey  battles 
of  the  summer  of  1944  took  place.  We  visited  the  American 
Cemetery  at  Colville,  had  dinner  in  Le  Mesnil  Patry  with  some 
townspeople  who  were  liberated  by  the  Canadians  and  we  paid 
homage  to  those  lost  in  battle  in  a  candlelight  service  at  the 
Canadian  War  Cemetery  at  Beny  Sur  Mer. 

From  there  we  ventured  north  into  Belgium  where  we  toured  the 
sacred  sites  of  Ypres.  During  the  Menin  Gate  ceremony  (which 
occurs  daily),  Joseph  Shields  '15  was  asked  to  pipe  the  lament 
for  approximately  2,000  people.  This  was  a  significant 
undertaking  and  he  earned  many  compliments  from  the 

We  then  moved  in  the  Somme  area  where  we  toured  the 
trenches  of  Beaumont  Hamel,  the  site  of  the  Newfoundland 
Regiment's  fight  on  July  1 ,  1916.  From  there,  we  finished  the 
tour  at  the  most  famous  Canadian  site,  Vimy  Ridge.  This  was  an 
extraordinary  way  to  finish  a  glorious  tour. 

This  trip  remains  significant  because  the  young  Andreans  who 
take  this  tour  gain  an  understanding  of  the  finality  of  war  and  the 
idea  of  Remembrance.  And,  for  the  young  men  who  have  gone 
on  the  Tour  and  the  23  who  ventured  forth  this  year,  they  will 
work  hard  to  uphold  the  motto  of  the  #142  St.  Andrew's  College 
j^and  Cadet  Corps.  PS 


First  Row:  Hunter  Robertson,  Bernardo  Zavalva,  Kevin  Leslie,  Mario  Chiodo,  Jolin-Joseph  IVIitchell,  Walid  Siyam, 
Jeffery  Banwell,  Seth  Noris,  Justin  Ford,  Bo  Zhang,  Jose  Artigas 

Second  Row:  IVlac  Baker,  Will  Pidduck,  Alexander  Auger,  Jacob  King,  Jin  Hyunk  Yu,  Michael  Mardini,  Scott  Wood, 
Duncan  Robertson,  Seijin  Park,  Cole  Sopic. 

Third  Row:  Mr.  Greg  Shields  Esq.,  Young  Woo  Jin,  Sam  Salomon,  Khiari  Lespere,  Gerardo  Gadsden  Gonzalez,  Jacob 
Kearly,  Brandon  Beniot,  Rahim  Ladak,,  Galium  Green,  Fraser  Sopic,  Mr.  Jon  Butcher  Esq. 
IVIissing:  Ali  Aboozadeh,  Edward  Essue,  Lucas  Hussey  (Manager),  Steph  Koutsoukis  (therapi; 

at  a  season! 

CMS  National  tournament  was  hosted  on  Vancouver  Island  by  Shawnigan  Lake  school.  In  steady 
,  against  all  expectations,  and  with  only  14  players  standing  by  the  end  of  the  final,  we  came  away 
I  the  silver  medal  and  a  great  experience. 

uming  home  to  a  very  tough  CISAA  league  we  finished  tied  for  1st  place  having  lost  only  a  squeaker 
CS,  we  then  fought  our  way  past  UCC  to  an  amazing  CISAA  Final  against  TCS. 

I  may  recall  me  gushing  over  the  fantastic  game  we  played  to  win  last  year's  CISAA  championship  - 
ime  we  were  never  supposed  to  win,  but  did  win  because  of  great  defence.  This  season  was  in 
le  ways  even  better:  We  knew  we  had  the  better  offense  -  a  spectacularly  mobile  pack,  and  the 
est  set  of  backs  in  the  league,  and  a  very  strong  defense,  but  we  also  knew  that  ICS's  defense  was 
n  better  than  ours.  Unsurprisingly,  the  finals  were  one  of  the  closest  and  most  intense  games  rugby 
ever  seen.  Tied  at  8  a-piece  with  15  minutes  to  go  and  with  a  strong  wind  in  ICS's  favour,  we 
laged  to  keep  the  ball  in  the  ICS  half  for  the  final  15  minutes.  Every  time  ICS  got  it  they  would  kick 
)wnfield,  only  to  see  Mac  Baker  and  Justin  Ford  return  the  punt  back  to  the  ICS  half  where  we 
lid  work  it  back  up  to  their  22.  With  just  3  minutes  left  ICS  finally  gave  up  a  penalty  about  30  m  out. 
kick  into  the  stiff  wind  was  a  50-50  prospect  at  best,  but  in  the  end  championships  are  won  when 
r  best  players  play  at  their  best.  In  this  game  everyone  did,  including  Mac  Baker  who  drove  that  kick 
ight  through  the  uprights  for  the  win  and  a  glorious  back-to-back  championship  for  1 7  of  our  players. 

>  team  was  my  favourite  in  24  years  of  coaching.  Hard  working,  positive,  supportive,  and  very 

nted.  Ihey  are  proof  that  nice  guys  do  not  finish  last,  when  they  work  hard,  they  finish  first.  JB  &  GS 

First  Row:  Mohamed  Alghamdi,  Andrew  Mackin,  Liam  Joiner  (capt),  Ben  Thompson,  Joseph  Shields 
Second  Row:  Arthur  Chiu,  Eliott  Aimuina  Pica,  Victor  Reshetnikov,  Aadam  Ali,  Cayne  Lander 
Third  Row:  Mr.  Stuart  Swan  Esq.,  Owen  Luo,  Daniel  Paspalofski,  Ahmed  Izzeldin,  Nathan  Lee,  Mr 
Jamie  Inglis  Esq. 

Last  Row:  Victor  Said  Ramos,  Inigo  Elizundia,  Eugenio  Olovich  Simon,  Pedro  Ozores 

j14  Rugby  team 
)n:  for  the  first 
ve  were  split 
:heU13's  and 
der  grade  8's 
sent  up  to  play 
am  endeavored 
rn  the  game, 
ome  fears  of 
I  the  ball  into 
ct  and 
Dns  on  the  field, 
(s  to  all  the 
for  always 
g  fun  and  being 
)portive  of  each 
even  when  we 
found  ourselves 
game  after 
■  AK  &  LP 

First  Row:  Mr.  John  Clements  (Coach),  Dalton  Lehman,  Karim  Libien  Abouzaid,  Saajan  Sethi,  Sebastian  Giorgio. 
Mario  Vazquez.  Mark  Polemediotis 

Second  Row:  Tyler  Thomas,  Connor  LeClaire,  Wells  Karabin,  Emiliano  Ventosa  Pacheco,  Johnny  Yu,  Michael  Lakkotrypis, 
Mr.  Adam  Kowalchuk  Esq. 

Third  Row:  Josh  Dunn,  Greg  Vovtchenko,  Stathi  Douramakos,  Ben  Zhu,  Greg  Hoogers,  Cooper  Scullion-Smeenk. 
Tarun  Sethi 

Missing:  William  Wang  ,  Daniel  Kim,  Mr.  Lawrence  DeMello  Esc 

L/73  Rugby 

Front  Row:  Mr.Terry  Prezens  Esq.,  Sean  Denton,  Jacob  Crocker,  Sterling  Cochran,  Ben  van  Eeden,  Aidan  Bradley, 
Jacky  Quo,  Ms.Samantha  Scheepers  Esq. 

Second  Row:  Thomas  Childerhose,  Riley  Jackson,  James  Muenzenberger,  Hashim  Baloch,  Peter  Wu,  Jack  Davies 

The  U13  rugby  team's  season  can  be  characterized  as 
one  of  perseverance  and  resiliency.  Our  team,  comprised 
of  mainly  grade  6's  was  pitted  against  teams  much  larger 
and  faster.  Where  UCC  is  finding  all  these  160  pound,  12 
year  olds,  is  beyond  the  coaches.  While  we  had  some 
tough  losses,  what  always  emerged  was  an  enthusiasm 
for  the  game  and  a  desire  to  keep  playing.  In  our  first 
jw^tournament  at  UCC,  we  had  four  players  sustain  injuries 
^^which  took  them  out  of  the  game,  but  we  still  managed  to 
finish  the  match  one  man  short.  They  continue  to  remind 
|||us  coaches  what  sportsmanship  is  all  about.  At  the  CISAA 
l^-^finals,  the  refs  and  opposing  coaches  commented  how  our 
^'  ^boys  were  playing  "good  rugby,"  and  we  hope  to  build  on 
the  great  tries  and  tackles  we  had  seen  this  season  to 
improve  next  year.  For  making  great  progress  with  his 
tackling,  not  to  mention  the  ever-present  smile  on  his  face, 
this  season's  MIP  is  Thomas  Childerhose.  This  season's 
MVP,  goes  to  our  top  scorer,  and  most  fearless  player, 
Peter  Wu.  TP  &  SS 



Peter  Wu 


farsity  Bcidwinton 

It  Row:  Gary  Zhou,  Edric  Wong, Rex  Liu,  Billy  Wu,  Andre  Chan, 
am  Qui,  Jack  Park,  Eddie  He 

ond  Row:  Henry  Hsieh,  Evan  Moon,  Field  Tian,  Jason  Zhang, 
Joo,  Jae  Woo  Kang,  Douglas  Lee 
sing:  Mr.  Marke  Jones  Esq. 

Today  we  celebrate  the  success  of  our  season, 
say  good-bye  to  our  graduating  players,  and 
look  optimistically  towards  next  year.  As  for 
most  worthwhile  pursuits,  success  demands 
dedication,  discipline,  focus,  and  complete 
commitment.  Clearly  the  focus  of  our  season  is 
on  preparing  for  the  CISAA  Championship. 
Fluanting  our  season  record  -  as  good  as  it  was 

-  would  be  unduly  pretentious  because  the  skill 
level  in  our  league  is  so  diverse.  Year  in.  year 
out,  our  true  competition  comes  from  the  likes 
of  UCC,  RSGC,  SMC,  CS,  and  DLS. 

Last  week,  16  schools  sent  teams  to  the  CISAA 
Championship  tournament  at  Number  College. 
Each  team  fields  3  singles  players  and  2 
doubles  teams.  Both  individual  and  team 
awards  are  up  for  grabs.  I  would  be  remiss  if  I 
did  not  acknowledge  that  we  had  a  great  draw. 
We  could  see  that  if  everybody  brought  their  A- 
game,  all  of  our  players  could  make  to  the  final 
round.  That  is  exactly  what  happened.  When 
the  dust  settled,  the  individual  medal  count  was 
as  follows: 

Andre  Chan;  #1  Singles  Player  -  Gold 
Henry  Hsieh;  #2  Singles  Player  -  3rd  place 
Field  Tian;  #3  Singles  Player  -  Silver 
Jae  Woo  Kang  &  Douglas  Lee  #1  Double  Team 

-  Silver 

Jason  Zhang  &  Edric  Wong  #2  Doubles  Team  - 

For  the  overall  team  championship,  points  are 
awarded  based  on  a  players  final  standing.  In 
the  end  SAC  and  UCC  had  63  points  each.  We 
share  the  CISAA  Championship  with  UCC. 
A  special  thanks  to  our  development  players. 
Gary  Zhou,  Eric  Joo,  Eddie  He,  Rex  Liu,  and 
graduating  players  William  Qiu,  Evan  Moon, 
and  Jack  Park.  MJ 

U16  Badminton 


I  could  spend  the  next  two  minutes  tryi 
to  come  up  with  funny  one-liners  ab 
what  we  did  this  year,  but  then  I  decid 
nah,  what  happens  at  U16  Badmint 
stays  at  U16  Badminton. 

Once  the  team's  persistent  fear 
goggles  was  conquered,  we  began 
focus  our  attention  on  the  CISSA  fin; 
We  had  a  pretty  good  record  through 
the  season,  winning  some  match-i 
handily  so  went  in  to  the  tourname 
relatively  confident  that  we'd  walk  aw, 
with  some  medals;  and  we  did.  Silv 
medal  winners  include:  First  Double 
Justin  Lee  and  Mark  Chan,  Third  SingI 
Tiger  Xu  and  First  Singles  Keven  Chor 
Our  Second  Singles  team  of  Andrt 
Crawford  and  Yan  Xu  fought  hard  a 
took  home  a  gold  medal  each.  All  the 
medals  gave  us  a  second  place  fin 
overall.  PT 

Front  Row:  JiSang  Jeon,  Gordon  Xiong,  Ryan  Shin,  Mark  Chan,  Andy  Park 
Back  Row:  Tiger  Xu,  Yan  Xu,  Andrew  Crawford,  Kevin  Chong,  Justin  Lee, 
Mr.  Paul  Totera  Esq. 

U14  Badminton 

U14  Badminton  team  had 
:cessful  season  this  term, 
boys  always  played  their 
earning  a  record  of  5-4. 

entered  CISAA  with 
dence  and  it  definitely 
^ed  on  the  courts.  The  boys 
3d  off  strong,  but  in  the  end 
played  more  games  than 
were  used  and  eventually 
ome  steam.  One  player  did 
ven  break  a  sweat  and  won 
/  single  game  he  played, 
e  he  placed  1st  in  first 
9S.  Congratulations  to  Kyle 
1.  Overall  the  boys  placed 
an  achievement  they 
Id  all  be  proud  of.  DJ 



Back  Row:  Kevin  Kuan,  Tony  Sul,  Randy  Lee,  Chad  Li,  Leo  Li 

Middle  Row:  Trew  Morris,  Baron  Liu,  Jeffery  Chen,  Justin  Lynn,  Sean  Lindsay,  Mr.  Dennis  Jumaquio  Esq. 
Front  Row:  Andrew  Boland,  Branson  Johnson,  Kyle  Chen,  Rickie  Tang  ,  Joseph  Yazdani,  Ryan  Sutherland-Pace 

First  Row  :  Evan  Sheridan,  Nicl<  Bell,  Jacon  LaBrier,  Russell  Cheng,  Jack  Little,  Alex  Oushalkas,  Matthew  Leroy,  Mr.  Chris  Papalia  Esq. 

Second  Row:  Mr.  Len  Gurr  Esq,.  Joey  Bruccoleri,  Will  Merkel,  Linden  Sturrock,  Graydon  Gardner,  Austin  Hassani,  Connor  Ritchie.  Mr.  Trevor  Biasi  Esq 

Third  Row:  Matthew  Graham,  Jack  MacDonald,  Graeme  Allison,  Erik  Kimmerer,  Thomas  Little,  Justin  McNamara,  Christian  Settino  (Manager) 

The  baseball  team  entered  2013  with  high  hopes.  Buoyed  by  the  addition  of  the  most  intense  coach  at  St.  Andrew's  College,  Mr. 
Papalia,  and  his  years  of  college  playing  experience,  we  were  ready  to  tackle  the  season.  The  year  started  with  lots  of  practices  in  the 
Summer  365  facility  and  a  bunch  of  rainouts  reducing  our  17  game  schedule  to  10. 

When  the  season  started  at  TCS's  showcase  tournament,  we  were  looking  pretty  good.  We  won  our  season  opener  against  Ashbury, 
26-0  and  thought,  "hey,  we're  pretty  good".  In  our  second  game  we  were  beaten  1 1-7  by  King  City,  and  we  thought,  "hey,  we're  not  as 
good  as  we  thought  this  morning."  We  regrouped  the  next  day  and  won  the  bronze  medal. 

Later,  we  avenged  our  loss  to  King  City  with  a  clutch  5-3  win  in  our  own  Tournament.  We  then  closed  out  the  season  with  a  win  and 
defeated  Trinity  College  5-2  in  the  league  semi-final  to  earn  a  place  in  the  CISAA  championship  vs  our  old  nemesis,  St.  Mike's.  This 
story  does  not,  however,  have  a  fairy  tale  ending  and  we  lost  the  final  to  St.  Mike's  who  will  go  on  a  represent  our  league  at  OFSAA. 
Two  noteworthy  stories  involve  Mr.  Papalia  and  Jake  LaBrier. 

1  .In  an  early  season  game  vs  King  City,  we  were  down  by  a  few  runs  (okay  more  than  a  few)  and  a  King  City  player  tried  to  stretch  a 
double  into  a  triple.  This  runs  contrary  to  baseball  etiquette.  When  the  throw  came  to  3rd  in  plenty  of  time,  I  heard  Mr.  Papalia  say  to 
himself  with  much  intensity,  "Tag  him  in  the  face".  Mr.  Gurr  and  I  said,  "what  did  you  say?"  And  he  turned  to  us  and  said,  "that  was  a 
greedy  play.  You  know  what  happens  to  greedy  players?  They  get  tagged  in  the  face!"  He  was  just  kidding. ..I  think.... 
2. An  equally  funny  moment  came  when  Jake  LaBrier  was  attempting  to  become  the  first  player  to  hit  one  out  of  our  beautiful  new 
diamond.  Lots  of  games  so  far,  and  zero  homers.  Well  Jake  was  at  the  plate,  and  he  hit  a  towering  moonshot  to  left.  I  mean  it  was  up 
there.  Apparently,  Jake  thought  it  was  a  homer  too.  He  flipped  his  bat  and  started  the  slow  trot  to  first  with  a  grin  on  his  face.  You  can 
imagine  his  horror  when  he  was  10  feet  away  from  the  plate,  walking  to  first,  when  the  ball  hit  the  fence  in  the  air  and  stayed  in  the  park. 
The  very  next  thing  I  heard  was  Paps  yelling  "run".  Needless  to  say,  Jake  ran  the  rest  of  the  way  to  first  base  and  earned  the  longest 
single  in  the  history  of  baseball. 

MIP  -  our  MIP  continues  to  develop  into  a  dominant  force  for  the  team.  In  fact  by  the  end  of  the  season  he  was  a  regular  starter  in  the 
lineup  and  actually  started  the  championship  game  for  us.  The  best  part  for  us  is  that  he's  in  grade  10.  Austin  Hassani. 
MVP  -  our  MVP  has  been  with  the  club  for  4  years  and  he  saved  his  best  performances  for  the  last  two  games  of  the  season  when  it 
mattered  the  most.  In  the  semi-final,  he  went  2  for  3  while  throwing  5  innings  of  two-hit  ball.  In  the  final  he  was  unavailable  to  pitch  but 
had  another  solid  day  at  the  plate  and  made  some  great  defensive  plays.  Our  MVP  is  Erik  Kimmerer.    TB  &  LG 






a  threeJ 

during  J 

The  U14  Softball  team  had  another  tremendous  regular  season,  ending  in  a  I 
way  tie  for  2nd  place  with  UCC  and  Crescent.  The  boys  played  really  well  during  ci 
short  season  and  Impressed  the  coaches  with  their  skill  development,  their  positiv' 
and  eager  attitudes,  and  their  overall  love  for  the  sport.  We  were  very  fortunate  to! 
have  Mr.  Hanson  join  our  team  this  year  for  his  final  coaching  experience  at  SAC 
before  his  retirement.  The  boys  and  I  were  really  disappointed  not  to  have  Coach 
Walden  standing  at  first  base,  but  were  all  thrilled  to  hear  that  Mr.  Hanson  had 
decided  to  coach  a  third  term.  He  was  no  longer  just  our  mascot  and  biggest  fan  • 
showed  up  to  most  games  and  practices,  and  was  a  positive  addition  to  the  team. 

First  Row:  Macleod  Houghton,  Brayden  Byers,  Arnoldo  Lanzarin,  Andrew  Hoogers,  Will  McHenry, 
Nicholas  Badali,  Mr.  Mike  Hanson  Esq. 

Second  Row:  Matthew  Medhurst,  Daniel  Panzures,  Alejandro  Elizondo,  Guillermo  Rumbaut, 
Filip  Grantcharov,  Luca  Zadra  Missing:  Mrs  Randi  Bernrian  Esq. 

The  first  ever  U12  Softball  team  took  to  the  field  this  spring  full  of  energy  and  eager  to 
yplay  ball!  Despite  the  setbacks  that  the  weather  provided,  the  team  member's  spirits  were 
[never  dampened.  The  boys  played  well  all  season  and  continued  to  improve  their  skills. 
iMany  of  them  proved  to  be  diverse  players,  as  they  were  called  upon  to  fill  different 
I  positions.  Although  we  were  winless  this  season,  we  learned  a  lot  of  valuable  lessons  that 
will  help  us  prepare  for  next  year,  and  hopefully  have  a  chance  at  redemption  against  our 
I  rivals  at  UCC.  Mrs.  Rose-Donahoe  and  I  would  like  to  thank  the  entire  team  for  a  great 
[season.  It  was  a  lot  of  fun  working  with  this  spirited  group  of  young  athletes.  NIVI 

First  Row:  Dillon  Appelbe,  Jack  Kensit,  Chris  Y,  Patrick  Leclaire,  Christian  D'Alessandro 
Second  Row:  Ms.Natalie  McNair  Esq,  Ryan  Lindsay,  Samir  Khaki,  Bill  Starke,  Alexei 
Lisin,  Mrs.  Rose-Donahoe  Esq. 

iThird  Row:  Brendan  Dilworth,  Marshall  Moore,  Joshua  Osborne,  Andy  Han 

Varsity  Tlnek 

M  4«         m  t 

saac  justine  ,  Hollis  Mackenzie,  Abraham  Ibrahim  IVloustafa,  Devon  Walters,  Angelis  Prattas,  Brandon  Cercone,  Jeremy  Chow,  Matthew  Galajda, 
snzie,  Matthew  Tse,  Adrian  Goyo 

«:  Matthew  Trevisan  Esq,  Mark  Mackey,  Aaron  Sum  Jordan  Carter,  Liam  Neuman,  Adam  Moodie,  Austin  Valjas,  Brett  Sterling,  Ben  Harrison,  Jay  Mackie, 
ton,  Ivan  Kam,  Andrew  Jun,  Mr.  Nick  Tsioros  Esq. 

Mr.  David  Galajda  Esq,  Tyler  Walters,  Quinton  Gray,  Roy  Xu,  Elliot  Powers,  Darien  Arscott,  Tyler  Plummer,  Kris  Townsend,  Mitchell  Carter, 
imi-Cole,  Conrad  Scullion-Smeek  Missing:  Mr.  David  Galajda  Esq. 

This  year's  Middle  School  track  and 
field  season  was  highlighted  by  many 
great  individual  performances,  and 
ram.  Although  the  weather  didn't 
usually  cooperate,  our  boys  were 
dedicated  and  attended  regardless. 
If  there  is  one  image  that  best 
captures  the  season  it  is  our  team 
practicing  hurdles  together,  only 
sometimes  clearing  them,  while  a 
storm  pelted  them  with  hail  and  rain. 
As  always  our  boys  made  the  best  of 
the  situation,  making  sure  to  have  fun 
along  the  way. 

The  unique  thing  about  track  and  field 
is  that  every  grade  practices  together. 
We  want  to  thank  our  grades  8's  for 
doing  an  exceptional  job  of  helping 
their  peers  master  the  skills 
necessary  to  be  successful.  It  was 
great  to  see  our  grade  5's  and  6's 
interacting  with  and  learning  from  the 
older  boys.  We  would  also  like  to 
thank  Mr.  Tsioros  and  Mr.  Trevisan  for 
their  help  with  the  team.  LS 

First  Row:  Jake  Iwai,  Bryce  Neil,  Matthew  Sun,  William  Shields,  Aidan  Walters,  Alex  Krylov,  Callum  MacPherson,  Connor 
Broekart,  Michael  Sun,  Billy  Sun,  Osher  Lee,  Dorian  Jones,  Cole  Nip 

Second  Row:  Mrs.  Lori  Smith  Esq,  Steven  Daher,  Matteo  Fina,  Mikel  Devlin,  Ryan  Collis,  Eric  Situ,  Victor  Lopez,  BetoSii 
Chns  Liu,  Hunter  Appelbe,  Jorge  Chedraui,  Julian  Settino,  Mr.  Justin  Chau  Esq. 

Third  Row:  Liam  Ennis,  Todd  Tian,  Quinton  Cochran,  Brandon  St.  Pierre,  Robert  Wang,  Byron  Mawaya,  Melvin  Maroon, 
Asgari,  Andrew  Currie,  Conor  Woodroffe,  Brandon  Wang,  Christopher  Leung  Missing:  Mr.  Jeff  LaForge  Esq. 


Front  Row:  Mr.  Paul  Bedard  Esq.,  Alex  Seto,  Ken  Zheng,  Justin  Wong,  West  Ochocinski 
Aidan  Calverley,  Mr  Trevor  Redvers. 

Back  Row:  Alex  Solorzano,  Mac  Mcintosh,  Krisztian  Fockter,  Jason  Graham,  Victor  Li, 
George  Giuciureanu 

jr  an  incredibly  difficult  tryout  period  - 
ther  Nature  would  not  co-operate,  the 
sity  squad  was  finally  established  the 
'  before  our  first  match.  The  team 
jhed  4  and  2  in  the  regular  season, 
ng  into  the  final  tournament,  SAC  was 
ided  6th.  Playing  with  the  youngest 
lad  in  the  tournament,  our  team  rallied  to 
5h  4th,  in  a  CISAA  championship  that  all 
coaches  agreed  featured  the  strongest 
:l  in  many  years.  Congrats  to  a  great 
formance  overall.  We  are  looking 
vard  to  having  most  of  the  team  back 
:t  year! 

m  going  to  cut  Trevor  off  here  so  as  to 
ognize  the  graduating  players  who  were 
only  good  players,  but  class  acts  on  and 
the  court.  A  personal  thank  you  to  Justin 
'ng,  West  Ochocinski,  Mac  Mcintosh  and 
X  Seto.  PB 

U16  Tennis 

What  a  beautiful  day  today  is!  On  days  s 
today,  I  can't  think  of  anything  more  iu 
being  on  a  tennis  court  and  hit  a  few  tenni 

Unfortunately  the  weather  was  not  so  kind 
last  two  months,  when  unusually  wet  ar 
days  were  the  norm.  I  mention  this  becau 
much  of  the  season,  we  practiced  and  phi 
less  than  ideal  weather,  with  temperaturei 
in  single  digits.  Yet  everyone  on  the  tea 
there  and  never  complained,  as  we  can 
with  drills  and  games  in  the  hope  of  im| 
our  game.  I  appreciate  the  dedication 
and  I  think  it  reflects  a  great  deal  of  strern 

This  IS  one  of  the  most  talented  teams 
ever  coached.  We  get  stronger  every  yf 
the  problem  is,  so  does  everyone  else. 
Competing  at  the  U16  level  is  very  chall' 
As  a  tennis  team  we  are  very  much  a 
power.  Out  of  8  teams  in  our  league, 
comfortably  in  the  middle. 
Tennis  is  a  hard  game,  where  there's  a  hi 
between  the  strongest  teams  and  the  wi 
For  example,  we  beat  Bayview  Glen  byj 
of  5-0,  yet  Appleby  College  will  beat  us  3 
UCC  will  beat  them  5-0. 
We  finished  the  season  ranked  #2  in  ourdj 
and  we  played  in  the  championship  and  9 
fourth  out  of  8  teams,  which  is  a  respl! 
result.  ' 
One  of  my  fondest  memories  of  the  sea^, 
playing  at  Ridley  College,  on  what  waa; 
the  first  beautiful  days  of  spring.  It  was  wa 
sunny,  and  perfect  for  tennis.  I 
On  that  day,  Jurgen  Jentsch,  playing  at 
down  7-3.  Somehow,  he  managed  to  cor 
and  tie  the  match  at  7-7  before  going  a 
win  It  8-7  in  the  tie-breaker.  That  was  or 
best  comebacks  I  have  ever  seen!  TP  \ 

Varsity  Lacrosse 

Front  Row:  Keaton  Ward,  Ryan  Shotbolt,  Connor  Rowntree,  Burke  White,  Nicholas  Whitelaw,  Nicl<  Fournier,  Jonathan  McConnell, 
Curtis  Harvey,  Devon  de  Langley,  Jack  O'Neil. 

Second  Row:  Austin  Pugliese,  Chance  Rodin,  C.  J.  Sifton,  Dylan  Sikura,  Adam  Darvay-  Canavor,  Reese  Foegele,  Zac  Masson,  Taylor  PiliJ 
Bryce  Johnson,  Cam  McArthur,  Andrew  Begg. 

Third  Row:  Mr.  Joel  Morrissey  Esq,  Darren  Iwai,  John  Buchan,  Logan  Ward,  David  O'Connor,  Bowen  Reid,  Riley  Fischer,  Jack  Turner, 
Branden  Fennell,  Mr.  Greg  Reid  Esq. 

Last  spring  when  the  2012  lacrosse  team  finished  the  season  winning  the  OFSAA  Bronze  Medal  at  the  A/AA  tournament  in  Peterborough| 
were  very  pleased  with  our  results  -  and  then  as  always,  the  worrying  begins  about  next  year!  Once  again  we  had  graduated  some  outstan 
players  and  would  have  some  big  shoes  to  fill  -  Like  Jamal's  size  15's!  On  top  of  that  we'd  crossed  the  OFSAA  magic  cut-off  between  AAj 
AAA  because  we  had  456  boys  in  the  upper  school  last  year.  This  would  force  us  to  play  AAA/AAAA  this  spring  for  one  year.  With  18  senij 
the  season  proved  to  be  a  juggling  act  to  keep  all  players  engaged  with  meaningful  roles  and  playing  time,  while  still  being  able  to  developl 
younger  players  to  take  over  the  starting  roles  the  following  season.  At  our  tryouts  in  January  it  became  evident  there  would  be  no  surprj 
with  this  team.  With  three  players  quitting  the  team  from  last  year's  roster,  and  no  new  players  in  grades  10-12,  the  team  would  continu 
build  from  within.  Of  our  14  new  grade  9  players,  12  of  them  had  come  from  our  own  U14  team  under  the  tutelage  of  Mr.  Cowell 
Chadsey;  with  the  other  two  being  new  boys  Cam  Vallardo  and  Eric  Lowry.  The  team  had  2  expectations  going  into  this  season:  One  hunc| 
percent  effort  on  and  off  the  field  -  which  we  shortened  to. . .  "HUNDO";  and  the  second  is  GOLD  -  both  CISAA  and  OFSAA.  Our  season  be 
with  training  camp  on  the  last  weekend  of  the  March  Break  in  the  Bedard  Gym  due  to  cold  temperatures  and  lingering  snow.  After  somei 
exhibition  games,  the  team  headed  off  to  Columbus,  Ohio  for  the  Annual  Wildcat  Classic  tournament  in  which  the  Saints  finished  secon 
Peter's  Township  from  Pittsburgh.  While  in  town,  the  team  visited  Ohio  State  University  and  saw  the  Buckeyes  take  on  the  Hobart  Statesn 
The  following  weekend  the  JV  and  Varsity  teams  headed  to  Pittsburgh  for  a  pair  of  games  and  a  tour  of  Robert  Morris  University,  and  to! 
the  Colonials  take  on  St.  Mary's  in  NCAA  Dl  lacrosse  action.  Back  home  we  hosted  our  annual  4  team  early  bird  tournament  in  which  we  finisii 
second,  followed  by  our  annual  8  team  Championship  tournament  which  we  won  in  exciting  fashion  9-8  over  Assumption  from  Brantford. 
last  tournament  was  at  Trent  University  where  although  we  went  undefeated,  we  finished  second  due  to  the  tournament's  Goal  differentici 
breaker.  In  the  CISAA  we  won  a  nail-biter  9-6  over  UCC  in  the  semi's  to  earn  the  right  to  attend  OFSAA  and  to  take  on  SMC  for  the  CIJ 
Championship.  The  championship  game  was  hard  fought  and  could  have  gone  either  way  with  the  Saints  hitting  several  posts  late  in  the 
In  the  end,  despite  our  "HUNDO  PLUS"  effort,  SMC.  prevailed  8-6.  Over  the  course  of  24  games,  the  boys  have  put  together  a  fantastic  i 
so  far.  The  season  finishes  off  this  coming  Monday  and  Tuesday  as  we  head  to  Oshawa  for  the  AAA/AAAA  OFSAA  Championship  in ' 
we  are  seeded  5th  out  of  16  teams  and  will  take  on  Msr.  Paul  Dwyer,  Bill  Crothers  and  Malvern  Collegiate.  To  the  graduating  play^ 
congratulations  on  your  SAC  lacrosse  careers  and  thank  you  for  you  hard  work  and  dedication  to  the  team  GR 


JV  Lacrosse 

Back  Row:  Aidan  Link,  Cole  Chapman,  Jamie  Finlay,  Julian  Smith-Voudouris,  John  Buchan,  Will  Ashton,  Sachit  Dhiman,  Kyle  Hunter. 
f\    Gavin  Fox,  Eric  Lowry,  Cam  Vallardo,  Tyler  Sifton 

Front  Row:  Joel  Morrissey,  Esq.  (Head  Coach),  Sam  Harding,  Adam  Sinclair,  Darren  Iwai,  Riley  Fischer,  David  O'Connor  (Capt.), 
Logan  Ward  (Capt.),  Bowen  Reid  (Capt.),  Griffin  James,  Drake  Porter,  Jack  Turner,  Matthew  lezzi,  Greg  Reid,  Esq.  (Assist.  Coach) 

Back  Row:  John  Musgrave,  Callum  Murphy,  Oh  Harris,  Nik  Seidel,  Jon  Malowney,  Will  Sirman,  John  Hopkmson  Jr.,  JP  Schnabel 

Middle  Row:  Mr.  F.  Cowell  Esq.,  Brady  Reid,  Owen  Laffey  ,  Coulson  Link,  Connor  Sleeth,  Matt  Brenzel,  Lucas  LaBner,  Andrew  Jeffrey  ,  Daniel  Cheung,  Mr.  M.  Chadsey  Esq. 
Front  Row:  Sam  Ashton,  Evan  Fox  ,  Nolan  Michelberger,  Dylan  Cowell,  Patrick  Turner,  Nathan  Chadsey,  Chris  Poropat,  Spence  Berman,  Justin  Cheung 

This  year  for  U14  lax  saw  a  jump  in  the 
number  of  interested  players.  We 
decided  to  keep  26  players  which 
included  1  gr  5,  6  gr.  6's,  7,  gr.  7's,  and 
1 2  gr.  8's,  of  which  only  7  were  returning 
players.  That  also  included  5  three  year 
players  and  an  impressive  8  players  who 
are  currently  playing  for  the  Newmarket 
Redbirds  Field  Lacrosse  organization. 
Despite  a  0-7  record,  we  scored  33  goals 
and  had  several  hat  tricks,  first  time  goals 
and  assists.  Several  games  crept  away 
from  us  through  simple  inexperience. 
And  although  not  every  player  saw  the 
amount  of  time  on  the  field  that  they  may 
have  liked  to  have  had,  everyone  saw 
game  experience  and  we  are  looking 
forward  to  next  year.  Everyone  now  has 
game  experience  and  has  a  better 
understanding  of  the  game  and  its 
complexities.  We  graduate  12  players: 
Matt  Brenzel,  Dan  Cheung,  Dylan 
Cowell.  Oli  Harris.  Andrew  Jeffery,  Jon 
Malowney,  Callum  Murphy,  John 
Musgrave,  Nik  Seidel,  Will  Sirman, 
Connor  Sleeth.  and  Patrick  Turner.  I 
hope  all  of  you  go  out  for  the  JV  squad 
next  year.  And  this  might  be  the  best  time 
to  advertise  a  new  opening  for  a  goalie 
a  anyone  interested  in  having  a  hard 
rubber  ball  thrown  at  you?  We  are  taking 
candidates  for  next  year!  FC  &  MC 


nior  Golf  team  had  a  wonderful 
.  Two  of  the  four  Individual 
representing  our  league  went  to 
I.  Marc  Gallo  and  Mat  Durisln. 

icond  place  finishes,  one  third 
lish  and  a  fifth  place  rounded  out 
3ue  play. 

:hamplonshlp  we  won  thi 
We  lost  to  St.  Mike's  by  8: 

P  for  the  year  Is  Mat  Durlsin  who 
3d  81.75  over  the  course  of  the 
,  an  Improvement  of  4.5  strokes, 
shed  the  season  with  a  score  of 
g  for  3rd  lowest  score  with  his 
player  Jackson  Redmond.  Mat 
/  qualified  at  Red  Crest  to  play  at 
Ontario  Men's  Amateur 
ionship  to  be  held  later  this 

/arsity  Triathlon 

After  our  season  rebuild  in  2012,  where  we  managed  to  lose  all  but  one  game,  in  2013  we  were  victorious  in  all  I: 
our  very  first  game  -  a  humbling  experience  against  a  TCS  team  who'd  freshly  returned  from  a  pre-season  tour' 
Bermuda.  To  our  credit,  we  avenged  that  loss  two  weeks  later  with  a  convincing  84  run  victory,  87  of  those  m 
contributed  by  returning  guest  powerhouse,  William  White. 

Our  3rd  match  was  a  real  nail-baiter  against  UCC.  Missing  5  key  players,  we  only  managed  53  runs.  UCC,  witit 
batters  left,  looked  good  to  beat  us  late  in  the  game  before  our  bowlers  overwhelmed  them,  squeaking  out  a  narrjf 
two-run  win.  Last  weekend,  we  finally  put  all  our  hard  work  of  technical  learning  into  practice,  easily  beating  UCC.  ili 
only  gave  up  3  wickets  before  passing  their  score  of  68,  earning  league  co-champion  honours  with  TCS.  it  was  Faheer'i 
second  game  in  a  row  where  he  stayed  in  over  an  hour,  this  time  retiring  with  partner  Dhruv  as  they  took  us  over ,! 
top.  I 
Even  hough  we  hit  far  more  runs  last  season,  this  year's  difference  was  in  the  skill  of  our  bowling.  Our  top  bowler  v|5 
our  co-captain  and  spinner  Bobby,  who  took  1 0  wickets,  allowing  only  4.6  runs  per.  I 
Cricket  is  very  much  alive  at  St.  Andrew's.  As  one  of  the  school's  longest  running  sports  (114  years  .  .  . )  sacci/ 
managed  to  win  the  league  crown  once  in  its  first  100  years,  despite  having  as  many  as  7  teams  at  once  playingj^ 
the  school.  Since  1999,  paired  down  to  all  but  one  Varsity  team,  we've  won  or  been  co-champs  7  times,  and  3  oui'< 
the  last  4  years.  Not  only  did  every  player  work  hard  in  practice,  this  was  easily  our  best  group  of  supportive  and  posiljs 
mates  in  my  13  years  with  the  team.  Every  moment  together  was  great  fun  and  we'll  all  miss  it  over  the  summer.  Ij^ 



Parker  Boland 
Sebastian  Giorgi 
Connor  Iwai 

Branson  Johnson 
Lucas  La  Brier 
Dalton  Lehman 
Christopher  Leun 

Leo  Li 

Will  McHenry 
Pedro  Ozores 
Mark  Polemidiotis 

Saajan  Sethi 
Eric  Situ 
Todd  Tian 
Brandon  Wang 

Matthew  Brenzel 
Jeffery  Chen 
Stathi  Douramakos 
Alejandro  bli'lfindo 

Macleod  Houghton 
Michael  tj&kkotrypis 
Karim  Libien 
i  Victor  Lopez 

Justin  Lynn 
Jon  Malowney 
J.P.  Martin 

Byron  Ma 


Nolan  Roy 
William  Shields' 
Patrick  Turner  ' 

Grade  9 

Aadam  Ali 
Elliot  Almuina  Pica 
Anuar  Alum  Canavati 
Jose  Pablo  Anaya  Villar 

Will  Ashton 
Aidan  Bertolas 
John  Buchan 
Alex  Carter 

Joshua  Cartel^ 
Cole  Chapman 
Russell  Cheng 
Arthur  Chiu 
Nicholas  Chow 

Andrew  Crawford 
Adamo  D'angelo 
Nicholas  Daguiam 
Sachit  Dhiman 

Jadyn  Dragasevich 
Jonathan  Filipopoulos 
Jamie  Finlay 
Jerod  Forte 
Gavin  Fox 

Grade  Nine 

Vitaly  Godonoaga 
Ryan  Gold 
ndon  Gomes 
d  Gorodetsky 

Brandon  Haryott 
Kyle  Hunter 
Jack  Irwin 
Ahmed  Izzeldin 


Jl  Sang  Jeon 
Benjamin  Jiang 
Isaack  Justine 
Jong  Hoon  Kim 
Donald  Kwok 

Alec  Kyle 
Cayne  Lander 
Mikel  Lanzagorta 

Cameron  Lawrence 
Nathan  Lee 

Jason  Li 
Weitao  Li 
Matthew  Lim 
Aidan  Link 
Artiom  Lisin  i 

Grade  Nine 



Julian  Smith-Voudouris 
Alex  Solorzano  Orozco 
'Darrian  Spampinato 
Felix  Tricio-Sesma 

Grade  Ten 

Grade  1i 

irade  Eleven 

t-ade  Eleven 

Sajjad  Akbar 

House:  Smith 
Years  at  SAC:  Six 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Soccer  (CISAA  Champions) 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held: 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Community  Service  Hours:  70 

William  Allen 

House:  Ramsey 
Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Squash,  Varsity  Golf 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Business  Consulting  Club,  Outreach  Council,  Middle  School  House  Captain,  McEwen  Leadership  Program, 
Student  Led  Groups 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Band  Leader 
Community  Service  Hours:  43 

Graeme  Allison 

House:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Squash,  Varsity  Baseball 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Prefect,  Writing  and  Publication  Council,  SACtv,  Middle  School  House  Captair 
Andrean  Life  Council 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Drum  Sergeant  (Warrant  Officer),  St.  Andrew's  College  Pipes  &  Drums 
(Lead  Drummer)  Community  Service  Hours:  16 

Da  wc/ Anderson 

House:  Laidlaw  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Junior  Varsity  Soccer,  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Golf  (MIP) 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Andrean  Life  Council,  Head  of  Academic  Council 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Pipes  and  Drums  Corporation  (Sergeant) 
Community  Service  Hours:  126 


Darien  Arsoott 

House:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football,  Junior  Varsity  Basketball,  Track  and  Field, 
Addison  Award 

Community  Service  Hours:  187 

Jose  Antonio  Artigas  Pereznieto 

Nicknames:  Marcas,  Jos-B 

Comment:  l  spent  3  years  at  St.  Andrew's  College.  I  met  people  from  many  different  countries,  religions  and  cultures.  I  can  say  tfiere  were  times  when  I  just  wouldn't  prefer 
to  be  anywfiere  else.  But  tfiere  were  otfier  times  ttiat  I  just  wanted  to  leave  and  never  come  back.  Overall  i  can  proudly  say  that  St.  Andrew's  changed  me,  and  made  me  the 
person  I  am  right  now.  I  can't  say  every  experience  was  good,  but  we  learn  from  bad  experiences  as  well.  I  would  never  change  SAC  for  another  school,  but  I  would  never  come 
back.  I  want  to  thank  all  my  friends  that  were  with  me  all  along  those  three  years  or  most  of  them.  Carlos  Guraieb,  Waleed  Syiam,  Gerardo  Gadsden  and  Estanislao  De  la  Torre; 
without  them  it  would  have  been  unbearable.  I  would  also  like  to  thank  Mr.  And  Mrs.  Perrier  whom  guided  me  through  good  and  bad  decisions  and  finally  the  best  teacher  out 
there.  Mr.  Papalia,  finally  I  would  like  to  thank  my  parents  and  grandparents  whom  made  all  of  this  possible.  I  made  friendships  that  will  last  forever,  I  learned  things  that  I  will 
always  remember  but  most  important  of  all,  I  grew  as  a  person  in  ways  that  I  didn't  think  were  possible.  To  all  my  fellow  mates  remember:  "All  we  have  to  decide  is  what  to  do 
with  the  time  that  is  given  us." 



Da  wdAsbury 

Nicknames:Daniel  Blueberry,  Dasbury,  The  Kid 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Best  nokia  snake  player  in  ontaho,  2nd  highest  overall  academic  average  last  year.  Varsity  band  member  since  grade  9,  Studi  ' 
member,  SLG  leader  for  senior  sciences 

Comment:  Being  at  the  school  since  grade  6,  I  feel  like  I  will  miss  the  school  a  lot  but  for  now  I  feel  like  I'm  ready  to  move  on.  There  will  be  a  lot  of  nostalgia  I  hi 
associated  with  the  school,  with  strong  memories  like  the  Carol  Service,  Homecoming,  or  Music  Fest  nationals.  I  feel  like  a  part  of  this  school  will  never  leave  nresP 
my  readiness  to  say  goodbye,  and  I  would  like  to  thank  all  my  teachers  and  the  faculty  of  the  school  for  providing  such  a  developmental  educational  experiencejWU 
also  like  to  thank  my  parents  for  allowing  me  to  go  to  such  a  special  place.  i 

\/a  Ashoori 

5:  Oreo,  Dj  Persia,  Prince,  Wavy 

i  Accomplishments:  President  of  Community  Service  Council,  Captain  of  Laidlaw  Company,  JV  Basketball 

The  first  day  at  SAC,  back  in  Grade  9,  was  filled  with  uncertainty.  So  many  people  I  didn't  know,  I  was  skeptical  of  the  workload,  I  had  never  heard  of  the  term  cadets 
1 1  did  not  expect  that  sports  and  extra-curricular  activities  would  consume  my  entire  day.  This  busy,  disciplined,  fun  and  sometimes  stressful  environment  has  really 
;ho  I  am  today,  a  man,  a  complete  man,  a  well-rounded  citizen.  This  may  sound  cliche,  but  it  is  nothing  far  from  the  truth.  The  enormous  competitiveness  and 
d  in  the  school  has  really  paved  the  way  for  my  future  and  I  am  looking  forward  to  applying  it  in  my  business  career  One  day  I  will  be  back,  to  say  thanks.  As  for  now. 

Mackenzie  Baker 

House:  Laidlaw  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Soccer,  Varsity  Rugby 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Andrean  Life  Council,  Prefect 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platoon  Commander  (Lieutenant),  Laidlaw  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  140 

drew  Begg 

:  Laidlaw  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 
ics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Lacrosse 
&  Positions  Held:  Laidlaw  Head  of  House 
Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Pipes  and  Drums,  Sergeant 
lunity  Service  Hours:  158 

Brandon  Benoit 

House:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Rugby,  JV  Basketball,  2012  Addison  Award  Winner 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Smith  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  84 

bert  Bertani 

I  was  very  skeptical  about  attending  St.  Andrew's  College.  However,  after  spending  four  years  at 
lool  I  can  say  that  it  was  all  worth  it.  I  met  so  many  great  people  and  made  memories  and 
Bnces  that  will  last  me  a  lifetime.  I  feel  that  St.  Andrew's  College  has  brought  me  to  my  full  potential 
udent,  athlete  and  devoted  member  of  the  community.  I'd  like  to  thank  all  my  teachers  and 
lates  for  four  great  years. 

Josepti  Bruccoleri 

Nicknames:  Joe,  Joey,  Joseph,  Josepi,  Pepe.  JB,  JoBo 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  First  Baseball  Captain,  JV  Soccer  Goal  Keeper,  JV  Hockey  Manager,  Head  of  Laidlaw  House.  Tuck  Shop  fvlanager.  I^r.  Kimmerer's  best  friend 
Comment:  After  coming  to  St.  Andrew's  two  years  ago  I  have  made  friends  that  will  be  with  me  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  I  have  learned  the  true  meaning  of  brotherhood.  I  didn't 
realize  until  the  end  of  the  year  that  I  had  been  taking  this  school  for  granted  and  there  are  so  many  things  I  will  miss  about  SAC,  Seeing  the  boys  in  the  hallway  and  being  able  to 
have  a  good  laugh,  having  a  close  relationship  with  teachers  where  you  can  talk  to  them  about  anything..,  1  know  that  next  year  I  will  miss  all  these  things  about  St.  Andrew  s.  I 
would  like  to  thank  my  teachers  and  my  peers  for  their  ongoing  support  at  this  school  along  with  University  Counseling  for  their  amazing  work  with  all  the  boys  this  year.  Also.  I 
would  like  to  thank  Mark  Service  for  his  support  and  motivation  whenever  I  needed  it.  Most  importantly,  I  would  like  to  thank  my  parents.  Christine  and  Tony  for  blessing  me  with 
this  amazing  experience.  I  wouldn't  have  been  able  to  pull  through  without  them.  I  hope  that  all  of  us  can  keep  in  touch  over  the  years  and  have  a  great  time  in  university'! 

ien  Carnegie 

irrier  Years  at  SAC:  2 

&  Awards:  JV  Soccer,  Varsity  Fencing,  Music  Fest  Excellence  Award,  Top  10:  6th  place.  Honors  award.  Headmasters  Award, 
ositlons  held:  Engineering  Club,  SACPras,  and  Music  Council  Member 
dership/Cadet  roles:  Band  Leader 
ty  Service  Hours:  1 00 

:  My  years  at  have  been  an  excellent  experience  and  I  have  learned  many  lessons.  I  will  have  many  memories  that  I  will  always  remember,  such  as  travelling 
Jon  Olympics  with  my  friends,  and  competing  in  the  RoboCup  tournament.  I  would  personally  like  to  thank  all  my  teachers  for  such  an  amazing  experience 
ing  such  a  great  job  for  the  time  that  I  have  been  here! 

Taylor  Carnegie 

Although  I  have  only  been  at  SAC  for  two  years,  I  have  been  offered  numerous  opportunities  helping  r: 
grow  not  only  as  an  artist,  but  as  a  person.  Although  we  move  onward  and  leave  high  school  behind,  I  :ei 
the  challenges  we  faced,  and  the  teachers  have  successfully  prepared  me  for  the  next  stage  of  life.  I  k  k 
forward  to  keep  In  contact  with  those  who  made  my  years  a  rewarding  experience.  i 

Donald  Cars\Ne\\ 

House:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Fencing  (Gold  Medal),  Scholar 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Book  Club  (Leader) 

Community  Service  Hours:  53 

Extended  French  Certificate  Recipient 

Malcolm  Carter 

Nicknames:  Tree 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Back  to  Back  CISAA  football  championships,  U17  Team  Ontario  sehl 
and  U19  Team  Ontario  select. 

Comment:  Keep  working  toward  your  goal  and  it  will  come  true.  Make  sure  to  hang  out  with  your  friei.s 
as  much  as  you  can  during  High  School.    j 

Brandon  Cercone 

Although  my  two  years  here  have  gone  by  incredibly  fast,  I  know  that  the  boys  I  have  met,  memories  I  have  made  and  qualities  I've 
been  taught  will  last  me  a  life  time.  I  cannot  begin  to  thank  my  parents  enough  for  making  the  sacrifice  sending  me  here.  I  know  that 
coming  to  St.  Andrews  has  been  the  best  decision  of  my  life  thus  far,  and  will  effect  the  decisions  I  make  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  I'm 
going  to  miss  all  the  boys,  and  all  the  weekends  with  the  boys,  they  have  also  taught  me  a  lot.  Coming  from  my  hometown  of  Welland 
Ontario,  becoming  a  complete  man  seemed  nearly  impossible.  However  with  the  guidance  of  friends  and  faculty  at  SAC  it  was  made 


House:  Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Five 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Ron  McMillan  Trophy,  Varsity  Soccer 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Memorial  Floor  Captain 
Community  Service  Hours:  98 

Matthew  Chan 

Four  years  ago,  I  hated  this  place.  So  much  has  changed  since  then.  In  the  face  of  adversity  and  challenge,  I  found  courage.  In  the  midst  of  toil  and  struggle,  I  forged  resilience. 
The  experiences,  the  opportunities,  and  the  people  at  St.  Andrew's  College  have  provided  what  I  truly  betieve  to  be  my  best  possible  outcome  in  the  past  tour  years,  I  will 
remember  the  tough  times,  the  good  times,  the  tun  times,  the  bad  times.  The  synchronized  'clack'  of  a  cadet  platoon,  the  misty  winter  surface  of  the  swimming  pool,  the  thrill  of 
arm-wrestling  Mondays  and  Dilip's  long-awaited  triumph  over  Ibrahim,  the  long  but  fulfilling  hours  in  C31 .  These  are  only  some  of  the  memories  that  will  never  leave  me,  each 
equal  in  its  own  regard. 

So  thank  you,  and  goodbye,  to  this  incredible  school,  to  my  persistent  parents,  to  my  outstanding  teachers  and  inspiring  coaches,  to  the  friends  I  will  cherish  and  the  ones  I  will 
forget.  To  my  brothers:  Dilip,  Aaron,  Ibrahim,  Luc,  Othman,  Joel,  David,  YoungWoo,  Graham,  Justin,  Kenny  and  Angus,  thank  you  all  for  an  amazing  last  year.  I've  learned  a  lot 
from  every  single  one  of  you,  whether  through  your  strengths  or  your  flaws,  through  conversation  or  banter,  through  teaching  or  being  taught,  each  of  you  has  given  me 
something  to  take  away. And  to  myself  (in  one  year's  time),  I  hope  that  you  do  not  forget  your  old  passions,  that  your  love  for  writing,  fighting  and  lifting  still  remains,  but  that  you 
have  been  unafraid  to  venture  new  paths,  find  new  interests  with  which  to  occupy  your  time. 

Michael  Chiang 

House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Four 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Curling  (MVP,  CISAA  Champions),  Senior  Cross  Country  (MIP),  Track  and  Field 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Reach  for  the  Top  Club^  Conference  of  Independent  Schools  Music  Festival,  SACPrAs,  Wir 
Ensemble,  String  Ensemble,  Clarinet  Ensemble,  SASSAW  2012 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sifton  Head  of  House,  Student  Led  Groups,  Writing  and  Publication  Council  (Editor- 
of  The  Thistle),  Wind  Ensemble  (Band  Officer)  Community  Service  Hours:  134 

Chief  ( 

irio  Chiodo 

Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Three 
ics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football  (CISAA  Champions,  Team  Captain)  2013  Addison  Award,  Varsity 

&  Positions  Held:  Flavelle  Assistant  Head  of  House,  Admission  Club 
Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platoon  Warrant  Officer,  Flavelle  Company 
lunity  Service  Hours:  88 

Dong-Geun  Cho 

House:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Schulich  Leader 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Math  Club,  SACPrAs 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Thistle  Production  Team,  Wind  Ensemble  (Section  Leader) 
Community  Service  Hours:  113 

'am  Darvay-Canavor 

Perrier  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

;s  &  Awards:  Varsity  Soccer,  Varsity  Lacrosse,  U12  Hockey  Student  Coach  Cadet  Leadership  Award  CFB 

t  Positions  Held:  DECA,  Investment  Club,  Economics  and  Political  Issues  Club,  Andrean  Life  Council,  Athletic  Counci 

eadership/Cadet  Roles:  Company  Sergeant  Major  (Master  Warrant  Officer),  Perrier  Company 

nity  Service  Hours:  42 

Estanislao  de  la  Torre  Garcia 

Attending  St.  Andrew's  was  truly  a  privilege  and  a  lifetime  opportunity.  I  would  like  to  thank  all  the  Andrean  community  for  making 
these  years  very  special.  In  particular,  I  want  to  thank  my  parents  for  giving  me  this  opportunity  and  for  all  their  support,  sacrifices, 
and  effort.  I  also  want  to  thank  my  sister  for  all  her  support  and  understanding.  In  addition,  I'd  like  to  thank  Mr.  McHenry  for  his  help 
and  for  convincing  my  parents  so  that  I  could  stay  four  years  at  SAC.  Finally,  to  all  my  Andrean  brothers:  whenever  you  come  to 
Mexico  give  me  a  call. 

von  de  Lang  ley 

!S:  ©DevoSnipes,  Dev,  D-Man,  Dingles,  Dangles,  Delang,  Devo  and  Amy 
&  Accomplishments:  1st  Lacrosse,  1st  Floorball,  JV  Hockey,  Prefect,  MAC  House  Captain,  Lieutenant  of  tvlemorial  Company,  Staff  Cadet,  Attiletic  Council.  Rez  Life 
/eight  Room  Moderator,  Grade  1 1  Gym  Award  and  12  term  scholar  and  merit  pin  recipient. 

:  When  your  grand-dad,  2  uncles,  cousin  and  dad  all  attended  Ridley  College,  it  is  sate  to  say  that  you  are  destined  to  go  there  as  well.  Although  my  family  history 
 to  have  the  misfortune  to  attend  Ridlev,  it  was  mv  oldest  brother  who  was  smart  enough  to  avoid  making  the  r  

I  was  going  to  have  the  misfortune  to  attend  Ridley,  it  was  my  oldest  brother  who  was  smart  ^   

to  St,  Andrew's  College,  I  had  big  shoes  to  till  being  the  3rd  and  youngest  brother  to  attend  SAC  (especially 

-  ,o  ti,„t  1   u,..  — ,  ,  , .  .     Langley.  In  response.  I  was  elected  Prete 

.J  "    q         uciieb....niiiiti  wdb  ui  uuuibe  me  uest  looking.  Or  _     .  _  .    .      ....  , 

academic,  athletic  and  extra-curricular  opportunities  that  ypu  just  don't  see  anywhere  else.  The  brotherhood  on  campus  is  merely  a  s 
Andrean.  I'm  talking  about  the  countless  Friday  and  Saturday  nights  where  the  all  the  lads  would  fire  it  up.  I  would  like  to  extend 

^. .  ^  .  .  same  mistake, 
hen  we  are  all  a  year  apart  in  age).  The  general 
ect  and  Leiand  wasn't,  I  beat  both  their  lacrosse  sconng 
lly  sad  to  be  leaving  St.  Andrew's.  I  was  blessed  with 
)n  campus  is  merely  a  small  portion  of  the  comraderie  that 

^    ,  ,    o  -    -    -  -  - p  I  would  like  to  extend  a  special  thank  you  to  Graeme 

1  Liam  Neuman  for  providing  a  couch  and  blankets  when  I  would  come  home  being  the  loosest  cannon  in  southern  Ontario.  I'm  gonna  miss  my  Ivlemohal  House  family, 
ot  3  years  Rory  and  all  the  boys  who  made  my  4  years  at  SAC  a  life  changing  experience.  Stay  golden. 

Ricardo  De  Sequel ra 

Nicknames:  Ricky,  Randy 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Wind  Ensemble,  SASSAW  trip  to  Tanzania,  Tuck  Shop  Ivlanager 

Comment:  I  can't  believe  that  I'm  already  graduating.  It  feels  just  like  yesterday  that  I  was  in  my  parents'  car  going  up  the  dhveway  for  the  first  time  on  new  boy  orientation  day 
These  have  been  some  of  best  years  of  my  life.  I  have  made  some  great  friends  that  will  last  a  lifetime,  and  learned  a  lot  about  myself.  From  travelling  to  Tanzania  this  past 
August  to  travelling  to  Ottawa  and  Chicago  with  the  band,  I  have  had  some  ot  the  greatest  expenences  of  my  life.  One  the  proudest  moments  of  my  life  was  when  I  reached  the 
summit  of  Mount  Kilimanjaro  when  I  travelled  on  the  SASSAW  trip  to  Tanzania.  I  have  been  very  fortunate  that  my  parents  are  able  and  willing  to  send  me  to  St.  Andrew's  and  f 
they  had  not  sent  me  here,  my  high  school  experience  would  have  been  drastically  different.  I  am  eternally  grateful  for  the  sacnfices  that  they  have  made  for  me  to  go  here. 

iron  DeGagne 

'ih  *'^'^°J"P'ishments:  School  prefect;  MacDonald  House  Captain;  President  of  DECA,  Food  Drive  Association  and  the  Investment  Club:  Co-President  of 
JD,  rnember  of  the  Community  Sen/ice  Council,  Writing  and  Publication  Council  and  Reach  for  the  Top;  McEwen  program;  Cadet  Lieutenant;  1st  Lacrosse 
t-n'  ih°"i^®  ^^^^  °'  Edinburgh  Award,  member  of  Intramural  squash  League;  C.I. 8. A. A.  curiing  champion  2013 

!rh  ^fih  >J^®',''r-y®^'^®'  '  ^3^®  Been  fortunate  to  experience  all  that  St.  Andrews  College  has  to  offer.  I'm  definitely  going  to  miss  the  many  experiences  unique 
mrontc  f  Service,  MacPherson  tournament,  cadet  parade  season,  FOCUS  festival,  SpringSmash,  inter-house  boarding  competitions  etc.  I  would  like  to 
n  ufnJi  'Of, sacnficing  so  much  so  that  I  was  able  to  attend  this  amazing  school  for  four  years  and  transform  from  a  shy  14  year  old  to  school  student  leader.  I 
si  Thori°  I  2012/2013  Prefects.  I  had  an  amazing  time  working  with  you  throughout  the  year  and  1  wish  you  the  best  of  luck  in  your  future 
'hat  maH  '^^     °     '°°  '^apy  students  and  members  of  the  SAC  community  to  list  here  that  nave  made  my  time  at  SAC         '  "   

work  you  do  at  SAC 

:  special.  Finally,  I  want  to  thank  a  few 

enormous  positive  impact  on  my  time  at  SAC;  Mr.  Chadsey,  Mr.  Stewart,  Mr.  Ludwig,  Mr.  Rush,  Mrs.  Ramon  and  Dr.  Joiner.  Thank  you  so  much 


Jordan  Dunin 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  JV  Hockey,  Headmaster's  Honour  Roll 

Comment:  I  would  like  to  thank  my  mom,  dad,  sister,  family  members,  dog,  horses,  donkey,  cow,  minij 
horses  and  cats  for  sending  me  to  such  a  great  learning  establishment  for  the  fundamentals  of  learninq 
SAC  is  the  school  that  I  chose  to  go  to  not  just  because  of  the  academics  and  athletics,  but  because  ol'ie 
atmosphere  that  the  school  creates.  I  have  lost  and  found  many  friends  along  my  travels  within 
St.  Andrew's  College  and  these  friendships  are  what  make  SAC  not  an  ordinary  place. 

Mathew  Durisin 

House:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Four 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Junior  Varsity  Basketball,  Varsity  Golf 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Reach  for  the  Top,  Entrepreneurship  Club 
Community  Service  Hours:  55 

Humza  Elahi 

Hard  to  believe  I'm  finally  graduating.  I  still  remember  my  first  couple  of  days  at  SAC,  being  a  new  boy  at  MacDonald  house  anc  II.  1 
was  your  typical,  super  shy  guy  who  would  try  his  best  to  avoid  everyone  and  instead,  spend  the  night  on  his  laptop. ..Who  am  I 
kidding,  I  am  still  basically  the  same  guy  I  was  four  years  ago.  Either  way,  I'm  happy  and  glad  I  spent  my  high  school  at  SAC.  1': 
met  some  great  people  over  the  years,  trom  students  to  teachers,  and  I  wouldn't  trade  these  couple  of  years  for  anything  in  the  i)rld. 
As  I'm  ready  to  move  on  to  the  next  chapter  of  my  life,  I'd  just  like  to  thank  a  couple  of  people  in  addition  to  all  my  teachers  and  i 
friends  over  the  years:  Senor  Numa  (for  being  one  of  my  best  buds  even  after  almost  failing  his  course  two  years  in  a  row),  Mr. 
Prezens  (for  taking  me  under  his  wing  after  I  was  kicked  from  T's  advisory),  "The  Dogs"  (you  know  who  you  are.,  '  — ' 
(for  taking  care  of  me  throughout  my  years  at  SAC  and  getting  me  througn  some  tough  times). 
Its  been  a  great  time  and  I  couldn't  ask  for  anything  more. 

and  Mr.  Ranin 

James  Elder 

House:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Two 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Scholar 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Flavelle  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  40 

Buban  Firoz 

Nicknames:  Nator,  Boobs 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Won  CISAA  with  SAC  Cricket,  Won  Triple  Gold  with  Wind  Ensemble  7  times,  Played  at  Olympics,  Bass  Section  Leader 

Comment:  I  can  say  without  a  doubt  these  last  four  years  at  St.  Andrews  College  have  been  the  best  of  my  life.  These  last  four  years  1  have  met  many  remarkable  peop  lad 

amazing  experiences,  and  really  evolved  from  being  a  kid  to  a  young  adult.  I  didn't  see  St.  Andrews  College  as  just  a  high-school,  but  rather  a  second  home.  Every  morn  held 

new  lessons,  experiences,  and  laughs.  I  grew  exponentially  as  a  musician,  culminating  with  a  performance  at  the  London  2012  Olympics.  I  grew  as  an  athlete,  winning  C 

with  Varsity  Cricket  in  my  first  year.  I  grew  in  character  as  well,  learning  what  loyalty  to  my  brothers  truly  meant  and  what  it  meant  to  be  a  well-rounded  citizen. 

I'd  like  to  give  a  shout-out  to  those  in  the  TSAEF  (you  know  who  you  are!)  because  without  you  guys  these  last  four  years  wouldn't  have  been  as  much  fun.  Finally,  I'd  llkj) 

thank  my  entire  family  and  especially  my  wonderful  parents  who  allowed  me  to  come  to  SAC  and  put  up  with  long  hours  and  early  mornings  without  complaint.  j 

Reese  Foegele 

House:  Smith  Years  atSAC:  Seven 
Athletics  &  Awards:  JV  Hockey  (MVP),  Varsity  Lacrosse 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Smith  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  72 

Justin  Ford 

House:  Perrier  Years  at  SAC:  Five 
Athletics  &  Awards:  JV  Soccer,  Varsity  Rugby 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  'Ernst'  in  Spring  Awakening  (201 1)  and  'Custis'  in  Crazy  for  You  (201 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platoon  Commander  (Lieutenant),  Perrier  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  292 

cholas  Fournier 

se:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

etics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Lacrosse  (Goalie) 

»r  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Staff  Cadet,  Sifton  Company 

imunity  Service  Hours:  55 

Gerardo  Gadsden  Gonzalez 

House:  Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Rugby  (CMS  Champions,  CISAA  Champions),  Varsity  Swimming  MIP 
(CISAA  200m  Freestyle  Relay  First  Place,  CISAA  200m  Medley  Relay  First  Place,  OFSSA  200m  Freestyle 
Relay  First  Place,  2013  OFSSA  200m  Medley  Relay  First  Place) 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Memorial  Floor  Captain 
Community  Service  Hours:  26 

arc  Gallo 

e:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

tics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Golf  (Captain,  MVP),  Scholar 

» &  Positions  Held:  Andrean  Life  Council 

r  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platinum  Star  Sergeant 

nunity  Service  Hours:  93 

Pefer  God  ber 

Nicknames:  Big  IVIeecii,  Tiie  Godber  Train,  Pancal<es 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  1st  football,  JV  basketball,  Football  team  captain,  Football  MVP,  Addison  award  winner 

Comment:  It's  amazing  wiiat  3  years  ot  hard  work  can  do  for  you.  I've  hiad  so  many  great  memories  iiere.  Sfiout  out  to  tfie  Flavelle  crew;  Ciiudo.  D-Train.  Khi-ktii.  Little  tiunts. 
Chuddy,  Tebow,  Jimmy,  Rocks,  Snaps,  J-mac,  Labs,  and  Roily.  Quad  football,  late  night  scares,  cards,  silent  library,  and  calf  slaps.  Shout  of  to  the  ISOOIbs  crew  lead  by  fat  kid  at 
heart,  Len  Gurr.  Shout  out  to  the  Jv  bailers,  can  you  say  dynasty?  It's  been  an  amazing  3  years  here,  honored  to  win  back  to  Back  CISAA  championships,  go  to  the  metro  bowl, 
and  make  the  playoffs  in  JV  ball.  Big  thanks  to  Coach  Carroll,  Coach  Gurr,  and  Mr.  Stewart.  I've  been  very  fortunate  to  have  been  able  to  attend  St.  Andrew's  College  and  I  want 
to  give  a  big  thanks  to  my  parents  for  all  of  the  sacrifices  they  had  to  make  to  send  me  to  this  school.  Go  Saints!  Go  Owls! 

atthew  Gu'izzeXW 

les:  Guizzetti,  Guz,  Gazzettes,  GusBus 
s  &  Accomplishments:  Pipes  and  Drums  Bass  Drummer,  Best  Cadet  in  Pipes  and  Drums,  Soccer,  Squash,  Triathlon,  Weight  Training,  ITI  Committee 
It:  It's  hard  to  believe  that  six  short  years  ago  I  was  a  short,  anxious  new  boy  entering  the  doors  of  SAC  as  a  student  for  the  first  time.  Now.  the  journey  has  come  to  an 
3een  a  long  but  amazing  ride  and  I  have  enjoyed  every  minute  of  it.  To  my  teachers,  I  would  like  to  say  thank  you  for  always  being  there  to  offer  a  helping  hand  and 
lout  how  we  were  all  doing.  To  my  friends,  I'm  happy  to  have  met  you  all  and  we've  all  had  great  times  together.  I'm  sure  we  will  have  more  great  times  in  the  future.  To 
/,  I  would  like  to  thank  everyone  for  supporting  me  by  coming  out  to  my  events  and  just  for  being  there  for  anything.  Last  but  not  least,  my  parents,  thank  you  for 
ig  you  have  done;  from  putting  me  through  such  an  amazing  school,  to  supporting  me  in  anything  and  everything  over  the  years.  To  all  of  my  fellow  grads,  I  say  farewell 
i  luck.  I  will  miss  this  place  dearly.  Dileas  Gu  Brath. 



House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Soccer  (CISAA  Champions,  CAIS  Champions,  OFSAA  Silver  Medal 
Bird  Tournament  Champions) 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sifton  House  Floor  Captain,  Staff  Cadet  Red  Star  -  Master  Corporal 
Community  Service  Hours:  40 

oencer  Harris 

ise:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 

letics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Lacrosse,  Junior  Varsity  Hockey 
er  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Smith  Company 
imunity  Service  Hours:  55 

Curtis  Harvey 

Nickname:  Harv,  Harvey  Dent,  Dent,  Dent  show.  One  man  two  identities.  Can  he  be  trusted.  Big  Harv 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Hocl<ey,  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Lacrosse,  Varsity  Floorball  #8  for  all  sports,  Flavelle  Assistant  Head  of  House,  McDonald  House  Captain,  Assis  i 
Captain  Varsity  Hockey,  Have  been  known  to  touch  ice  on  occasion. 

Comment:  I  grew  up  in  a  small  town  called  Keswick,  more  or  less  known  for  its  hick  qualities.  There  aren't  to  many  success  stories  that  make  their  way  out  of  Keswick,  but  I  v 
one  of  them.  I  can't  thank  my  parents  enough  for  putting  me  through  St.  Andrew's,  their  countless  efforts  have  allowed  me  to  become  the  person  1  am  today.  I  have  been  able  no 
on  countless  readies  with  boys  of  first  hockey  becoming  both  better  hockey  players  and  better  friends,  hours  upon  hours  of  Jones  with  boys,  and  of  course  the  weekends  withe 
gents.  As  I  grew,  Keswick  was  my  home,  where  all  my  friends  were,  where  I  played  hockey,  where  my  family  was.  Now  I  can  proudly  say  that  St.  Andrew's  and  Aurora  is  nowi' 
home.  This  is  where  I  come  to  hang  out  with  the  lads,  this  where  I  played  my  hockey,  and  this  is  where  I  will  continue  to  keep  in  touch  with  my  friends  for  the  rest  of  my  life,  i 
Because  of  St.  Andrew's  I  am  able  to  do  this.  Going  past  this  year,  I  go  into  my  first  year  of  Jr.  "A"  hockey  with  the  Bronchiole  Braves.  I  wish  all  the  boys  the  very  best  and  carLait 
for  the  old  boy  reunions  and  pub  nights  to  come.  Cheers!!!   " 

Michael  Hastings-Grgas 

House:  Perrier  Years  at  SACTtwo 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Fencing  (MVP,  Captain) 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant 
Community  Service  Hours:  41 

Zain  Hemani 

It  seems  like  just  yesterday,  I  was  sitting  in  Ketchum  Auditorium  for  the  Grade  7  New  Boy  Orientation.  The  last  6  years  of  my  life  flew  by  so  quickly.  It  has  been  a  great  ride 
life-changing  experience  to  say  the  least.  I  feel  extremely  fortunate  to  have  had  the  opportunity  to  attend  such  a  great  school.  I  would  like  to  thank  my  parents  for  giving  mi 
opportunity  and  supporting  me  through  my  entire  journey.  This  school  is  truly  like  no  other.  The  memories  and  experiences  1  have  collected  over  my  time  here,  I  will  definit 
cherish  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  This  includes  winning  back-to-back  CISAA  Championships  and  even  participating  in  cadets  every  single  Thursday.  Although  high  school  wa 
fantastic  time,  I'm  definitely  looking  fonward  to  the  next  chapter  in  my  life  and  I  plan  to  take  everything  I  learned  here  at  SAC  into  the  real  world.  I  would  like  to  give  a  sped: 
thanks  to  all  my  friends,  my  advisor:  Mr.  McCue,  and  teachers:  Mr.  Day,  Mr.  Manning,  Ms.  Jakubovic,  Mr.  Ludwig  and  even  my  Middle  School  advisor,  Ms.  Denwin  for  mak 
SAC  that  much  better. 

Adam  Henriques 

House:  iViemorial  Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Junior  Varsity  Basl<etball 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Memorial  Company 

Community  Service  Hours:  50 

Sean  Huang 

House:  Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Junior  Varsity  Basketball 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Memorial  Company 

Community  Service  Hours:  50 

Lucas  Hussey 

House:  Laidlaw  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Rugby 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Community  Service  Council 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Pipes  and  Drums,  Master  Warrant  Officer 

Community  Service  Hours:  148 

Roland  Hynscht 

anf Jeong 

je:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

s  &  Positions  Held:  Book  Club  (Vice-President) 

r  Leadersliip/Cadet  Roles:  Clarinet  Section  Leader,  Warrant  Officer 

munity  Service  Hours:  46 


House:  Flavelle 
Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Flavelle  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  32 

iivng  WooJin 

is:  Young  Wayne,  Young  Swain,  Old  Woo,  Youngwoo  Jin  of  the  Woo  tang  Clan 
&  Accomplishments;  Prefect,  SLG,  DECA,  SAFDA 

:  I  still  remember  ttie  moment  standing  at  ttie  podium  of  tfie  Carol  Service.  As  we  sang  ttie  finale  song,  I  tiad  never  been  so  moved  by  students,  especially  ttnose  who 
uating.  That  was  the  first  moment  that  I  started  to  realized  that  I  was  graduating,  after  seeing  the  school  as  one.  That  was  the  one  moment  in  my  life  that  I  will  carry  on 
1  When  I  first  came  to  SAC,  I  was  worried.  I  was  worried  about  the  new  environment  and  the  new  people.  And  now  that  I  am  leaving.  I  am  worried.  I  am  worried  about 
!  environment  that  I  am  so  accustomed  to.  I  can't  believe  that  I  am  finally  graduating  after  experiencing  4  years  of  brotherhood  at  St.  Andrew  s  college.  I  always  thought 
g  to  an  all  boys'  school  was  a  mistake.  However,  my  perspectives  have  changed  after  the  Carol  Service.  My  experience  at  SAC  would  have  been  unendurable  if  I 
n  the  value  of  brotherhood.  I  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity  to  show  my  gratitude  to  my  friends  and  "The  Dogs"  for  the  fabulous  final  year.  I  would  also  like  to  thank 
s  for  allowing  me  to  study  aboard.  Last  but  not  least,  my  teachers  and  my  advisor  for  encouraging  me  to  pursue  greatness. 

Jacob  Kearley 

House:  Laidlaw  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Hockey  (CISAA  Champions,  MacPherson  Tournament  Cliampions,  Named 
to  All-Star  Team),  Varsity  Rugby,  Junior  Varsity  Hockey  (MVP) 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Andrean  Life 
Community  Service  Hours:  78 

\6re\N  Keenleyside 

lank  my  mom  and  dad  for  giving  me  the  opportunity  to  attend  St.  Andrew's  College;  I  am  so  grateful  for  all  of  the  support  they  have  given  me.  St.  Andrew's  College  has 
all  of  the  key  skills  that  I  will  need  to  succeed  in  the  future.  When  I  started  here  in  grade  7  I  was  a  very  shy,  introverted  person.  This  school  has  helped  me  become  a 
i  a  well-rounded  person.  Thank  you  to  entire  Faculty  and  Staff  body  at  S.A.C  for  helping  me  grow  and  supporting  me  through  my  time  here;  it  is  greatly  appreciated. 
1  to  Mr.  Michael  Hanson  tor  believing  in  me  and  helping  me  succeed.  I  want  to  thank  Mr.  McGillivray  and  Mr.  Inglis  for  being  exceptional  role  models  for  me  and  for 
ne  valuable  leadership  and  life  skills;  skills  that  will  continue  to  help  me  succeed  in  the  future.  Thank  you  to  Mr.  Roffey  for  being  such  a  great  mentor  and  for  always 
me  with  advice  when  I  needed  it.  Thank  you  to  Miss  Thorne  for  providing  me  with  constant  support  through  high  school,  for  always  being  there  when  I  needed  to  speak 
le,  and  for  always  making  me  feel  happy,  even  during  the  most  stressful  of  times.  Most  importantly,  thank  you  to  every  single  student  at  St.  Andrew's  College,  and 
my  fellow  graduates.  I  can  say  without  any  doubt  in  my  mind  that  if  it  weren't  for  you  guys  I  would  not  be  the  person  I  am  today.  Thank  you  every  member  of  the  SAC 
y.  I  will  be  faithful  to  this  school  forever. 

Alex  Kharouk 

House:  Flavelle 
Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Flavelle  Company 

Comment:  "True  terror  is  to  wake  up  one  morning  and  discover  that  your  high  school  class  is  running  the 
country."  -  Kurt  Vonnegut 
Community  Service  Hours:  40 

am  Killops 

e:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

tics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Golf,  Varsity  Football,  Junior  Varsity  Hockey 

5  &  Positions  Held:  Athletic  Council  (Head),  Student  Lead  Groups,  McEwan  Leadership 


nunity  Service  Hours:  46 

Erik  Kim  merer 

I  Nicknames:  Kimmer,  Kimbo,  EK  Fade  Away,  Kimmerererererer 

I  Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Thistle  Council,  MS  House  Captain,  Editor  of  the  Review. 

I  Achievements:  Varsity  Baseball  Captain  and  MVP,  Varsity  Football  CISAA  Champions  and  MIP,  Headmaster's  Honour  Roll,  Lieutenant  of  Laidlaw  House. 
I  Comment:  I  would  like  to  thank  everyone  who  supported  me  during  my  career  at  St.  Andrew's.  From  my  time  in  the  Middle  School  I  would  like  to  especially  thank  my  advist 
I  Mr.  Ruscitti  and  Mr.  Hanson,  along  with  my  Rhys.  Ed.  teacher  Mrs.  Perrier.  From  my  time  in  the  Upper  School  I  would  like  to  thank  my  advisor  and  Economics  teacher  Mr  i 
I  Service,  my  Visual  Arts  teacher  Mr.  Paolini,  my  baseball  coach  and  Politics  teacher  Mr.  Biasi,  and  of  course  my  Media  Arts  teacher,  my  Dad.  All  of  these  teachers,  along  witiiv 
I  close  friends  (you  know  who  you  are),  helped  shape  me  into  the  complete  man  that  I  am  today.  I  truly  feel  that  St.  Andrew's  has  stayed  true  to  its  mission  statement,  becausi 
latter  spending  seven  great  years  within  its  walls,  I  feel  ready  to  take  on  the  world  as  a  well-rounded  citizen.  1  want  to  thank  my  parents  for  breaking  their  bank  account  to  seil-no 
Ito  SAC,  and  for  always  supporting  me.  I  turned  out  pretty  good,  eh?  i 

Louis  Kwok  (Tsoi) 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  3  on  3  Basketball,  Nordic  Skiing,  Weight  Training,  Scholar  &  Merit  Pin 

Icomment:  Two  years  ago  when  I  first  came  to  Canada,  I  had  to  make  a  decision  on  which  school  I  was  going  to  attend.  I  had  two 
loptions,  one  was  SAC,  and  the  other  one  was  UCC.  I  visited  UCC  first.  The  students  at  UCC  were  not  very  friendly  and  were  very 
1  unwelcoming.  The  next  day  I  came  to  visit  SAC,  and  I  was  stunned  by  the  gorgeous  campus  and  the  residences  at  SAC.  The 
Istudents  at  SAC  were  very  friendly  and  nice.  By  the  end  of  the  day  I  made  the  decision  to  come  to  St.  Andrew's  without  a  doubt. 
iThis  year,  I  am  graduating  from  SAC  and  I  am  so  glad  I  made  the  right  decision  two  years  ago  to  come  to  here.  Thank  you. 

Raliim  Ladak 

House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Volleyball  (MVP,  Captain),  Varsity  Basketball,  Varsity  Rugby 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Student  Lead  Groups  (President),  Prefect 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Lieutenant  of  Green  Star,  Platoon  Commander  (Lieutenant) 

Community  Service  Hours:  113 


Curtis  Lai 

House:  Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Four 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Cross  Country  (MVP),  Varsity  Cricket  (CISAA  Champion) 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Anime,  Photography,  GO 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Memorial  Floor  Captain,  Arts  Council,  Language  Leadership  (VP), 
Sliver  Star  Staff,  Platoon  Warrant  Officer,  Memorial  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  146 

\Joel  Lat 

Nicl<name:  Lattice,  Pineapple 
Accomplisliments:  SacPras  President,  Caught  all  649  Pokemon,  Robocup  Finalist 

Comment:  When  I  first  came  to  SAC  I  was  scared;  I'm  not  the  most  social  person  and  the  fear  of  not  fitting  in  was  there.  Howe  r  I 
was  quickly  swept  into  the  community  of  SAC  and  never  looked  back.  The  memories  and  friends  I  made  will  last  me  a  life  time  .id 
are  something  that  I  will  always  treasure.  Though  I'm  sad  to  say  goodbye,  I  look  fonward  to  the  future  and  everything  it  holds.  I  m 
to  thank  my  parents  for  putting  me  through  this  amazing  experience  and  the  many  personalities  that  I've  met  that  shaped  me  aa 
person.  I  see  now  that  the  circumstances  of  one's  birth  are  irrelevant;  it  is  what  you  do  with  the  gift  of  life  that  determines  who  yl 
are.  It's  not  what  you  have  but  what  you  do  that  will  make  your  life  that  much  better.  i 

lAndy  Lee 

House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Five 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Squash  (CISAA  Champions),  Economics  Award 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  SACPrAs  (President),  Business  Consulting  Club,  DECA  (Vice-President), 

Assistant  Head  of  House  (Sifton  House) 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Pipes  and  Drums 

Community  Service  Hours:  310 


lAngus  Lee 

I  Comment:  When  I  came  to  SAC  in  Grade  9  as  a  boarder,  it  was  the  biggest  change  in  my  life.  Living  on  my  own,  doing  my  own  laundry,  managing  my  own  timP5^"  ' 
easy  for  me.  However,  with  the  helps  from  my  friends,  I  was  able  to  adapt  to  the  changes  pretty  quickly.  Over  the  past  four  years,  I  have  changed  a  lot;  becomiip  "i" 
independent  and  mature  teenager  than  I  used  to  be,  and  it  is  all  a  credit  to  St,  Andrew  s  College.  The  success  and  failure  within  the  past  four  years  became  les|is  "i-j 
I  will  not  forget  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  I  would  also  like  to  say  a  thank  you  to  my  parents  for  giving  me  such  an  amazing  opportunity  and  enjoyable  experence  in  ,  iiib- 
would  like  to  thank  my  advisor  and  housemaster,  Mr.Ramon.  He  helped  me  a  lot  since  grade  nine  and  helped  me  to  keep  on  track  in  my  academics  until  the  aW'" 
in  SAC.  Furthermore,  I  want  to  thank  all  of  my  friends  for  making  my  life  much  more  interesting  than  it  could  have  been.  Finally,  we  graduate  from  high  school  ap'^H 
into  another  stage  of  our  life.  I  wish  every  graduate  the  best  in  the  years  to  come. 

m  tne  lasin^"""" 
I  school  a  step 

uglas  Lee 

-lavelle    Years  at  SAC:  Two 

5  &  Awards:  Varsity  Cross  Country,  Varsity  Badminton,  JV  Swimming 

Positions  Held:  Writing  and  Publication  Council  (Editor),  Andrean  Life  Committee,  Arts  Council  Committee,  Student  Led 
utor),  Strings  Ensemble,  Wind  Ensemble,  Christian  Fellowship 
ladershlp/Cadet  Roles:  Flavelle  House  Floor  Captain,  Band 
lity  Service  Hours:  70 

Khiari  Lespere 

Nicknames:  Ki  Ki 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Assistant  Head  of  House  of  Flavelle,  Varsity  Soccer,  Varsity  Rugby 
IComment:  My  time  at  SAC  has  been  amazing  and  life  changing.  The  fun  times  in  the  boarding  houses 
with  friends.  From  going  outside  on  the  quad  to  play  football  during  the  spring  time,  too  spending  winters 
at  the  movies  with  friends.  I'd  like  to  thank  the  St.  Andrews  community  as  a  whole.  Also  special  thanks  to 
iMr.  Stewart  my  housemaster,  and  Mr.  Manning  my  advisor  and  soccer  coach. 

ron  Leung 

/s,  I  would  be  content  with  time  being  on  a  continuous  loop  from  September  2006  to  June  2013  or  randomly  revisiting  certain  events  from  my  time  at  SAC.  It  was  a 
had  "tri"-ed,  accrued  many  kilometers  on  my  swimming  odometer,  devoted  many  hours  for  band  rehearsal,  done  my  fair  share  of  drill,  had  countless  conversations  in 
,  etc...  Most  importantly  though,  it  was  a  time  when  I  met  and  befriended  many  great  friends,  and  faculty  members.  Words  cannot  fully  describe  how  fortunate  I  feel  to 

hen  I  hang  my  SAC  Blazer  up  for  the  last  time,  and  as  Grade  12  marks  slowly  lose  their  significance,  my  memories  of  SAC  will  inevitably  go  slightly  blurrier  with  every 

.  I  will  eventually  find  myself  unable  to  empathize  with  my  former  Grade  12  self  as  to  why  I  cared  so  much  about  my  extraordinary  SAC  experiences. 

jating  and  non-graduating  classmates:  Best  of  luck  and  hope  we  keep  in  touch!  To  all  my  teachers  over  the  years:  Thank  you  so  much!  Your  efforts  do  not  go 

ed!  To  my  parents:  Thank  you  for  sending  me  to  SAC!  Finally,  to  my  future  self:  The  answer  is  6,  "Who  whipped  that?"  and  Turn-2-3,  Wait-2-3,  Up-2-3, 


William  Liang 

I  House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Three 

lAthletics  &  Awards:  Canadian  Mathematics  Competition  Cayley  Contest  (Champions),  Canadian  Mathematics  Competition  Fermat 
IContest  (Champions),  American  Mathematics  Competition  (Champions) 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Math  Club  (President),  CCS  (Vice-President) 

lother  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Represented  Canada  at  the  International  RoboCup  Competition,  Staff  Cadet 
I  Community  Service  Hours:  32 

omas  Little 

:  Laidlaw  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

05  &  Awards:  Varsity  Volleyball,  Varsity  Baseball,  Musicfest  Excellence  Award 

6  Positions  Held:  Outreach  Council  Member,  Music  Council  Member 
Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Percussion  Section  Leader,  Band  Leader 
unity  Service  Hours:  70 

iJason  Lo 

House:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Athletics  &  Awards:  The  Edwin  Erikson  Prize  for  Community  Service 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  First  Flute,  Band  Leader,  Writing  and  Publication  Council  Member,  Academic  Council.  Music  Council. 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Wind  Ensemble  Company  Band  Officer  (Lieutenant) 
Community  Service  Hours:  881 


s:  Mack,  JMack 

&  Accomplishments:  First  Hockey  (2  years)  (Assistant  Captain)  First  Soccer  (2  Years),  First  Triathlon  (2012)  First  Track  &  Field  (2013).  Memorial  House 

>use,  Memorial  Company  GSM,  Silver  Star  Staff  Cadet  (Rank  MWO) 

th  "^'"3  '°  ^''3'^®  ''         the  best  decision  I  ever  made.  I  have  met  so  many  amazing  people,  and  had  so  many  amazing  expenences  in  both  grade 

tney  will  be  ones  that  I  will  never  forget.  Playing  tor  First  Hockey  was  an  amazing  experience,  and  it  also  helped  move  my  career  in  hockey  to  the  next  level 
araer  in  Memorial  was  also  a  riot,  as  a  part  of  the  "Family"  with  Liam,  Rory,  and  Dev.  I  will  never  forget  the  week  nights  after  study,  playing  pool,  watching 
'' w  ri!"^  each  other.  The  weekends  were  also  a  gong-show.  We  had  such  a  close  group  of  friends,  and  we  tore  up  the  town  of  Aurora  like  we  owned  the 
uw  like  to  give  a  huge  thank  you  to  My  House  Masters  Mr.  Carroll,  and  Mr.  Trevisan,  as  well  as  the  Perriers.  Overall,  I  will  never  forget  my  time  here:  it  trulv 
le  best  2  years  of  my  life.  I  hope  to  keep  in  touch  with  my  friends,  and  can't  wait  to  come  back  as  an  Old  Boy.  Dileas  Gubrath. 

or  MacLean 

House:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football  (Champions) 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  SAC  Drama,  Crazy  For  You  (Lead),  Spring  Awakening,  Debating 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Company  Commander  (Captain),  Ramsey  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  63 

Joshua  Mahfood 

Nicknames:  Josh,  General,  My  Ute,  Mahfy,  Foo  Foo 
Activities  &  Accomplishments:  1st  Soccer  (2x  CISAA  Champion,  CAIS  Champion)  1st  Squash  (2x  CISAA  Champion,  Captain),  1st 
Crici<et  (CISAA  Champion,  Most  Improved  Player) 

Comment:  My  three  years  at  SAC  have  been  the  best  years  of  my  life.  It  has  become  a  home  away  from  home,  and  I  couldn't  have 
asked  for  a  better  place  to  spend  my  last  3  years  of  high  school.  Playing  sting  pong  with  the  boys,  and  ordering  pizza  at  2am  are 
things  I  will  never  forget.  I  want  to  thank  SAC  for  allowing  me  to  mature  in  to  the  person  I  am  today.  Most  of  all,  I  want  to  thank  My 
Family  and  God  for  sticking  by  my  side  through  the  good  times  and  the  bad.  Thank  you  SAC,  for  everything 

Jonathan  McConnell 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Scholars,  Merit  Pin,  MIP  of  Lac 

ccompllshments:  Scholars,  Merit  Pin,  MIP  ot  Lacrosse,  Best  Hair  award 
Comment:  Bitter  Sweet  describes  my  years  at  SAC. Being  a  student  here  for  6  years  is  crazy  to  think  about  because  it  felt  just  o 
short.  If  anything  St.  Andrew's  has  changed  my  life  and  has  made  me  a  better  person,  and  the  person  I  am  today.  Shout  out  tcie 
boys,  hate  you  guys,  this  year  sucked!!  Cares  though!!  (Jokes).  Some  awesome  moments  I  won't  forget  are  Jack  and  Cole  hel,ig 
me  to  my  feet  to  finish  my  climb  to  the  top  of  Mount  Kilimanjaro  even  though  I  refused,  mucking  JV  puck  for  the  one  and  only  Esi 
and  his  partner  in  crime  Joe  Foote,  and  playing  lacrosse  for  one  of  the  top  coaches  in  Ontario  Gregory  Reid  and  making  me  Ih' 
player  I  am  today.  Thank  you  to  Mr.  Shrimpton  and  Mr.  Josselyn  for  always  having  my  back  in  tough  situations,  and  to  my  par^  sfc 
giving  me  the  blessing  to  come  here  in  the  first  place.  And  last  but  not  least..  PLEASE  DONATE.  Brought  to  you  by  'The  Not  a] 
Ordinary  Place  Campaign'  1 

Jack  McDonald 

House:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Senior  Cross-Country  (MVP),  Annual  Cross-Country  Run  (Channpion),  Varsity  Hockey  (MVP,  MacPherson 
Champions,  MacPherson  Team  All-Star,  J.P.  McClocklin  MacPherson  MVP  Award,  MPHL  Champion,  CISAA  Champion),  Varsity 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Res-Life  Committee 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  School  Prefect,  Company  Commander  (Captain),  Flavelle  Company  (The  Brian  G.  Armstrong 
Trophy  for  best  Platoon) 
Community  Service  Hours:  106 
Extended  French  Certificate  Recipient 

Ho/y  McGuire 

to  |er 

Comment:  There  is  a  lot  I  could  say  about  my  4  years  here  at  SAC.  It  has  been  a  special  time  in  my  life  that's  been  filled  with  memories  and  friendships  that  I  hope 
Friday  nights,  championship  weekends,  Carol  Service,  Homecoming,  MacPherson,  are  all  memories  I'll  never  forget.  A  big  shout  out  goes  to  all  the  fellas,  we've  had  sol'  wiia 
times,  but  most  importantly  we've  had  the  best  of  times.  A  Big  thanks  goes  to  the  Neuman  residence  for  always  hosting  the  lads  on  weekends.  To  Devon,  the  last  threeiars 
have  been  quite  the  time  being  roomies.  Thanks  for  always  putting  up  with  me.  As  for  teachers,  Mr.  Manning  for  being  my  advisor  of  the  years,  he's  taught  me  a  lot  of  I' 
lessons  and  I  look  to  him  as  a  role  model.  Thanks  to  Mr.  Brennagh,  Mr.  Chadsey  and  Juice  for  all  your  support,  especially  in  my  graduating  year  through  some  rough  tin;.  Mr. 
Carroll  and  Mr.  Trevisan,  thanks  for  all  you've  done  as  housemasters  and  keeping  our  tradition  alive.  Last  but  not  least,  I  would  like  to  thank  the  Perrier's  for  their  undiviiJ  love 
and  support  they  showed  me  over  the  years  in  Memorial  House.  It  has  been  a  great  ride  at  SAC,  a  chapter  in  my  life  that  I  will  never  forget.  "Quit  Ye  Like  Men.  Be  Stror' 


Mac  Mcintosh 

House:  Smith    Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Cross  Country,  Varsity  Squash,  Varsity  Tennis 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Prefect,  Smith  Head  of  House 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platoon  Commander  (Lieutenant),  Smith  Company,  Student  Lead  Groups 
Community  Service  Hours:  385 
Extended  French  Certificate  Recipient 


David  McMillan 

Nicknames:  McPally,Dave,  McMillion,  McChillin',  Mac,  DaFeef,  Gago,  Doom 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  President  of  Anime/Manga  club,  Co-Founder  of  RTS  club.  Member  of  the  Pipes  &  Djtis, 
Cured  rhinopharyngitis.  Solved  Goldbach's  conjecture. 
Comment:  I've  been  at  SAC  since  grade  7,  and  now  it's  time  to  go.  It's  a  kind  of  a  bitter-sweet  moment,  knowing  I'm  gngto 
be  leaving  for  bigger  things.  I  hope  that  the  school  continues  to  thrive  and  grow,  and  become  an  even  better  place  tor 
students.1  couldrVt  possibly  not  thank  my  parents  for  sacrificing  so  much  to  put  me  into  this  school,  and  I  want  them  tcinow 
that  it  has  meant  the  world  to  me.  Whenever  there  is  a  meeting,  a  parting  shall  follow.  But  that  parting  needs  not  last  ti'5ver. 
Whether  a  parting  be  forever  or  merely  for  a  short  while...  that  is  up  to  you.   ; 

hn  Joseph  Mitchell 

ed  to  thank  my  parents  for  sending  nne  here.  With  out  there  guidance  and  support  I  would  never  be  where  I  am  now.  St. 
s  College  has  been  my  home  for  the  past  four  years.  I  have  learned  so  much  from  the  school  not  only  in  the  class  room  but  in 
nforgettable  experiences  like  Battle  Fields  Tour,  Disney  Trip,  Shawnigan  Lake  Rugby  CMS  Tournament  and  rooming  with 
ood.  All  my  close  friends  have  made  going  to  high  school  so  much  more  enjoyable  and  exciting,  and  are  now  my  brothers, 
ids  that  I  have  made  are  incredible  and  something  that  I  will  never  forget.  Dileas  Gu  Brath! 

Adam  Moodie 

Nicknames:  Moods,  Dini,  the  Magic  Man 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Captain  of  1  st  Hockey.  1  st  Soccer,  Head  of  Flavelle  House,  Company  Sergeant  Major  of  Flavelle  Company. 

Comment:  Wtien  I  came  to  St.  Andrews  in  grade  1 1  it  was  a  stepping  stone  for  my  next  fiockey  move  in  my  career.  Very  quickly  it  became  mucti  more  than  that  for  I  found 
myself  in  an  atmosphere  surrounded  by  people  who  wanted  to  help  and  push  me  to  succeed.  Although  I  was  a  very  weak  student  before  coming  here  I  found  myself  achieving 
my  goals  in  the  classroom  and  in  my  sports.  This  place  isn't  special  because  of  all  its  amazing  facilities,  its  special  because  of  the  people  who  are  here.  I  will  also  never  forget  the 
endless  nights  with  the  fellas  and  I'm  sure  there  will  be  more.  I  wish  I  could  thank  everyone  but  the  list  could  go  on  forever,  but  a  special  shout  out  to  Mr.  Stewart  my  house 
master  who  has  always  been  there  for  me  in  my  worst  times  and  my  best  time.  Coach  Manning  for  helping  teach  me  more  than  just  lessons  about  hockey  but  also  for  life  and 

/a/7  Moon 

\e:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

jtics  &  Awards:  Badminton(MIP),  AP  Scholar  with  Honor,  Headmaster's  Honor  Roll 
s  &  Positions  Held:  Writing  and  Publication  Council,  The  Thistle  (Director  of  Art  Photography), 
SACKA  (President) 

r  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Macdonald  House  House  Captain,  Platinum  Star 
munlty  Service  Hours:  47 

Ibrahim  Moustafa 

Nicknames:  Ibby,  Ibby  Jeeby,  lbs. 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Andrean  Life  Council,  Lieutenant  of  Smith  Company,  JV  Soccer,  Track  and  Field 
Comment:  The  past  four  years  have  just  flown  by,  and  I  can  truly  say  that  I  will  miss  this  place.  These  years  have  been  the  expehence  of  a  lifetime  full  of  memories  that  I  will 
remember  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  During  my  time  at  SAC,  1  have  made  friendships  that  will  last  a  lifetime.  I  have  had  many  positive  experiences  and  memones  at  this  school  that 
will  live  with  me  forever  including.  Highlights  of  my  SAC  career  include  JV  Soccer  CISAA  Silver  Medalists,  being  on  various  committees  and  clubs,  receiving  a  high  position  in 
cadets,  and  being  part  of  the  Andrean  brotherhood  each  and  every  day.  Although  I  have  succeeded  many  times,  I  have  also  had  numerous  failures,  St.  Andrew  s  has  taught  me 
how  to  use  those  failures  as  learning  experiences  and  grow  from  them,  this  being  one  of  the  many  lessons  I  have  learned  at  this  school.  Being  part  of  the  Andrean  brotherhood  is 
an  experience  like  no  other,  so  thank  you  to  all  the  boys  to  being  there  for  me  through  thick  and  thin  and  creating  memories  that  will  last  forever,  hopefully  we  will  all  be  connected 
for  a  long  time!  My  parents  are  the  2  people  I  would  like  to  thank  most  of  all  for  sending  me  here,  without  them  this  experience  would  have  never  happened.  I  couldn't  have  asked 
for  a  better  four  years  full  of  experiences  and  people  I  will  never  forget. 

timw  Mullick 

Oman,  uthboy 

uote:  "One  day,  you'll  be  a  man."  And  "you're  such  a  wutfle  mucker." 

:  There  are  not  enough  words  to  describe  the  experiences  and  lessons  I  have  had  and  learned  at  SAC,  instead  I  want  to  thank  all  the  people  who  have  significantly 
ly  life. 

)ig  shout  out  to  my  whole  family  for  all  the  sacrifices  they  have  made  to  benefit  me.  To  my  dad  for  actually  allowing  me  to  attend  SAC,  My  mom  for  making  my  life 
convenient.  My  younger  brothers  who  made  every  evening  bright,  to  my  older  brothers  wno  provided  me  with  goals  and  inspiration  to  work  harder  and  lastly  to  my  only 
supplied  me  with  unwavering  motivation. 

To  all  the  friends  I  have  made,  I  sincerely  thank  you.  We  have  had 
liftallday.  Sir  WuffleMucker,  BDL,  Ibiibi,  the  White/Asian  anime  clul 

g  Flavelle  crew.  The  Dogs,  The  rowdy  physics  bunch  and  lastly  the  multi-cultural  statistics  group 
0  made  me  realize  what  the  SAC  experience  is. 

ik  you  Ms.  Thorne-  for  managing  to  never  flip  out  at  me,  when  any  sane  teacher  would,  and  Mr.  Frozen  for  teaching  me  to  love  what  you  do 

jld  not  be  the  man  I  am  today  without  you  guys,  you're  the 

Graham  Munro 

House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Five 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Most  Improved  Average  (Grade  10) 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Anime  Club  (Vice-President) 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Master  Corporal,  Sifton  Company 

Community  Service  Hours:  50 

nan  Nasser 

y.  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 
tics  &  Awards:  JV  Hoops 

>  &  Positions  Held:  Reach  for  the  Top,  Ball  at  Break  Club  (Co-founder) 
Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Smith  Company 
nunlty  Service  Hours:  63 

Ryan  Neiman 

Nicknames:  Neiman 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  U16  &  JV  Basketball,  U16  Soccer,  Cross  Country,  Track  &  Field,  Reach  for  the  Top,  Geoqrapl- 
Challenge  Champion, 

Comment:  I'd  like  to  thank  my  parents  for  providing  me  the  opportunity  to  attend  this  school  and  enjoy  all  the  unique  experience  t 
had  to  offer.  I  have  thoroughly  enjoyed  myself  over  these  last  four  years,  from  the  fields  to  the  gallery  and  the  basKetbalfcourt  toie 
boarding  houses,  I  feel  like  I  nave  grown  up  here  and  St.  Andrew's  will  always  hold  a  special  place  in  my  heart.  I  hope  to  keep  inl 
touch  with  everyone  and  always  remember;  for  the  glory.  i 

Liam  Neuman 

House:  Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Hockey  (CISAA  Champion,  MPHL  Champions,  Macpherson  Champions), 

Junior  Varsity  Soccer  (CISAA  Finalists) 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Memorial  Assistant  Head  of  House 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Warrant  Officer,  Memorial  Company 

Community  Service  Hours:  110 

1/l/esf  OchocinskI 

House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Two 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Tennis 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Investment  Club,  Chess  Club,  Model  UN  Club 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Kitchen  Moderator  (Sifton  House),  Varsity  Football  (Manager) 

Community  Service  Hours:  149 

Dilip  Ojha 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  JV  Swim  Team,  SacPras,  DECA,  Headmasters  Honour  Roll,  Top  10  (4th  place).  Green  Star  Staff 
Cadet,  Lieutenant  of  Perrier  House. 

Comment:  I  started  attending  St.  Andrew's  College  in  grade  11 .  In  two  years,  I  made  a  lot  of  friends  who  I  hope  to  maintain  contact 
with  in  the  future.  I  spent  so  much  time  in  the  school  that  it  has  become  a  second  home  to  me.  Looking  back  at  my  time  spent  in  St. 
Andrew's,  my  only  regret  is  that  I  did  not  come  here  earlier.  I  would  like  to  thank  the  teachers,  staff,  and  my  classmates  for  supporting 
me.  My  years  at  SAC  will  be  years  that  I  will  remember  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  I  don't  want  to  say  goodbye  because  I  believe  that  this 
is  not  the  last  time  I  will  set  foot  in  the  school. 

Jac/c  O'Neill 

It  has  been  a  great  6  years  and  there  have  been  so  many  unforgettable  experiences  that  I  have  had  apt. 
Andrew's.  From  playing  on  the  sports  fields,  to  being  in  focus,  and  just  partying  with  all  of  the  boys,  Tn 
definitely  going  to  miss  it.  I  would  like  to  thank  my  parents  for  sending  me  here  and  putting  up  with  mej 
through  all  the  years,  and  I  would  like  to  thank  all  of  my  teachers  for  helping  me  through  the  years.  Sejya 
SAC!  Dileas  Gu  Brath.  \ 

Jack  Park 

House:  Sifton    Years  at  SAC:  Six 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Badminton,  Varsity  Fencing 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Student  Led  Group,  Senior  Mathematics  (Helper),  Thistle  Magazine  Design 
Group,  Wind  Ensemble  Band 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Community  Service  Council 
Community  Service  Hours:  209 

Austin  Pugliese 

Nicknames:  pug,  pugger,  pugs 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Mac  House  Captain,  Sifton  Floor  Captain,  Varsity  Lacrosse,  Headmaster's  Honour  Rc 
Comment:  It's  been  a  great  4  years  here  at  SAC.  I've  met  a  bunch  of  awesome  people  and  made  a  ton  of  great  friendsp  1 1 
never  forget,  some  of  whom  will  be  my  friends  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  There  are  so  many  amazing  memories  that  I  have 'm 
my  time  here,  whether  it  was  hanging  out  in  a  friend's  room,  tanning  on  the  quad  or  visiting  the  lawn  bowling  club,  this  ppe 
has  changed  my  life.  I  would  like  to  thank  all  of  the  teachers  that  put  up  with  me  for  my  time  here.  As  well,  I'd  like  to  thai'  my 
parents  for  sending  me  here  and  giving  me  the  great  opportunities  that  this  school  has  to  offer.  : 

illiam  Qiu 

ames:  QQ,  WeiGe 

ties  &  Accomplishments:  U16  Tennis,  Varsity  Track  and  Field,  Varsity  Badnninton,  String 
nble,  Staff  Cadet  of  Gold  Star,  Lieutenant  of  Memorial  Company,  President  of  Chinese  Cultural 
:y,  Ellsworth  Trophy  for  Best  Platoon 

rient:  I  just  want  to  thank  my  parents  for  sending  me  to  SAC.  I  love  this  school.  I  will  never  forget  that 
n  Andrean. 

Jackson  Redmond 

House:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  JV  Soccer,  Varsity  Basketball,  Varsity  Golf 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  DECA,  Investment  Club 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Academic  Council 
Community  Service  Hours:  54 

)nnor  C.  Ritchie 

Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

;s  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football  (CISAA  Champions),  Varsity  Alpine  Skiing,  Varsity  Triathlon,  Varsity  Baseball,  McEwen 
ship  Award,  McEwen  Entrepreneurship  Fair  (Best  Overall  Business  Plan) 
li  Positions  Held:  Prefect,  Assistant  Head  of  House,  Smith  House,  Outreach  Committee,  DECA 
.eadersliip/Cadet  Roles:  Pipe  Sergeant  (Warrant  Officer),  St.  Andrew's  College  Pipes  &  Drums,  SASSAW  Brazil 
jnity  Service  Hours:  181 

Hunter  Robertson 

House:  Flavelle 
Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Junior  Varsity  Swimming,  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Rugby 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Photographers  of  SAC 
Community  Service  Hours:  42 

lance  Rodin 

Grading,  Ranee,  Chodin,  Rodin, 
&  Accomplishments:  U1 2  Soccer  IVIVP,  U14  LAX  IVIIP,  First  Lieutenant  of  the  Flag  Party,  Member  of  Varsity  Lacrosse, 
Wagush"  "Cares"  "The  boys!"  "Ehhh" 

As  I  sit  tiere  writing  my  grad  comment  during  my  last  week  at  SAC  I  reminisce  on  the  great  times  I've  had  at  this  school.  Since  coming  to  St.  Andrews  College  in 
is  hard  to  believe  it  is  all  over.  I  would  lil<e  to  thank  my  parents  for  all  of  the  sacrifices  they  have  made  to  send  me  to  St.  Andrew's.  The  class  of  2013  has  been  a  huge 
Id  I  would  like  to  thank  the  teachers  who  had  to  put  up  with  us,  for  grinding  it  out  and  giving  us  a  great  experience.  The  boys  and  I  have  made  some  questionable 
that  have  led  to  unreal  stones  that  will  last  a  life  time.  I  want  to  thank  all  the  guys  that  have  made  my  experience  here  so  memorable  and  wish  everyone  the  best 
itever  they  decide  to  do.  SAC  will  forever  have  a  place  in  my  heart.  Shout  out  to  JO'Neill,  Begg,  Borke,  Shotsy,  Tino,  Graeme,  Sifto,  Cole  and  Mr.  Cowell. 


Marc  Roman  in 

House:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Alpine  Skiing 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Community  Service  Council,  PSAC,  ITi  Committee,  Jazz  Band 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Wind  Ensemble  (Section  Leader),  Bugler 
Community  Service  Hours:  71 

iriner  Rpwntree 

°f-  roundhouse,  Granddaddy,  Champ  Care  Bear,  #rowntreebe! 

eats.  Tree,  Goldilocks,  A  Taller  Shotbolt 
Hey  you,  ya  you  Gone",  "I  Like  it  Loud",  'The  F'in'  Boys", 

'Tough  To  Say",  Thank  You  So  Much".  "This 

„„  ^  ■  -  -   -hamp 

We  Care  ',  "Granddaddy  Wants  a  Touch",  "Shut  up  T" 
re  I  Parked  My  Car",  "Babe  I'm  the  Roundhouse" 
i  &  Accomplishments:  Varsity  Lax  Captain,  JV  Puck,  Owner  and  Operator  of  Roundhouse-a-plooza,  Bomb  Squad,  Varsity  Back  Lettuce 
t:  me  past  7  years  have  been  the  best  time  of  my  life.  I  gotta  thank  TB,  Footer  and  Shnmpdawg  for  all  the  good  times.  I  also  would  like  to  thank  my  family,  and 
'  my  parents  for  giving  me  the  opportunity  to  attend  SAC.  I'll  never  forget  the  good  times  from  JV  Puck  and  1st  Lax.  The  fellas  at  this  school  are  hands  down 
luys  in  the  world.  We  are  without  doubt  the  best  group  of  beauties  ever  assembled  with  the  hair  to  prove  it.  I  will  miss  every  single  one  of  you  guys.  We've  had 
la  limes  awesome  trips,  crazy  nights,  really  long  weekends,  one  or  two  group  activities,  and  lots  debatable  situations.  Let's  keep  the  good  times  rolling, 
mber  of  the  Class  of  2013 

Dileaus  Gu  Brath 

Raymond  Ruan 

House:  Flavelle 
Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platinum  Star,  Public  Affairs  NCO,  Flavelle  Compan 
Community  Service  Hours:  68 

Muhammad  Salyani 

House:  Ramsey    Years  at  SAC:  Seven 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Cricket  (Captain,  IVIVP,  CISAA  Champions) 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Model  United  Nations  (President),  Debating  and  Public  Speaking  Society  (Captain),  Most  Contribution  to 

Debating  Program  Award,  Middle  School  Debating  (Head  Coach),  SACTV  (Editor),  Economics  and  Political  Issues  Club  (Vice- 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Gold  Duke  of  Edinburgh  Award,  Platoon  Commander  (Lieutenant),  Ramsey  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  229 

John  Sandham 

House:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Alpine  Skiing  (Captain) 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Marksmansliip  "A"  Team,  SASSAW  (Tanzania),  Tuck  Shop  (Manager) 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Deputy  Commanding  Officer  (Major),  Headquarters  Staff 
Community  Service  Hours:  246 

Stefano  Scaini 

House:  Ramsey    Years  at  SAC:  Seven 

Athletics  &  Awards:  McEwen  Prize,  Col.  F.  A.  Tilston  V.  C.  Award,  Varsity  Squash 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Community  Service  Council  (President),  St.  Andrew  s  Debating  Society  (President),  Chess  Club, 
(President),  Economics  and  Political  Issues  Club  (President) 

Platoon  Warrant  Officer,  Ramsey  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  141 

Comment:  "Not  to  be  born  is  the  best  for  man;  The  end  of  toil  is  a  bailiff's  order.  Throw  down  the  mattock  and  dance  while  you  can. 
-  W.H.  Auden 

Fr/fz  Schildt 

House:  Memorial 
Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Admission  Club,  Photography  Club 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Memorial  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  42 

Alexander  Seto 

Nicknames;  Seto.  Uedarr,  Mini,  Seats,  Little  Seto,  Cutie 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Prefect,  Pipe  Major  (Ctiief  Warrant  Officer),  Tanzania  SASSAW  Trip,  IVIiddle  School  House  Captain,  Assistant  Head  of  House  (Laidlaw)  Senior 
and  Junior  Pipes  &  Drums,  Aubrey  M.  Foy  Award  Recipient  (Best  IVIiddle  Scfiool  Piper),  Middle  School  Council,  Standard  Bearer,  Student  Ambassador,  Co-President  of  Outreach 
Committee  and  Breal<fast  Club,  Co-President  &  Founder  of  Entrepreneurship  and  Bagpiping  Club,  Varsity  Volleyball,  Varsity  Squash  (MVP  &  Captain),  Varsity  Tennis. 
Community  Service  Hours  (200+),  Lifer.  CISAA  Champions:  Varsity  Squash  (4),  U-16  Squash  (1),  U-14  Squash  (1)  CISAA  Finalists:  Varsity  Tennis  (1),  Varsity  Volleyball  (1), 
Varsity  Squash  (1) 

Commenl:  Being  a  lifer.  I  have  been  through  it  all.  These  past  7  years  at  SAC  have  provided  me  with  experiences  and  memories  that  I  will  remember  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  All  I 
can  say  now  is  that  I  am  incredibly  grateful.  I  am  grateful  for  all  the  trips  I  have  been  on,  hobbies  and  sports  that  I  have  picked  up,  and  the  education  that  I  have  gained.  I  have 
my  parents  to  thank  for  all  of  this.  Thank  you.  Mom  and  Dad,  for  allowing  me  to  experience  St.  Andrew  s  College.  Zachary  you  are  an  awesome  brother.  I  always  look  up  to  you 
and  you  helped  guide  me  through  the  ropes  of  this  school  and  through  life  in  general.  Thank  you  all,  I  love  you  very  much.  I  also  owe  a  huge  thanks  to  Mr.  Jim  McGillivray.  I 
wouldn't  be  where  I  am  in  bagpiping  without  him.  He  has  not  only  been  a  teacher,  but  a  mentor  as  well.  I'm  going  to  miss  everyone;  the  Prefects,  the  Pipe  Band,  the  squash 
team.  Breakfast  Club,  the  good  times  in  Tanzania,  and  even  the  fights  in  French  Class.  It's  finally  over,  but  I  m  looking  forafarcl  to  starting  the  next  chapter  of  my  life.  I  will  never 
forget  this  place  as  an  OldEoy,  and  I  am  forever  an  Andrean.  Thanks  SAC! 


Christian  Settino 

Nicl<names:  Settino,  Tino 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Warrant  Officer  of  Laidlaw  House,  Middle  School  House  Captain,  1st  Hockey  CISAA  a 
Macpherson  Champions,  JV  Soccer  Captain  and  MVP 

Comment:  7  years  later,  I  am  now  leaving  St.  Andrew's  College.  It  really  is  true  when  they  tell  you  how  fast  it  flies  by.  It 
like  just  yesterday  I  drove  up  the  gates  of  SAC  for  the  first  time.  The  bond  that  has  been  created  with  my  brothers  and  I, 
something  that  distance  can  break. 


an  Sheridan 

ames:  Cow,  Moo,  White,  Conor,  The  Bangggerrr 

ties  &  Accomplishments:  JV  Hoops,  Tanzania  2012,  Music  Conference  Moderator,  Golf  Wang 
nent:  I  would  like  to  thank  my  Mom  and  Dad  for  sending  me  to  such  an  amazing  school.  The 
ships  I've  made  will  last  a  lifetime;  we've  been  through  great  times  and  not  so  great  times.  I'll  miss  al 
lys  next  year,  I  hope  everyone  is  successful. 

an  Shotbolt 

HoLlse:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Curling,  Nordic  Skiing,  Varsity  Football,  Junior  Varsity  Soccer,  Junior  Varsity 
Hockey,  Varsity  Lacrosse  (Captain) 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Pipes  and  Drums  (Head  Tenor  Drummer) 
Community  Service  Hours:  104 

J.  Sifton 

>e:  Perrier  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 

s  &  Positions  Held:  Perrier,  Head  of  House, 

r  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Wind  Ensemble,  Perrier  Company 

nunity  Service  Hours:  142 

Dylan  Sikura 

Nicknames:  Sikky,  Siko,  Sikky  baud,  Dsiks,  Sikkyll,  Dyl,  Down,  Not  Not  Down,  Always  Down,  Cares,  Thanks  So  Much 
Activities  &  Accomplishments:  JV  Puck  back  to  back  Champs,  1st  Lacrosse,  4  year  vet 

Comment:  As  my  4th  and  final  year  comes  to  an  end  its  weird  to  think  that  it  is  finally  my  time  to  graduate.  After  watching  my  brother  graduate  while  I  was  a  young  schmee  in 
grade  9,  to  finally  being  in  his  shoes  now,  you  can  really  see  how  St.  Andrew's  develops  you  as  a  person.  First  of  all  I  want  to  thank  my  parents  for  putting  me  through  the  best 
four  years  of  my  life.  I  would  also  like  to  thank  all  the  teachers  that  I  had  the  privilege  to  be  taught  by,  (especially  Bias),  Lastly  and  most  importantly  I  would  like  to  thank  all  the 
boys  that  I  struggled  with  throughout  my  high  school  career.  There  was  never  a  dull  moment  with  these  fellas.  From  every  double  header  weekend,  to  all  the  cares  we  showed 
through  our  grade  twelve  year,  I  love  every  single  one  of  you  and  will  miss  all  these  guys.  Thanks  to  everyone  and  good  luck  with  what  the  future  brings,  keep  in  touch' 

omas  Sinclair 

ties  &  Accomplishments:  Reach  for  the  Top,  Musicfest  Triple  gold,  Twice  Cissa  Curling  Champion, 
nent:  Over  the  past  four  years  at  SAC,  I  have  had  quite  a  few  great  teachers,  but  above  all,  I  must 
the  teachers  that  have  put  up  with  me  for  four  years,  Sandi  Chasson,  David  Stewart,  and  Trevor 
Throughout  my  years  at  SAC,  there  is  no  teacher  that  has  changed  my  thought  process  more  than 
3nay  Shrimpton,  and  for  that,  I  thank  him  profusely.  However,  in  the  end,  I  must  quote  Karl  Marx  in 
it  words,  "go  on,  get  out,  last  words  are  for  fools  who  haven't  said  enough." 

Walid  Siyam 

House:  Memorial    Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Swimming  (CISSA  Champions),  Varsity  Football  (CISAA  Champions),  Soccer,  Varsity  Rugby  (CAIS 
Champions,  CISAA  Champions) 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Rugby  Club 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Silver  Star,  Gold  Star,  Platinum  Star,  Memorial  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  93 


lames:  Sops 

ities  &  Accomplishments:  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Basketball,  Varsity  Rugby,  Prefect, 
Jent  of  Andrean  Life  Council 

nent:  I  would  just  like  to  thank  my  parents  for  sending  me  to  SAC  for  the  past  five  years.  I 
n't  have  asked  for  a  better  opportunity  and  a  better  group  of  guys  to  spend  my  high  school 
rwith.  It's  been  real. 

Jake  Stirling 

Nicknames:  Jimmy,  Jimbo 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Captain  of  Varsity  Football,  Member  of  Varsity  Hockey  | 
Comment:  As  I  look  back  on  my  time  at  St.  Andrew's,  it  seems  like  only  yesterday  I  was  walking  into  Rogers  Hall  as  a  grade  8  nl 
boy.  Five  years  have  flown  by,  and  it  has  come  to  a  bittersweet  end.  There  were  ups  and  downs  without  a  doubt,  but  the  friendsrs 
that  I've  made  will  last  long  beyond  graduation.  I'd  like  to  thank  my  parents  and  grandparents  for  supporting  me  through  this 
experience.  Cheers  to  all  the  lads  of  the  class  of  201 3,  it's  been  a  great  ride. 

Justin  Tang 

Nicknames:  JT 

Nicknames:  JT 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Assistant  Head  of  House,  Sifton;  Mac  House  Captain;  Student  Led  Group;  Founder,  Tech  Club; 
Sifton  Company  Warrant  Officer 

Comment:  My  three  years  at  St.  Andrew's  is  quite  possibly  the  fastest-passing  three  years  of  my  life.  I  have  never  anticipated  my 
experience  here  to  be  as  profound  as  it  would  turn  out  when  I  first  joined  the  school.  St.  Andrew  s  have  become  an  integral  part  of 
me.  It  has  taught  me  independence,  confidence,  and  most  important  of  all,  it's  a  world  of  meritocracy.  Your  experience  is  what  you 
make  of  it.  The  more  you  put  in,  the  more  you  would  get  out  of  it.  And  now,  as  we  all  graduate  to  begin  anew,  I  wish  you  all  best  of 

Brett  TomWnson 

■House:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Four 
Athletics  &  Awards:  JV  Hoops 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platinum  Star, 
Community  Service  Hours:  79 

Sergeant,  Smitin  Company 

Ty  Topolinski 

House:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football  (Co-CaptaIn,  CISAA  Champions),  Varsity  Track  and  Field  Co- 
Captain  Varsity  Football 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Flavelle  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  44 

Jonathan  Tse 

House:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  7 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Col.  Fred  Tilston  V.C.  Award  (2012),  First  Fencing  (2013) 

Clubs  &  Positions  held:  SACPRAS  member,  Reach  For  the  Top  Club,  SACPRAS  member,  Robotics  Club  Founder  and  Presi^nt 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  roles:  Library  Advisory  Committee,  Cadet  Warrant  Officer  and  Regimental  Armourer 
Comment:  As  I  leave  SAC  and  reminisce  about  the  many  wonderful  experiences  that  I've  had  at  this  fantastic  school,  it  is  only  )W 
that  I  realize  how  great  an  impact  this  school  has  impressed  upon  me.  I  would  like  to  take  time  now  to  thank  the  many  teachers: 
SAC  for  their  harcTwork  at  making  me  the  intelligent,  knowledgeable,  and  well-rounded  person  I  am  at  this  juncture  in  time.  As '  II I 
would  especially  like  to  thank  my  parents  for  spending  the  considerable  sum  of  money  on  my  education  rather  than  on  themseljs. 

Keaton  Ward 

House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Cross  Country  (Captain),  Varsity  Swimming  (Captain),  Varsity  Lacrosse 
(Captain,  MVP)) 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Student  Lead  Groups  (Co-President),  SAFDA,  Weight  Room  Moderator 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Deputy  Head  Prefect,  Company  Commander  (Captain),  Sifton  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  103 

Burke  White 

House:  Ramsey  Years  at  SAC:  Seven 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Football,  Varsity  Hockey  (MIP),  Varsity  Lacrosse 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  SACTV 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Company  Sergeant  Major  (Master  Warrant  Officer),  Ramsey  ('■ 
Community  Service  Hours:  183 

illiam  White 

8S:  Willy,  Billy  Black,  Prince  Rizzia  Junior  Rizzia 

House  Border, 

I  Cadet  for  Memorial  House  (12),  and  a  few  fclSAA  Championships  and  one  CAIS  'Championsnip 

.  The  past  three  years  have  been  nothing  short  of  amazing!  Coming  to  Canada  and  not  knowing  what  to  expect,  I  was  helped  by  Havden,  who  made  it  easif^r  for  rr.r, 
type  of  quy  you  cannot  live  without  as  a  friend.  I  remember  he  took  me  in  as  his  own  brother  and  I  got  to  experience  my  first  party  as  Tyler  Park  for  the  night 
dDaniel  will  always  be  my  fhends  because  they  have  been  through  everything  with  me.  This  place  is  truly  amazing  and  without  many  teachers  I  don't  know  if  I  would 
re  so  thanks  so  much  IVlr.  IWIanning,  Mr.  Stewart,  and  Mr.  Shrimpfon.  Grade  11  was  a  breeze,  but  not  too  many  great  memories,  except  winning  4  championships  with 
rabe  1 2  was  honestly  and  unexplainable  as  to  how  great  it  was.  The  201 2  Soccer  team  was  again  successful,  and  I  met  20  guys  who  I  would  have  never  thought  I 
(6  been  friends  with,  ever.  The  Varsity  Hockey  team  took  me  in  as  one  of  them.  Rory,  Adam,  Jay,  Cuilis.  Liam,  Jack,  Jacob  Jake  and  the  rest  of  the  returning  players 
so  much  tor  the  best  year  of  my  life.  Prom  was  sickest  experience  of  my  life:  Hate  my  prom  date  thoughi  All  in  all,  a  lot  of  great  relationships  were  formed  over  the  pa'i 
s  and  some  of  them  I  never  wanted  to  end.  But  like  they  say,  all  good  things  must  come  to  an  end.  I  wish  everyone  I  have  met  here,  a  great  and  successful  ' 

Nicholas  Whitelaw 

House:  Perrier  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Junior  Varsity  Hockey,  Varsity  Lacrosse 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Perrier  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  965 


e:  Smith  Years  at  SAC:  Five 

tics  &  Awards:  IVIusic  Leadership  Award,  Four  Year  Cadet  Medal,  Varsity  Football,  Varsity 
etClubs  &  Positions  Held:  Community  Service  Council,  RC  Club  (President) 
Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Band  Leader,  Warrant  Officer 
nunity  Service  Hours:  77 

Christopher  Wong 

House:  Flavelle  Years  at  SAC:  Two 
Athletics  &  Awards:  Novice  Nordic  Skiing 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Anime  Club 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Cadets 
Community  Service  Hours:  20 

lix  Wong 

;  &  Accomplishments:  Curling  team  CISSA  champion,  Sr.  Track  and  field  MIP,  Warrant  Officer  of  Memorial  Company,  Staff  cadet  of  Silver  Star, 
t:  I  came  to  St.  Andrew's  College  in  2009.  It  was  my  first  time  studying  in  a  place  that  is  15  hours  flight  away  from  my  home.  I  was  really  nervous  and  worried  as  I  knew  I 
)  to  live  alone  in  a  country  with  different  culture  and  language.  Fortunately,  I  was  assigned  to  Memorial  House  which  had  a  huge  impact  on  my  4  years  in  SAC.  Mr.  and 
ier  treated  me  as  their  own  son  and  made  me  feel  like  Memorial  House  is  my  home  away  from  home.  Although,  they  are  retired,  they  have  become  a  symbol  of 
House  and  their  spiht  will  last  forever.  SAC  is  an  incredible  school  which  I  can  gain  lots  of  experiences  which  will  benefit  me  for  my  lifetime.  I  was  impressed  by  the 
nd  between  every  single  Andean;  they  will  support  one  another  under  any  circumstances.  After  four  years  in  SAC,  I  can  proudly  say  that  I  did  not  just  make  friends  but 
vhich  will  last  for  a  lifetime.  I  would  like  to  thanks  my  parents  for  sending  me  to  SAC  and  my  guardian  for  taking  care  of  me  in  these  tour  years. 

Jackie  Wong 

House:  Sifton  Years  at  SAC:  Six 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Varsity  Squash 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Anime  IVIanga  Club 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Platoon  Warrant  Officer,  Sifton  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  215 
Extended  French  Certificate  Recipient 

stin  Wong 

Jmes:  Jaayy,  Juice  Stand 

5S  &  Accomplishments:  Memorial  House  Assistant  Head  of  House,  CCS  Vice  president,  Varsity  Tennis,  Student 
'Ship  Group,  Wind  Ensemble,  over  150  community  service  hours,  MacDonald  House  Captain 
lent:  Despite  not  being  a  sports  elite  or  a  top  scholar  at  school,  I  feel  that  SAC  has  already  fulfilled  its  greatest  duty  in 
g  out  what  was  concealed  inside  me,  the  potential  in  being  a  student,  a  leader,  and  a  well-rounded  citizen. 

Scott  Wood 

Nicknames:  Major  Wood 
Activities  &  Accomplishments:  Cadet  Commanding  Officer,  Prefect 

Comment:  My  four  years  here  challenged  me  to  become  a  strong  confient  leader  that  wil  prove  to  be  benecial  to  me  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  I  remember  showing  up  at  the  L 
locker  in  2009  with  my  brother,  and  now  I  will  bewalking  across  the  quad  to  get  my  diploma  soon.  I  would  like  to  thank  my  roommate  John  Joseph  Mitchell  for  convincing  rr 
Transifion-UP  to  boarding  in  grade  twelve,  it  was  interesting  and  helpful.  I  would  like  to  thank  my  advisor,  Studwig  for  help  he  as  provided  me  over  my  four  years.  I  would  i 
like  to  thank  Major  McCue  for  all  of  his  support  and  guidance  during  my  time  in  the  cadet  program,  it  has  provided  me  with  my  dream  career. 

Last,  I  would  like  to  thank  my  parents  for  allowing  me  and  making  it  possible  for  me  to  attend  this  dream  of  a  high  school.  It  truely  has  shaped  me  into  the  person  that  I  am 
I  am  a  better  person  for  attending  SAC. 

Kenny  Wu 

House:  Sifton    Years  at  SAC:  Four 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Junior  Varsity  Swimming,  Nordic  Skiing,  Scholar 
Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Student  Technology  Club 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Sifton  Company,  Weekend  Programmer  (Sifton  House) 
Community  Service  Hours:  160 

Peter  Wu 

House:  Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Four 
Athletics  &  Awards:  JV  Swimming 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Robotics  (Captain),  Wind  Ensemble  Euphonium  Player 
Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Robocup  2012  Mexico  City,  Band  Trip  London  Olympics  2012 
Community  Service  Hours:  78 

Peter  Xu 

House:  Memorial    Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Silver  Standard,  Galois  Math  Contest,  Top  25%,  Cayley  Math  Contest 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  Math  Club 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Gold  Star  Instructor 

Community  Service  Hours:  102 

Elliott  Ye 

House:  Flavelle 
Years  at  SAC:  Three 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Sergeant,  Flavelle  Company 
Community  Service  Hours:  50 

Tom  Yuan 

House:  Memorial  Years  at  SAC:  Two 

Athletics  &  Awards:  Scholar,  RoboCup  2012 

Clubs  &  Positions  Held:  SACPrAs,  GO  Club 

Other  Leadership/Cadet  Roles:  Table-Tennis  (Captain) 

Community  Service  Hours:  70 

Kyle  Zacharuk 

Nicknames:  KZ 

Activities  &  Accomplishments:  JV  Hockey.  Tanzania  SASSAW,  Regimental  Flag  Holder  ^    u    i  ■ 

Comment:  I  came  to  SAC  in  grade  9,  knowing  very  few  people.  I  was  lucky  enougn  to  play  hockey  outside  of  school  wi 
few  guys,  and  have  an  older  brother  in  his  graduating  year,  who  left  me  some  massive  shoes  to  fill.  I  have  made  a  ton  c 
guys  over  the  past  four  years,  and  had  some  awesome  memories  to  remember  them  by.  None  of  this  would  have  been 
possible  without  the  support  of  my  parents,  my  older  siblings  (Kevin,  Krista),  my  advisor  (Mr.  Kimmerer),  my  Housemas 
Service),  and  the  brotherhood  here  at  SAC.  I'd  like  to  wishlhose  who  have  been  by  my  side  since  day  one  all  the  best  i 
future.  Dileas  gu  brath. 


The  Houses 

-^i.V   1,1,  .  :  ,^,> 






Middle  School  Prize  Day  Ceremony 

Grade  5  -  Academic  Awards 

These  awards  are  for  students  who  have  earned  both  Scholar  status  (an  overall  grade  average  of  at  least  80%)  and  the 
Academic  Merit  Award  (an  overall  learning  skills  average  of  at  least  80%).  These  boys  will  be  receiving  an  Honours  Medal  fc 
academic  excellence  over  the  entire  School  year.  Students  will  receive  a  Bronze  Honours  medal,  with  the  exception  of  the 
student  with  the  highest  average,  who  will  receive  the  Gold  Honours  medal.  The  student  with  the  second-highest  average 

receives  the  Silver  Honours  medal. 

Standing  in  1st  place  in  the  grade  5  class  and  receiving  the  Gold  Honours  medal  is: 

Michael  Sun 
Grade  5  Prizes 
The  Arts  Prize  -  Bryce  Neil 
Health  and  Physical  Education  Prize  -  Nolan  Micheiberger 

The  Mathematics  Prize  -  Matthew  Sun 
The  Language  Arts  Prize/The  Science  Prize  -  Michael  Sun 
The  Social  Studies  Prize/The  French  Prize  -  Aidan  Walters 

Canadian  National  Mathematics  League  Award  -  Matthew  Sun 


Grade  6-  Academic  Awards 

}e  first  awards  are  for  students  who  have  earned  either  Scholar  status  (an  overall  grade  average  of  at 
least  80%)  or  the  Academic  l\/lerit  Award  (an  overall  learning  skills  average  of  at  least  80%). 
Receiving  Bronze  Honours  medals  are: 
Mikey  Bahen 
Andrew  Boland 
Thomas  Childerhose 
Patrick  LeClaire 

Chris  Liu 
Joseph  Walker 
Owen  Laffey  FT/Tie 

ie  next  awards  are  for  students  who  have  earned  both  Scholar  status  (an  overall  grade  average  of  at 
least  80%})  and  the  Academic  Merit  Award  (an  overall  learning  skills  average  of  at  least  80%,). 

Receiving  Bronze  Honours  medals  are 
Spence  Berman 
Aidan  Bradley 
Justin  Cheung 
Sterling  Cochran 
Jacob  Crocker 
Andy  Han 
Samir  Khaki 
Osher  Lee 
Ryan  Lindsay 
Coulson  Link 
Arya  Mizrahi 
Joshua  Osborne 
Billy  Sun 
Ryan  Sutherland-Pace 

Ben  van  Eeden  ^  >■"' 

Standing  in  2nd  place  and  receiving  the  Silver  Honours  medal  is: 
Jack  Kensit 

Standing  in  1st  place  in  the  grade  6  class  and  receiving  the  Gold  Honours  medal  is. 

Marshall  Moore 


Grade  6  Prizes 

The  Enriched  French  Prize  -  Samir  Khaki 
The  Language  Arts  Prize  -  Marshall  Moore 
The  Science  Prize-  Spence  Berman 
Health  and  Physical  Education  Prize  /  Social  Studies  Prize  -  Jack  Kensit 
The  Mathematics  Prize  /  Music  Prize  -  Osher  Lee 
The  Visual  Arts  Prize  /  The  Core  French  Prize  -  Andy  Han 

Canadian  National  Mathematics  League  Award  -  Chris  Liu  and  Andy  Han  (tied) 

The  Grade  6  "Superstar"  Award  -  In  recognition  of  the  student  in  grade  6  who  exhibits  the  most 
conscientious  work  ethic  and  leadership  development:  ^ 
Marshall  Moore 

Grade  7  -  Academic  Awards 

The  first  awards  are  for  students  who  have  earned  either  Scholar  status  (an 
overall  grade  average  of  at  least  80%)  or  the  Academic  Merit  Award  (an 
overall  learning  skills  average  of  at  least  80%). 

Students  receiving  Bronze  Honours  medals  are: 

Hashim  Baloch 
Brayden  Byers 
Sebastian  Giorgio 
Connor  Iwai 
Riley  Jackson 
Wells  Karabin 
Pedro  Ozores  Sanchez  Mejorada 
Todd  Tian 
*Steven  Daher  FT/TIE 
*Branson  Johnson  FT/PIN 

The  next  awards  are  for  students  who  have  earned  both  Scholar  status  (an 
overall  grade  average  of  at  least  80%)  and  the  Academic  Merit  Award  (an 
overall  learning  skills  average  of  at  least  80%). 

Receiving  Bronze  Honours  medals  are: 

Nicholas  Badali  Ruben  Lopez  Vergara 

Parker  Boland  Will  McHenry 

Austin  Brett  James  Muenzenberger 

Nathan  Chadsey  Mark  Polemidiotis 

Ryan  Collis  JP  Schnabe! 

Jack  Davies  Saajan  Sethi 

Joshua  Dunn  Rickie  Tang 

Ewan  Fox  Emiliano  Ventosa  Pacheco 

Andrew  Hoogers  William  Wang 

John  Jr.  Hopkinson  Leo  Li  FT/  Tie 

Dalton  Lehman  Peter  Wu  FT/Tie 

Christopher  Leung  Chris  Poropat  FT  Tie/Pin 

Standing  in  2nd  piace  and  receiving  the  Silver  IHonours 
medal:  Jorge  Chedraui  Abud 
Standing  in  1st  place  in  the  grade  7  class  and  receiving  the 
Gold  Honours  medal:  Kevin  Kuan 


Grade  7  Prizes 

The  Core  French  Prize  -  Emiliano  Ventosa 

Health  and  Physical  Education  Prize  -  Will  McHenry 

The  Winnet  Prize  for  English  -  Awarded  for  proficiency  in 
composition,  grammar,  spelling  and  writing:  Dalton  Lehman 

The  Enriched  French  Prize  /  The  Geography  Prize  / 
The  Mathematics  Prize  -  Jorge  Chedraui 

The  Science  Prize  /  The  History  Prize  /  The  Visual  Arts 
Prize/  The  Music  Prize  -  Kevin  Kuan 

Canadian  National  Mathematics  League  Award  -  Peter 

Gauss  Mathematics  Contest  -  Josh  Dunn 

The  Improvement  Prize  -  For  the  student  who  has  made  the 
greatest  improvement  in  his  grade  average  since  June  2012: 
Brayden  Byers  with  an  improvement  of  3.9  percentage 

Grade  8  -  Academic  Awards 

students  receiving  Bronze  Honours  medals  are: 
Genaro  Borrego  Simon 
Matthew  Brenzel 
Andrew  Currie 
Matteo  Fina 
Regan  Kimens 
Michael  Lakkotrypis 
Arnoldo  Lanzarin  Lizarraga 
Guillermo  Rumbaut  Gonzalez 
Luis  Munoz  Saad 
John  Musgrave 
Daniel  Panzures 
Luis  Ramon  Zablah 
Niklas  Seidel 
Tarun  Sethi 
Michael  von  Schalburg 
Johnny  Yu 

The  next  awards  are  for  students  who  have  earned  both 
Scholar  status  (an  overall  grade  average  of  at  least  80%)  anc 
the  Academic  Merit  Award  (an  overall  learning  skills  average  i 
at  least  80%). 
Receiving  Bronze  Honours  medals  are: 
Nicholas  Bowiin 

Kyle  Chen 
Daniel  Cheung 
Mihai  Ciuclureanu 
Quinton  Cochran, 
William  Deo 
Antonio  Dodero  Urquiza 
Alejandro  Elizondo  Ordonez 
Inigo  Elizundia  Domit 
Filip  Grantcharov 
^  ^  Oil  Harris, 

^  Gregory  Hoogers 

Andrew  Jeffery 
Daniel  Kim 
Kevin  Kim 
Connor  LeClaire 
Randy  Lee 
^^^^Hi^^^^l        Sean  Lindsay 
^^^^H3^H^\  Lynn 
Jon  Maiowney 
^^■|^Bp\       J. P.  Martin 
W^ff^Sf!'^^    Byron  Mawaya 

jl*^^    Trew  Morris 

Emilio  Riestra  Rivero 
Cooper  Scullion-Smeenk 
William  Shields 
Connor  Sleeth 

Tony  Sul 
Tyler  Thomas 
Patrick  Turner 
Mario  Vazquez 
Robert  Wang 
Conor  Woodroffe 

Luca  Zadra  j 
Matthew  Medhurst  FT/Tie,  William  Sirman  FT/  Tie 
Joseph  Yazdani  FT/Tie 
Standing  2nd  in  the  grade  8  class  and  receiving  the  Silverl 
Honours  Medal  is  Melvin  Maroon 
Standing  1st  in  the  grade  8  class  for  the  Gold  Honours  Medaf 
Eric  Asgari  | 

Grade  8  Prizes 
The  Geography  Prize  -  Trew  Morris 
The  Core  French  Prize  -  Jon  Malowney 
Health  and  Physical  Education  Prize  -  Luca  Zadra 
rhe  History  Prize/  The  Enriched  French  -  Eric  Asgari 
The  Science  Prize  -  William  Deo 
The  Visual  Arts  Prize  -  Daniel  Cheung 
The  Grade  8  Mathematics  Prize  -  Randy  Lee 

B  Music  Prize  /The  grade  9  Mathematics  Prize  and  The 
]0ur-Campbell  English  Prize  -  Awarded  for  proficiency  in 
composition,  grammar,  spelling  and  writing: 
Melvin  Maroon 

Jorge  Chedraui 
Ryan  Collis 
Ewan  Fox 
Kevin  Kuan 
Dalton  Lehman 
Will  McHenry 
Saajan  Sethi 

Special  School  Prizes 

Middle  School  Reading  Prize  -  Awarded  to  a  student  who  lias 
read  tlie  greatest  number  of  bool<s  in  the  Middle  School 
Reading  Program  during  the  School  year.  This  award  is  a 
collaborative  initiative  between  the  Towers  Library  and  Middle 

School  academic  program  to  promote  and  support  literacy 
among  our  students  and  to  encourage  students  to  become  life- 
long readers.  Recipient:  Dorian  Jones 

The  Bilaal  Rajan  Hands  for  Help  Community  Service  Award 

-  Presented  to  the  grade  8  student  who  has  devoted  the  most 
hours  to  noteworthy  community  service  projects  and  activities. 
Recipient:  William  Shields 

erican  Mathematics  Contest  -  Overall  winner  -  Peter  Wu; 
Grade  8  winner  -  Filip  Grantcharov 

Canadian  National  Mathematics  League  Award  - 

William  Deo  and  Tony  Sul  (tied) 

auss  Mathematics  Contest  -  Overall  winner  -  Peter  Wu; 
Grade  8  winner  -  William  Deo 

le  Bruce  B.  King  Memorial  Improvement  Prize  -  for  the 

dent  who  has  made  the  greatest  improvement  in  his  grade 
'srage  since  June  2012.  A  loyal  Andrean,  Mr.  King  was  a 
student  at  St.  Andrew's  from  1911  to  1922. 
With  an  improvement  of  9.9  percentage  points  - 
William  Shields 

Headmaster's  Honour  Roll 

lese  grade  7  or  8  students  have  achieved  85%  or  more  in 
every  subject. 
Eric  Asgari 
Mihai  Ciuciureanu 
William  Deo 
Riley  Jackson 
Kevin  Kuan 
Melvin  Maroon 
Will  McHenry 
Mark  Polemidiotis 
76  following  boys  are  receiving  their  Headmaster's  ties  for 
the  first  time: 
Jorge  Chedraui  Abud 
Tony  Sul 

Middle  School  Council 

he  members  of  the  Middle  School  Council  are  chosen  by 
h  the  faculty  and  their  peers  to  play  a  leadership  role  in  the 

Middle  School. 
Members  of  the  2013-2014  Middle  School  Council  are: 
Austin  Brett 

The  Chairman's  Public  Speaking  Competition  Award  - 

To  recognize  the  winner  of  our  annual  Middle  School  public 
speaking  contest.  Recipient.  Melvin  Maroon 

Thomas  A.  Hockin  Trophy  for  Middle  School  Clan 
Competition  -  Presented  to  the  Middle  School  clan  that  has 
acquired  the  most  clan  points  amongst  its  members.  This  year's 
winner  is  the  Montrose  clan,  captains  -  Quinton  Cochran  and 
Mac  Houghton.  The  second  place  goes  to  Wallace  Clan,  and 
the  third  place  to  Bruce. 

The  Robert  W.  Meagher  Language  Arts  Award  -  To  the 

student  of  the  Middle  School  whose  first  language  is  neither 
English  nor  French  and  who  makes  outstanding  progress  in 
either  of  Canada's  official  languages.  Recipient:  Johnny  Yu 

The  Brian  R.  Mitchell  Award  -  For  proficiency  in  Junior 
Debating.  Mr.  Mitchell  was  the  school's  top  debater  in  his 
graduating  class  of  1977.  Recipient:  Michael  Lakkotrypis 

The  Colonel  Tilston  Award  -  To  honour  the  students  who.  in  the 
opinion  of  the  faculty,  have  set  the  best  example  in  their  class  for  effort, 
persistency  and  tenacity  in  their  studies  and  in  all  other  school  activities. 
Colonel  Frederick  A.  Tilston  merited  The  Victoria  Cross,  the  highest  military 
honour  of  the  British  Commonwealth,  for  his  "courage  under  fire"  on  March  1st, 

Grade  5:  Jack  Kempczinski 

Grade  6:  Owen  Laffey 
Grade  7:  Emiliano  Ventosa 

Grade  8:  Trew  Morris 

The  Roy  H.M.  Lowndes  Prize  -To  the  student  in  grade  8  who 
best  excels  in  studies,  games,  deportment  and  character.  Mr. 
Lowndes  was  a  student  here  from  1906  to  1912  and  was  a 
dedicated  member  of  the  Andrean  community.  Recipient: 
Luca  Zadra 


Grade  9  -  Academic  Awards 

Academic  Merit 

The  following  students  have  modeled  exemplary 
learning  skills: 
Victor  Li 
Oscar  Qi 
Elliot  Almuina  Pica 
David  Gorodetsky 

Alexander  Kyle 
Cameron  Lawrence 
Darrian  Spampinato 


Jamie  Finaly 
Gavin  Fox 
Elliott  Powers 

Scholars  &  Academic  Merit  Award 

The  following  students  have  an  average  of  80%  or 
higher  and  have  modeled  exemplary  learning  skills. 
Aadam  Ali 
Aldan  Bertolas 

Harry  Cai 
Russell  Cheng 
Nicholas  Chow 
Andrew  Crawford 
Adamo  D'Angelo 
Ryan  Gold 
Jack  Irwin 
Ji  Sang  Jeon 
Benjamin  Jiang 
Jong  Hoon  Kim 
Donald  Kwok 
Cayne  Lander 
Mikel  Lanzagorta 
Jason  Li 
Aidan  Link 
Artiom  Lisin 
John  Little 
Eric  Lowry 
Owen  Luo 
Sulaiman  Mahmood 
James  Michaelis 

Andy  Park 
Daniel  Paspalofski 

Jonah  Pawluk 
Tristan  Tsvetanov 
Jack  Turn 
Jerry  Tuzi 
Dylan  van  Eeden 

Zakir  Virani 
(Tiger)  Wenxin  Wang 
Alex  Xu 
David  Xu 
Tiger  Xu 
Yan  Xu 
Burak  Yalcin 
Harry  Yang 
Jimmy  Yuan 
Shangyang  Yue 
Jin  Zhou 
Wei  Lian  Zou 

Top  10  Standing 

Standing  Percent 
Vitally  Shevchuk  10  89.6 
Drake  Porter  9  90.1 
Lim  JongUkS  90.3 
Arthur  Chiu  7  90.4 
DanilO]ha6  91.9 
Julian  Smith-Voudouris  5  92.5 
Alexander  Oushalka  4  92.8 

Gary  Zhou  3  92.9 
Jadyn  Dragasevich  2  93.1 
Nikhil  Nath  1  93.6 

Subject  Prizes 

The  following  prizes  are  awarded  for  top 
standing  in  a  subject. 
The  Geography  Prize 
For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  Geography, 
and  the 
The  Science  Prize 
For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  Science. 
Nikhil  Nath 

The  English  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  English. 
James  Michaelis 

The  Visual  Arts  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  Visual  Arts. 
Aidan  Bertolas 

The  Canadian  Intermediate  Math  Contest 

Awarded  in  recognition  of  the  student  who 
ranked  in  the  top  twenty-five  percent  of 
and  the 

The  Pascal  Mathematics  Contest  Award 

In  recognition  of  the  Gold  Medalist  Award 
Alex  Xu 

The  Health  and  Physical  Education  Prize 

^  highest  standing  in  grade  9  Health  and  Physical 
Russell  Cheng 

The  French  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  French. 
Jin  Zhou 

The  Fryer  Mathematics  Contest  Award 

n  recognition  of  the  students  who  achieved  the 
Silver  Standard. 
Alex  Xu 
Peter  Wu 

The  Information  Technology  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  Information 
Jonah  Pawluk 

The  Music  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  Music. 
Jadyn  Dragasevich 

The  Heather  Ingiis  Memorial  Prize  for 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  9  Mathematics. 
Alexander  Oushalkas 


The  Gilbert  deB.  Robinson  Memorial 
Improvement  Prize 

For  the  student  who  has  made  the  greatest 
percentage  improvement  over  last  June.  Mr. 
)binson  was  a  student  at  St.  Andrew's  from  1916 
to  1923  and  served  his  school  with  distinction. 
This  year's  winner  raised  his  average  by  9.0%. 
Vitaiy  Godonoaga 

Academic  Merit 

The  following  students  have  modeled  exemplary  leaming 
Riley  Fischer 
Cole  Macgregor 
Duncan  Robertson 
Albert  Yoo 


The  following  students  have  achieved  Scholar  status  by 
having  an  average  of  80%  or  higher: 
Graydon  Gardner 
Griffin  James 
Jurgen  Jentsch 
Gian  Paulo  laboni 
David  O'Connor 
Harvey  Tao 
Matt  Yustin 


The  following  students  have  an  average  of  80%  or  higher 
and  have  modeled  exemplary  learning  skills: 
Rex  Liu 
Ram  bod  Rezaie 

Ivan  Kam 
Gordon  Xiong 
Daniel  Galaninskiy 
□am  Smith 
Aydden  Almadi 
Andre  Chan 
Mark  Chan 
Brandon  Coverdale 
Krisztian  Fockter 

Evan  Forth 
Matthew  Galajda 
Adrian  Goyo 
Quinton  Gray 
Ben  Harrison 
Austin  Hassani 

Emil  Hiiri 
Michael  Huang 
Matthew  lezzi 
Darren  Iwai 

Min  Ji 
□am  Joiner 
Ben  Kastelyanets 
Brayden  Kerr 
Kunal  Khemani 
Andrew  Ladouceur 
Justin  Laird 
Cedric  Lau 
Darren  Luo 
Avery  MacKenzie 
Hollis  MacKenzie 
Andrew  Mackin 
Marco  Magnante 
Joseph  Manchia 
Justin  McNamara 



Omer  Moustafa 

David  Munro 
John  Polemidiotis 
Angelis  Prattas 
Eraad  Rahman 
Chris  Rowcliffe 
Yaseen  Salyani 
Joseph  Shields 
Saad  Siddiqui 
Adam  Sinclair 
Fraser  Spoik 
Aaron  Sum 
Ben  Thompson 
Matthew  Turner 
Austin  Valjas 
Devon  Walters 
Brian  Wang 
Logan  Ward 
Billy  Wu 
Blair  Xu 
Martin  Yu 
Jason  Zhang 
Allen  Zhou 
Top  Ten  Standing 
Standing  Percent 
Ryan  Shin  10  91.8 
Tom  WU991.9 
DongHwan  Kim  8  92.0 
Andrew  Jun  7  92.1 
Mark  Mackey  6  92.2 
Justin  Lee  5  92.4 
Kevin  Chong  4  95.6 
Aidan  Calverley  3  96.0 

Alex  Lee  2  96.1 
Dhruv  Krishnan  1  96.4 


The  next  prizes  are  awarded  for  top  standing  in  a  subject. 

The  Visual  Arts  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Visual  Arts. 
Juan  Carlos  Artigas 

The  Louise  Macdonald  Sifton  Prize  for  Mathematics 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Mathematics. 
Gary  Zhou 

The  Science  Prize 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Science. 

AND  j 
The  Computer  Studies  Prize  ' 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Computer  Science. 
Aidan  Calverley 

The  Euclid  l\/lathematics  Contest  Award 

Awarded  by  the  University  of  Waterloo. 

The  American  Mathematics  Competition  Award 

Awarded  to  the  top  scorer  in  the  school. 

The  Cayley  Mathematics  Contest  Prize 

Awarded  to  a  student  who  ranked  in  the  top  twenty-five  \ 
percent  of  contestants.  j 


The  Galois  Mathematics  Contest  Award 

^rded  in  recognition  of  the  student  wlio  achieved  at  the 
Gold  Standard. 

The  Canadian  Senior  Math  Contest 

varded  to  a  student  who  ranl<ed  in  the  top  twenty-five 
percent  of  contestants. 
Dong  Hwan  Kim 

The  Communications  Technology  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Communications 
Harvey  Tao 

The  English  Prize 

'or  highest  standing  in  grade  10  English.  In  memory  of 
liter  Findlay,  one  of  the  original  masters  at  SAC  in  1899. 
Kevin  Chong 

The  Music  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Music. 

The  Business  Studies  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Business  Studies 
The  French  Prize 
For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  French. 
Dhruv  Krishnan 

rhe  Wyld  Prize  for  English  as  a  Second  Language 

-or  highest  standing  in  grade  10  English  as  a  Second 
Gordon  Xiong 

The  Dramatic  Arts  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Dramatic  Arts. 
Saad  Siddiqui 
Health  and  Physical  Education  Prize 
For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Health  and  Physical 
Quinton  Gray 

The  E.G.  Staunton  History  Prize 

xwarded  to  the  top  student  in  grade  10  History.  The  prize 
as  been  presented  and  endowed  by  the  Merkel  Family, 
wid  '82,  Sanysa,  Andrew  '90  and  Eric  '1 1,  as  a  tribute  to 
Mr.  Staunton. 
The  Music  Prize 
For  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Music. 

The  Spanish  Prize 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  10  Spanish. 


The  Improvement  Prize 

For  the  student  who  has  made  the  greatest  percentage 
improvement  over  last  June. 
This  year  he  raised  his  overall  average  by  19.3% 
Victor  Reshetnikov 

Grade  11  -  Academic  Awards 

Academic  Merit 

Adam  Ashby,  Christopher  Clarke,  Rayyan  Dawood,  Andy 
Tong,  Jeffrey  Banwell,  Connor  CB-Lamontagne,  Callum 
Green,  Kevin  Leslie,  Ricardo  Lozada,  Zac  Masson,  Cam 
McArthur,  Alexander  Mulder,  Seth  Norris,  Roy  Xu 

The  following  students  have  achieved  Scholar  status  by  having  an  average 
of  80%  or  higher: 

Braeden  Glendinning,  Bryce  Johnson,  Zach  Marcus, 
Brett  Nichol,  Alexander  Sgro,  Brett  Stirling,  Yang  Yang, 
Nicolas  Zheng 
Scholars  and  Academic  Merit  Award 

The  following  students  have  an  average  of  80%  or  higher  and  have  modeled 
exemplary  learning  skills: 
Adrian  Austin,  Alex  Bowlin,  Corey  Bristoll,  Jordan  Brown 


Jordan  Carter,  Mitchell  Carter 
Bobby  Cave,  Ian  Chappell 
Jeremy  Chow,  Tim  Chuk 
George  Ciuciureanu,  Thai  Son  Dang  - 
Tobias  Diedkmann,  Ben  Elliott 
Scott  Elliott,  Edward  Essue 
Alexander  Farnham  Gouthro 
Warren  Foegele,  Jason  Graham 
Matthew  Graha,  Henry  Hsieh 
Jarred  Hu,  Eric  Joo 
Jae  Woo  Kang,  Matthew  Kennedy 
Jacob  King,  Michael  Marcantognini 
Jean-Philippe  McCluskey,  Christopher  Merchant 
Charles-David  Mitchell,  Arthur  Parakovits 
Andy  Peng,  Zachary  Petrachek 
Christian  Philbert,  Taylor  Pilmer 
Karim  Popatia,  Samuel  Salomon 
Graham  Sutton,  Geoffrey  Wei 
Edric  Wong,  Jom  Yan 
Cleander  Yu,  Jin  Hyunk  Yu 
llya  Zaretskiy,  Ken  Zheng 
Top  Ten  Standing 
Standing  Percent 

Bo  Zhang  10  92.7 
Parth  Agarwal  9  92.9 
Francois  Yoshida-Are  8  93.5 
Michael  Mardini  7  93.7 
Peter  Grantcharov  6  94.0 
Chris  Egi  5  94.3 
Hans  Weng  4  94.6 
Lucas  Hu  3  95.1 
Will  Pidduck  2  96.3 
Peter  Song  1  97.1 


The  Hypatia  Mathematics  Contest  Award 

Awarded  to  the  school  winner. 

Jeremy  Chow 
The  Fermat  Mathematics  Contest  Prize 

*^  In  recognition  of  the  student  who  ranked  in  the  twenty-five  percent  of  the 
^4''  contestants. 
F'^^-^j,  AND 

The  Rensselaer  Polytechnic  Institute  Medal  in 
Mathematics  and  Science 

Awarded  to  a  student  who  has  distinguished  himself  in  mathematics  and 
science.  Should  this  student  accept  and  enroll  at  Rensselaer,  he  will  be 
awarded  a  scholarship  of  $15,000  per  year  for  four  years. 

The  Chemistry  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Chemistry. 

The  Physics  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Physics. 

The  Computer  Science  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Computer  Science. 

The  Biology  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Biology. 

Peter  Song 

The  Reeves  Art  Prize 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Visual  Arts. 

The  English  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  English. 

Arthur  Parakovits 

The  Spanish  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Spanish. 

Evan  Forth 

The  Henry  deB.  Forde  Economics  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Economics. 
Lucas  Hu 

The  Dramatic  Arts  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Dramatic  Arts. 

The  Environmental  Science  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Environmental  Science 

The  Health  and  Physical  Education  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Health  and  Physical 
Michael  Marcantoginini 

The  Computer  Engineering  Prize 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Computer  Engineering 
Jordan  Brown 

The  Geography  Prize  , 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Geography.       ,  ^« 

Jean-Philippe  McCluskey 

The  Isabelle  Cockshutt  Prize  for  History 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  History.  Donated  by  l^rs.  F.A. 

Francois  Yoshida-Are 

The  Accounting  Prize  \ 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Accounting. 

Brandon  Coverdale 
The  French  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  French. 

Parth  Agarwal 
The  McEwen  Leadership  Award 

Awarded  to  the  student  in  the  Grade  1 1  McEwen  Leadership 
Fundamentals  course  who  best  displays  a  combination  of  business 
knowledge,  leadership  potential,  and  an  entrepreneurial  spirit 
Chris  Egi 

The  Communications  Technology  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Communications  Technology. 
Zac  Masson 

The  Philosophy  Prize 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Philosophy. 

Hans  Weng 

The  Jim  Herder  Review  Prize 

highest  standing  in  grade  1 1  Communications  Tecinnology.  Awarded  to 
student  who  has  contributed  most  significantly  to  the  school  yearbook  - 
The  Review.  Mr.  Herder  was  the  editor  in  1963. 
David  Zulian 


The  Andrew  Armstrong  Improvement  Prize 

the  student  who  has  made  the  greatest  percentage  improvement  over 
last  June.  This  year  he  raised  his  overall  average  18.9% 
Rayyan  Dawood 

Headmaster's  Honour  Roll 

Michael  Huang,  DongHwan  Kim 
Andrew  Ladouceur,  Bo  Zhang 
Parth  Agarwal,  Aidan  Calverley 
Arthur  Chiu,  Kevin  Chong 
George  Ciuciureanu,  Brandon  Coverdale 
Jadyn  Dragasevich,  Chris  Egi 
Peter  Grantcharov,  Lucas  Hu 
Matthew  Kennedy,  Brayden  Kerr 
Kunal  Khemani,  Dhruv  Krishnan 

Alex  Lee,  Justin  Lee 
Mark  Mackey,  Michael  Mardini 
Christopher  Merchant,  Nikhil  Nath 
Danil  Ojha,  Alexander  Oushalkas 
Andy  Peng,  Will  Pidduck 
Drake  Porter,  Angelis  Prattas 
Yaseen  Salyani,  Ryan  Shin 
Adam  Sinclair,  Julian  Smith-Voudouris 
Peter  Song,  Hans  Weng 
Tom  Wu,  Francois  Yoshida-Are 
Zhou  Gary 


'  following  students  have  attended  St.  Andrew's  College  since  grade  6: 

Alex  Bowlin,  Jordan  Brown,  George  Ciuciureanu, 
Scott  Elliott,  Warren  Foegele,  Braeden  Glendinning, 
e  Woo  Kang,  Christopher  Lakkotrypis,  Ricardo  Lozada, 

Braden  Noxon,  Andy  Peng,  Zachary  Petrachek, 
Christian  Philbert,  Francois  Yoshida-Are 

Upper  School  Special  Awards 
Clan  Awards 

icond  Class  Clan  Colours  are  awarded  to  students  who  garner  150  or 
more  points  for  their  clan  based  on  their  co-curricular  involvement, 
rimunity  service,  athletic  participation,  and  academic  excellence  while 
attending  SAC. 

Buchanan  Clan:  Peter  Song,  Chattan  Clan:  Aidan 
ilverley,  Dhruv  Krishnan  Craig  Clan:  Alex  Bowlin,  Parth 
arwal,  Branden  Fennell,  Alec  Mulder,  Christian  Philbert, 
im  Popatia,  Samuel  Salomon  MacPherson  Clan:  Corey 
ristoll,  Peter  Grancharov,  Mark  Mackey,  Cam  McArthur 

Ramsay  Clan:  Alex  Auger,  Avery  Mackenzie,  Ben 
Thompson  Robertson  Clan:  Kevin  Chong 

For  Stewart  Clan:  Andrew  Ladouceur,  Kevin  Leslie, 
Joseph  Manchia,  Cleander  Yu 

First  Class  Clan  Colours  are  awarded  to  students  who  garner  250  or  more 
points  for  their  clan  based  on  their  co-curricular  involvement,  community 
service,  athletic  participation,  and  academic  excellence  while  attending  SAC. 
For  Stewart  Clan:  George  Ciuciureanu,  Scott  Elliott 

The  Backstage  Theatre  Prize 

For  expertise  and  dedication  as  a  theatre  technician  or  as  a  member  of  the 
stage  management  team.  Given  by  former  teacher  l\/lr.  J.  C.  Mainphze. 
David  Zulian 

The  Budding  Young  Poet  Laureate  Awards 

Awarded  by  the  Parents  Guild  for  the  best  performance  in  the  annual  "Slam" 
poetry  competition. 

Alex  Auger,  Karim  Popatia,  Connor  Cowl 

The  Debating  Prize 

Awarded  to  the  student  who  has  made  an  outstanding  contribution  to  Junior 


Saad  Siddiqui 
The  C.  M.  Foster  Award 

Presented  to  the  student  who  has  been  at  the  school  for  at  least  three  years 

and  who  has  made  a  significant  contribution  to  extracurricular  life  with  an 
emphasis  on  theatre,  debating,  The  Review,  or  Focus.  Given  by  Christopher 
Foster  ('95)  and  Stephen  Foster  ('97)  in  memory  of  their  grandfather,  a 
member  of  the  class  of  1922. 

The  Edwin  Erikson  Prize  for  Community  Service 

^Presented  to  the  student  who  best  served  in  community-oriented  activities. 
Alex  Auger 

The  Camargo  Family  Yale  University  Book  Award 

To  a  grade  1 1  student  of  outstanding  character  and  intellectual  promise. 
Peter  Song 

The  T.E.  Harrison  Trophy 

To  honour  the  grade  9  student  exhibiting  the  most  distinguished  combination 
of  character,  leadership,  academic  success,  co-curricular  engagement  and 
athletic  accomplishment  at  St.  Andrew's  College.  Mr.  Harrison  was  a 
Housemaster  in  Macdonald  House  for  17  years. 
Arthur  Chiu 

The  Peter  L.  Stuart  Award 

To  honour  the  grade  9  student  exhibiting  the  most  distinguished  combination 
of  character,  leadership,  academic  success,  co-curricular  engagement  and 
athletic  accomplishment  at  St.  Andrew's  College.  Mr.  Stuart  was  an 
Assistant  Headmaster  and  member  of  faculty  from  1971  to  1994. 
Dhruv  Krishnan 

The  Colonel  Tilston  Award 

To  honour  the  students  who.  in  the  opinion  of  the  faculty,  have  set  the  best 
example  in  their  class  for  effort,  persistency  and  tenacity  in  their  studies  and 
in  all  other  school  activities.  Colonel  Fredericl<  A.  Tilston  merited  The  Victoria 
Cross,  the  highest  military  honour  of  the  Br/'f/sh  Commonwealth,  for  his 
"courage  under  fire"  on  March  1st  1945. 

Isaack  Justine,  Rambod  Rezaie,  Charles  David  Mitchell 
The  Chairman's  Gold  Medal 

To  next  year's  Head  Boy  who  has  earned  the  highest  standing  in  Grade  1 1. 
Peter  Song 

The  Stuart  B.  Wood  Memorial  Prize 

Mr  Wood  was  Head  Prefect  in  1924-25. 

Chris  Egi 

^  233 

Upper  School  Prize  Day 
June  14,  2013 

Graduate  -  Academic  Awards 

Graduate  Scholars 

Students  with  a  combined  average  of  80%  or  greater  in  tlieir 
university  entrance  courses. 

Akbar,  Sajjad 
Allen,  William 
Allison,  Graeme 
Anderson,  David 
Asbury,  David 
Ashoori,  Arya 
Baker,  Mac 
Begg,  Andrew 
Benoit,  Brandon 
Bertani,  Robert 
Carnegie,  Aiden 
Carnegie,  Taylor 
Carswell,  Donald 
Chalifour,  Daniel 
Chan,  Matthew 
Chiang,  Michael 
Chiodo,  Mario 
Cho,  Dong-Geun 
Adam  de  la  Torre  Garcia, 
de  Langley,  Devon 
De  Sequeira,  Ricardo 
DeGagne,  Aaron 
Dunin,  Jordan 
Durisin,  Mathew 
Elder,  James 
Firoz,  Buban 
Ford,  Justin 
Fournier,  Nicholas 
Gallo,  Marc 
Godber,  Peter 
Harris,  Spencer 
Harvey,  Curtis 
Hastings-Grgas,  Michael 
Hemani,  Zain 

Henriques,  Adam 

Huang,  Sean 
Jeong,  Grant  Jin, 
Young  Woo 
Keenleyside,  Andrew 
Kharouk,  Alex 
Killops,  Liam 
Kimmerer,  Erik 
Kwok  (Tsoi),  Louis 
Ladak,  Rahim 
Lai,  Curtis 
Lat,  Joel 
Lee,  Andy 
Lee,  Angus 
Lee,  Douglas 
Leung,  Aaron 
Liang,  William 
Little,  Thomas 
Lo, Jason 
Mackie,  Jay 
MacLean,  Taylor 
Mahfood,  Joshua 
McConnell,  Jonathan 
McDonald,  Jack 
McGuire,  Rory 
Mcintosh,  Mac 
McMillan,  David 
Mitchell,  John  Joseph 
Moodie,  Adam 
Moon,  Evan 
Moustafa,  Ibrahim 
Mullick,  Othman 
Nasser,  Aman 
Neiman,  Ryan 
Ojha,  Dilip 
O'Neill,  Jack 
Pugliese,  Austin 
Qiu,  William 

Redmond,  Jackson 
Ritchie,  Conner 
Romanin,  Marc 
Rowntree,  Conner 
Ruan,  Raymond 
Salyani,  Muhammad 
Sandham,  John 
Scaini,  Stefano 
Seto,  Alexander 
Shotbolt,  Ryan 

Sifton,  CJ 
Sikura,  Dylan 
Sinclair,  Thomas 
Sopik,  Cole 
Stirling,  Jake 
Tang,  Justin 
Topolinski,  Ty 
Tse,  Jonathan  - 
Ward,  Keaton 
White,  Burke 
Whitelaw,  Nicholas 

Wise,  Luc 
Wong,  Christopher 
Wong,  Felix 
Wong,  Jackie 
Wong,  Justin 
Wood,  Scott 
Wu,  Kenny 
Wu,  Peter 
Xu  Peter 
Yuan.  Tom 

Academic  Merit  Award 

Awarded  to  students  who  model 
exemplary  learning  skills. 
Kharouk,  Alex 
Killops,  Liam 
Kimmerer,  Erik 
Kwok  (Tsoi),  Louis 
Ladak,  Raiiim 
Lai,  Curtis 
Lat,  Joel 
Lee,  Angus 
Lee,  Douglas 

Lee,  Andy 
Lespere  Khiari 

Leung,  Aar 
Liang,  William 
Little,  Thomas 
Lo, Jason 
Mackie,  Jay 
j|  I   Mahfood,  Joshua 
McDonald,  Jack 
McGuire,  Rory 
Mcintosh,  Mac 
McMillan,  David 
Mitchell,  John  Joseph 
Moodie,  Adam 
Moon,  Evan 
Moustafa,  Ibrahim 
Mullick,  Othman 
I         Nasser,  Aman 
p         Neiman,  Ryan 
Neuman,  Liam 
Ochocinski,  West 
Ojha,  Dilip 
O'Neill,  Jack 
Pugliese,  Austin 

Qiu,  William 
Ritchie,  Conner 
Rodin,  Chance 
I         Romanin,  Marc 
I       Rowntree,  Conner 
p     Salyani,  Muhammad 
Sandham,  John 
Scaini,  Stefano 
Seto,  Alexander 
Shotbolt,  Ryan 

Sifton,  CJ 
Sikura,  Dylan 
Sinclair,  Thomas 
Sopik,  Cole 
Stirling,  Jake 
Tang,  Justin 

Topolinski,  Ty 
Ward,  Keaton 
Wong,  Jackie 
Wong,  Felix 
Wong,  Justin 
Wood,  Scott 
Wu,  Kenny 
Wu,  Peter 
Xu,  Peter 
Yuan,  Tom 


Headmaster's  Honour  Roll 

Awarded  to  students  who  obtain  85%  or  greater  in 
eachsubject  taken  during  school  year. 
Allen,  William 
Allison,  Graeme 
Anderson,  David 
Asbury,  David 
Ashoori  Arya 
Carnegie,  Aiden 
Chan,  Matthew 
Chiang,  Michael 
Cho,  Dong-Geun 
de  la  Torre  Garcia, 
De  Sequeira,  Ricardo 
DeGagne,  Aaron 
Dunin,  Jordan 
Firoz,  Buban 
Ford,  Justin 
Hemani,  Zain 
Jin  Young,  Woo 
Keenleyside,  Andrew 
Killops,  Liam 
Kimmerer,  Erik 
Kwok  (Tsoi),  Louis 
Ladak,  Rahim 
Lat,  Joel 
Lee,  Angus 
Lee,  Douglas 

Lee,  Andy 
Leung,  Aaron 
Liang,  William 
Little,  Thomas 
Lo,  Jason 
Mackie,  Jay 
Mahfood,  Joshua 
McDonald,  Jack 
McGuire,  Rory 
Mcintosh,  Mac 
Mitchell,  John  Joseph 
Moon,  Evan 


Moustafa,  Ibrahim 
Mullick,  Othman 
Nasser,  Aman 

Ojha,  Dilip 
Pugliese,  Austin 
Redmond,  Jackson 
Ritchie,  Conner 
Romanin,  Marc 
Salyani,  Muhammad 
Sandham,  John 
Scaini,  Stefano 
Seto,  Alexander 

Sifton,  CJ 
Sinclair,  Thomas 
Sopik,  Cole 
Tang,  Justin 
Tse,  Jonathan 
Ward,  Keaton 
White,  Burke 

Wise,  Luc 
Wong,  Jackie 
Wong,  Felix 
Wong,  Justin 
Wood,  Scott 
Wu,  Peter 
Xu,  Peter 


The  Canadian  National  l\/iatliematics  League 

Awarded  to  the  School  champion  after  six  rounds  of  competition 
involving  over  200  schools. 
William  Liang 

Tlie  Gibb  Geography  Prize  for  World  Issues 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Geography-World  Issues. 
Presented  in  memory  of  Dick  Gibb  and  donated  by  Robert  H. 
Bradshaw  '53  and  Alex  Bradshaw  '89. 
Liam  Killops 

The  Computer  Science  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  Computer  Science. 
Aiden  Carnegie 

The  Michael  History  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  History.  The  prize  is  given  by 
Ian,  David  and  Andrew  Michael  in  honour  of  their  grandmother, 

Mrs.  Isobel  McBride. 

Thomas  Sinclair 

The  Geomatics  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Geomatics. 
Kenny  Wu 

The  Justin  Ross  Scott  IVlemorial  Dramatic  Arts 

Awarded  for  highest  standing  in  dramatic  studies  in  memory  c 
Justin,  Class  of  1998,  by  Mrs.  Ann  Bease  and  Mr.  Michael 
Taylor  Maclean 

The  McEwen  Leadership  Award 

Awarded  to  the  student  in  the  grade  12  McEwen  Leadership 
course  who  best  displayed  the  application  of  his  leadership 
ability,  entrepreneurial  spirit,  and  academic  prowess 
throughout  the  year. 
Rory  McGuire 

The  Lehockey  Biology  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Biology. 
David  Asbury 

The  Accounting  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Accounting. 
Dilip  Ojha 

The  Philosophy  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Philosophy. 
Andy  Lee 

The  Ron  Kinney  Memorial  Physiology  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Physiology.  Mr.  Kinney  taught 
physiology  and  the  sciences  at  St.  Andrew's  from  1965  to  1999. 

He  consistently  worked  toward  raising  the  overall  standard  of 
physical  fitness  especially  within  the  school's  elite  sports  teams. 
Brandon  Cercone 

The  Communication  Technology  Prize  -  Graphics 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Communication  Technology. 
Erik  Kimmerer 

The  Communication  Technology  Prize  -  Video 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Communication 
Technology-  Video 
Thomas  Little 

The  Computer  Engineering  Technology 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Computer  Engineering 
Joel  Lat 

The  Commanding  Officer's  Pipes  and  Drums  Prize 

For  the  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Piping  or  Drumming. 
Presented  by  the  142nd  Highland  Cadet  Corps. 
Alex  Seto 


The  James  A.  Ballard  French  Prize 

For  the  graduating  student  who  has  made  the  best  progress  i 
becoming  bilingual  in  English  and  French.  Awarded  in  memot 
of  Mr  Ballard,  Class  of  1969. 
Jackie  Wong 

The  Stephen  J.  Suarez  Economics  Prize 

Highest  standing  in  grade  12  AP  Economics  courses.  Donate 
by  Mr&  Mrs.  E.G.  Suarez. 
Estanislao  de  la  Torre  Garcia,  Dong-Geun  Oho 

C.  Anthony  Myrans  Social  Sciences  Prize 

For  a  senior  level  Social  Science  other  than  Economics. 
Presented  to  honour  the  26  year  teaching  career  at  St. 
Andrew's  College  of  Mr  Myrans,  an  outstanding  educator 
Donated  by  Duncan  Jackman,  Class  of  1985. 
Taylor  Carnegie 

The  Magee  Family  Music  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Music.  Donated  by  the  Clai 
of  2001. 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Old  Boys'  Medal  in  Mathematics 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Mathematics. 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Spanish  Fluency  Prize 

Presented  to  a  senior  student  who  has  made  the  most  effort ' 
become  fluent  in  Spanish. 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Spanish  Prize  i 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Spanish.  , 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Guy  and  Scott  Rutter  Art  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Art. 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Chemistry  Prize 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Chemistry. 
IVIichael  Chiang 

he  Harry  E.  Goodman  l\/lemorial  Science  Prize 

r  excellence  in  Physics  and  Chemistry.  Mr.  Goodman  taught 
Bmistry  at  St.  Andrew's  for  31  years  retiring  in  1950.  Donated 
by  Dr.  Alan  Bricknell. 
IViichael  Chiang 

The  Donald  Cooper  IVIedal  for  Physics 

For  highest  standing  in  grade  12  Physics. 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Edward  Roberts  Prize  in  Politics 

;  presented  to  the  student  achieving  the  highest  standing  in 
Senior  Canadian  and  World  Politics.  Awarded  by  the  Hon. 
Edward  Roberts,  Class  of  1957,  to  recognize  outstanding 

t achievement  in  the  study  of  politics. 
I  Aaron  DeGagne 

e  George  Etienne  Cartier  Medal  in  French. 
the  highest  standing  in  grade  12  French.  Donated  by  the  late 
1r.  W.A.  Beer,  the  only  Andrean  to  have  his  name  on  every 
honour  board  in  the  Towers  Library. 
Aaron  DeGagne 

The  Charles  Ashton  Medal  for  English. 

•r  highest  standing  in  grade  12  English.  Mr.  Ashton,  Class  of 
Matthew  Chan 

le  R.R.  McLaughlin  Memorial  Prize  for  English 
and  the  Sciences 

Awarded  to  the  graduating  student  who  earns  the  highest 
nding  in  a  combination  of  two  English  courses  (Writer's  Craft 
md  English  12)  and  two  Science  courses  (two  of  grade  12 
)logy,  Chemistry  and  Physics).  Donated  by  Robert  R.  Parker 
Class  of  1960  in  memory  of  his  uncle. 
Matthew  Chan 

The  Lau  Family  Improvement  Prize 

For  the  graduating  student  who  has  made  the  greatest 
ventage  improvement  over  last  June.  This  year  he  raised  his 
verall  average  by  19. 7%.  Donated  by  Michael  Lau,  Class  of 
2000,  and  Jason  Lau,  Class  of  2003. 
Alex  Kharouk 

Major  School  Awards 

The  Donald  B.  Spence  Creative  Writing  Prize 

For  outstanding  creative  writing  to  a  senior  student  in 
memory  of  Professor  Spence,  a  loyal  Andrean  and  a  member 
of  the  Class  of  1937. 
Matthew  Chan 

The  Christopher  Ball  Prize 

For  distinguished  overall  contribution  in  the  general  field  of 
the  Arts. 
John  Sandham 

The  Jane  Staunton  Playwrighter's  Award 

An  Annual  Prize  established  by  the  Class  of  2009  in  honour 
of  Jane  Staunton's  outstanding  contribution  to  Focus.  It  is 
awarded  for  an  original  play  produced  at  the  Focus  Festival 
to  foster  the  development  of  student  playwrights. 
Jordan  Dunin 

The  Dr.  George  Bruce  Chapel  Prize 

Awarded  in  memory  of  the  Rev.  George  Bruce,  founding 
Headmaster  of  St.  Andrew's  College  in  1899,  to  the  student 

who,  through  commitment  and  service,  has  made  an 
outstanding  contribution  to  the  life  of  the  Memorial  Chapel. 
Andrew  Keenleyside 

The  Sandi  Chasson  Instrumental  Music  Award 

Presented  to  the  graduating  student  who,  as  a  role  model 
and  mentor,  has  made  the  greatest  contribution  to  enhancing 
all  aspects  of  the  music  program  during  his  time  at  St. 
Andrew's  College. 
Marc  Romanin 

The  David  B.  Somerville  Memorial  Award 

Presented  to  the  senior  student  who  demonstrates  a  love  of 

music  and  shares  his  enthusiasm  with  the  Andrean 
community.  This  award  was  established  in  1995,  in  memory 
of  David,  SAC  Class  of  1988,  by  the  many  friends  of  the 
Somerville  family. 
Thomas  Little 

The  Fred  Omstead  Theatre  Arts  Award 

The  Fred  Omstead  Theatre  Arts  Award  is  being  presented 
today  by  Fred's  sister,  Leslie  Omstead.  Fred  was  Head 
Prefect  of  the  Class  of  1981  and  is  fondly  remembered  for  his 

dedication,  warmth,  resolve,  humour  and  love  of  people, 
theatre  and  acting.  He  would  be  happy  to  know  that  students' 
lives  are  being  enriched  with  the  strong  arts  program  at  SAC. 
This  award  has  been  endowed  through  generous  donations 
from  Fred's  classmates,  family  and  friends. 
Taylor  Maclean 

The  Brooks  Cup 

Presented  to  the  best  senior  debater  by  Mr.  William  Skinner 
in  memory  of  his  mother. 
Stefano  Scaini 


The  H.B.  Housser  Trophy  for  Upper  School  Clan 

Presented  to  the  Upper  School  clan  that  has  acquired  the 
most  clan  points  amongst  its  members.  The  Intra-mural 
Challenge  Cup  is  presented  by  the  Housser  family  in  honour  of 
H.B.  Housser  one  of  the  28  students  in  the  inaugural  Class  of 

This  year's  winner  is  Robertson  Clan,  Head  of 
House,  Andrew  Begg  and  Assistant  Head  of  House, 
Joseph  Bruccoleri.  In  second  place  is  Buchanan 
Clan  and  in  third  place,  Chattan  Clan. 

The  Craig  R.  Leslie  Memorial  Award 

Presented  to  the  senior  debater  who  has  made  a  particularly 
significant  contribution  to  the  Debating  Program  by  members 
of  the  Class  of  1 984. 
Mohammad  Salyani 

The  MacPherson  Shield 

Presented  in  memory  of  Lloyd  MacPherson  to  the  member  of 
the  Andrean  community  who  contributes  most  to  school  spirit. 
Graeme  Allison 

The  SAC  Athletic  "A"  Awards 

The  Athletic  "A"  is  awarded  to  those  graduating  students  who 
have  distinguished  themselves  as  first  team  athletes  over  their 
final  three  years  at  the  School. 
Mac  Baker 
Brandon  Cercone 
Curtis  Harvey 
YoungWoo  Jin 
Erik  Kimmerer 
Rahim  Ladak 
Jay  Mackie 
Jack  McDonald 
John  Joseph  Mitchell 
Adam  Moodie 
Alexander  Seto 
Cole  Sopik 
Keaton  Ward 
Burke  White 
Scott  Wood 

The  Headmaster's  Trophy 

Presented  to  the  St.  Andrew's  College  Athlete  of  the  Year. 
Keaton  Ward 

The  Headmaster's  Art  Award 

Each  year,  the  School  selects  outstanding  student  art  to 
become  part  of  our  permanent  collection.  We  will  proudly 
display  three  pieces  of  art  work  from  each  graduating  class. 
The  winners  this  year  are: 
Michael  Chian 
Erik  Kimmerer 
Evan  Moon 

The  Craig  Mitchell  Memorial  Prize 

Awarded  for  distinguished  academic  and  athletic 
accomplishment  by  a  student  in  his  graduating  year 
Erik  Kimmerer 

The  SAC  Elders  Award 

To  students  who  have  attended  St.  Andrew's  College  since 
Grade  6  (or  equivalent). 
Graeme  Allison 
David  Asbury 
Andrew  Begg 
Jordan  Dunin 
Reese  Foegle 
Spencer  Harris 
Lucas  Hussey 
Jacob  Kearley 
Erik  Kimmerer 
Aaron  Leung 
Taylor  MacLean 
Aman  Nasser 
Jack  (Sang  Uk)  Park 
Chance  Rodin 
Marc  Romanin 
Conner  Rowntree 
Muhammad  Salyani 
Stefano  Scaini 
Alexander  Seto 
Christian  Settino 
CJ  Sifton 

The  Colonel  Tilston  Award 

To  honour  the  students  who,  in  the  opinion  of  the  faculty,  hav 
set  the  best  example  in  their  class  for  effort,  persistency  anc 
tenacity  in  their  studies  and  in  all  other  school  activities  while 
facing  significant  adversity.  Colonel  Frederick  A.  Tilston  meriti 
The  Victoria  Cross,  the  highest  military  honour  of  the  British 
Commonwealth,  for  his 
"courage  under  fire"  on  March  1st,  1945. 
John  Joseph  Mitchell 

The  School  Prize  to  the  Head  Prefect 

Presented  to  the  Head  Prefect  in  recognition  of  service  to  thi 
Rory  McGuire 

The  Stein  Family  Award 

Presented  to  the  student  who  has  attended  St.  Andrew's 
College  from  Grade  6  until  graduation  and  who  has  made  ai 
significant  contribution  to  school  life  academically  and  | 
CJ  Sifton 



The  Laidlaw  Trophy 

irded  to  the  boy  in  his  graduating  year  who  has  won  for  his 
1  the  greatest  number  of  points  during  his  final  two  years  at 

school.  This  award  is  donated  by  the  SAC  Old  Boys' 
ssociation  in  honour  of  the  devoted  service  of  Robertson 
Laidlaw,  a  teacher  here  for  51  years. 
Cole  Sopik  from  Chattan  Clan 

The  Errington  Award 

Awarded  to  graduating  students  who  have  made  a 
'nguished  contribution  to  the  life  of  SAC.  In  memory  of  Mrs. 

Clela  Ellis  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Errington. 
^  Brandon  Cercone 

■Hl^  Curtis  Harvey      ^'  ' 

Andrew  Keenielyside' 
1^^^  Jay  Mackie 

Adam  Moodie 
John  Sandham 
Cole  Sopik| 
Scott  Woof 

The  C.  Vincent  Massey  Award  for  Excellence  in 
the  Arts,  Social  Sciences,  and  Languages 

Presented  to  the  graduating  student  with  a  distinguished  ranking 
in  the  Arts  and  Humanities.  Mr  Massey,  an  Old  Boy  of  the  Class 
of  1906,  was  the  first  Canadian-born  Governor  General  of 
Aaron  DeGagne 

The  Thomas  A.  Hockin  Award  for  Excellence  in  the 

Presented  to  the  graduating  student  with  a  distinguished  ranking 
in  the  Sciences.  Dr.  Hockin  served  as  the  fifth  Headmaster  of  St. 
Andrew's  College  from  1974-1981  and  went  on  to  a  distinguished 
career  in  the  Government  of  Canada. 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Lieutenant  Governor's  Community  Volunteer 

This  award  recognizes  exemplary  graduate  volunteers  In  each  of 
Ontario's  secondary  schools. 
^  Jason  Lo 

md  above.  P, 

The  Headmaster's  Medals 

sented  for  excellence  in  academics  in  the  graduating  class 
those  students  whose  overall  average  is  90%  and  above 
Presented  in  ascending  order 
.  Andrew  Keenleyside 
Liam  Killops 
William  Liang 
Jack  McDonald 

Cole  Sopik 
Matthew  Chan 
Justin  Wong  | 
Istefano  Scaini 
aJordan  Dunin 
%  Joel  Lat 
John  Sandham 
Evan  Moon 
Justin  Tang 
Marc  Romanin 

Peter  Wu 
Erik  Kimmerer 
Estanislao  de  la  Torre  Garcia 
Thomas  Little 
Dilip  Ojha 
Aaron  DeGagne 
Dong-Geun  Cho 
David  Asbury 

Andy  Lee 
Aiden  Carnegie 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Governor  General's  Medal 

Presented  to  the  graduating  student  attaining  the  highest 
standing  for  university  entrance.  This  prestigious  award 
recognizes  academic  excellence  among  secondary  school 
graduates  across  Canada. 
Michael  Chiang 

The  Macdonald  Medal 

The  prestigious  Macdonald  Medal  is  awarded  to  a  graduating 
student  in  the  name  of  Dr.  D.  Bruce  Macdonald,  Headmaster  of 
St.  Andrew's  College  from  1900-1935.  It  was  given  by  the  Old 
Boy's  Association  in  1936  to  honour  the  student  exhibiting  the 
most  distinguished  combination  of  character,  leadership, 
academic  success  and  athletic 
Michael  Chiang 
Rory  McGuire